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Found 4 results

  1. Ogelnam

    User action Required

    I keep getting this Unable to load the file "Client." connection was closed, while installing the game . What does this mean and how can I fix it? What am I supposed to do and will this affect my computer?
  2. I bought the game last night and started the download then went to bed hoping for it to finish while im at work today. came home to an error message saying this : User action required Unable to load the file "client." Not enough space to save the file C:\Battlestate\Games\BsgLauncher\Temp\ (live)EftClientDistr. I know i have the space to download it.....where am I going wrong? when trying to download it I try to just set the location as just my "C:" or "D:" but it tells me that it cant do that.....pls help.
  3. Hello everyone! I have an issue after the latest patch, that never appeared befor! So tried to download the latest update for the game and for some reason the maximum download speed i reach was 5-10 kb/s. Took me around 1 hour to download the 50 mb patch. After the download finished, i tried to start EFT but i got an error that state: "Game files corrupt please reinstall the game". I wanted to reinstall the game anyway's because i never did it befor and i pretty much play since alpha. So i deleted the game and started the download and guess what happend pretty much the same.. Maximum downloadspeed i reached was 20kb/s and i normaly download with around 10 mb/s. Well tried to reinstall the launcher but even when i was downloading from the offical homepage i got the same speed again around 20 kb/s... I tried so much stuff nothing worked out even tried out: Vpn's, port forwarding, changing dns server, running as admin in high priority, deleting all existing files from eft, restarting my router, restarting pc, checked window's updates, disabling firewall, checked if there is no anti virus running, closed all unnecessary program's, tried to download the game via browser link but nothing helped! I still manage to download the launch but after i tried to install the game i got an error (Check screenshot). https://i.gyazo.com/2ec9013dba867b779fb293bc497ab926.jpg So i pretty much out of option's and idear's. I spend around 2 hour's in the forum and apprently some people have the same issue without getting any help (got an automated reply from the support which didn't helped me at all) or they could fix it by running the launcher as an admin but i did that changed absolutely nothing! I'am pretty disappointed that the support, can't help me they basicly just ignore my/our issue without really looking into it, I mean i spend 150 Euro for the game, i expect some sort of helpful reply not an automated email... Also this isnt a new thing alot of people still have the issue and they make post's in the forum but no one seems to have an idear how to fix it properly.. And btw it was working fine for me befor like 4-5 patches. I tried my best to make this understandable. I hope this text is readable don't judge me i'am from germany and english is not my native language and i pretty much haven't really learned it in school it's all self taught
  4. dionvdvelde

    bug report stuck in trade menu

    hello, first of all i would like to adress that i did not find a bug report section so i thought the best way to report it is in the dev section. i was in the trade menu, at fence to e exact, when i tried to examine a can i found out i couldnt research it, then i was unable to exit the trade mene and it sorta gave me a blank,(see screenshot) i hope i was of good service to the developers in reporting this bug. sincerely, dion van der velde.
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