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Found 16 results

  1. So I wasted a lot of my money and ended up needing to do scav runs to make some of it back, as well as upgrade my hideout. Every time I spawn as a scav, it seems like I have a T-bag, or duffle, or no bag at all. I remember playing years ago and even at a low level, I always had at least a scav backpack. Not to mention the rare few times I do spawn with decent gear or even a bigger bag, it's always at the start of the raid or close to it and I get destroyed by sweaty PMCs. Was this something that was changed over the last couple of wipes? It makes it frustrating as a newer player trying to get loot and not waste PMC runs. Maybe it's just bad RNG? I'm just curious if I'm the only one who noticed this.
  2. My friend's account got hacked and got banned. He came back to the game after some weeks, he tried to log in but the password work, when he tried to log into the website it said he's banned. Can he do something with it? The support isn't replying to him.
  3. Optikn3rv

    Raid balancing

    Are their any plans to balance raids in the future as currently being a new player you stand no chance when there are level 49 top geared players in the same raid. I understand this game as a very steep learning curve but level 2 against 49 be real. Balancing say 1-10 11-20 etc so you stand a small chance against your enemy. It cannot be fun for top end players slaughtering noobs who have nothing to loot unless they bought the account from a china man.
  4. RyanKingsman


    Hello I am from Australia were the Internet infrastructure is among the shittest in the world. I tried playing with my American friends on the Seattle server but I got 155 ping and immediately was kicked. So close only 5 ping from being able to play with my friends. I haven't been able to play with my friends since. I would recommend the devs to at least change the ping limit to 200-225. Please this is unfair.
  5. Moin Leute, auch wenn es momentan sehr umstritten ist und viele von euch es als "noobig" abstempeln oder als "skilllos" beschreiben würden, hab ich gestern Abend wohl die geilste Thermal-Scope Runde in Tarkov meiner bisherigen Karriere erlebt. Da mir aufgefallen ist wie groß das Thema um die Thermal Visiere ist frage ich mich, ob sie in Tarkov vielleicht einfach fehl am Platz sind. Ich hab passend zu dem Thema auch mal ein Video gemacht wo ich 7 Spieler in einer Runde kille, #noflex allerdings nicht beim Campen sondern im offenen Fight. Findet ihr das Thermal fair genug um es in einem solchen realistischen Spiel drin zu lassen? Oder würdet ihr eine Änderung der Betriebsdauer und Kosten als angemessen empfinden, um es weniger Spielern zugänglich zu machen? -videolink deleted-
  6. Kicker9971

    Server Stutter

    Hey Devs or anyone reading! I just had a quest question. Whats up with the server stutter? It is client side or server side? I can not tell you how many unfair deaths ive been having because of that stutter. I would have the drop on someone and my game would stutter for a solid 2 seconds and im dead when it comes back. I didnt want to bring it up because i love your game but this broke my back today. Thanks! Have a good one
  7. I was playing on Woods in an attempt to unlock Jaeger. He is a very important merchant, so I brought some extra firepower with me. I just wanted to have the opportunity to at least fight back longer range, so I brought my semi-expensive Mosin (around 100k Roubles, give or take 10k) The server I noticed connected me to a not US server, despite living in North America (Canada). I was unable to shoot the Scav in front of me due to the fluctuating ping between 150-350ms(normally between 30-90ms).He was rubber-banding and so was I. I wish I had NVidia highlights turned on, when he shot me, he was still entirely behind cover. As I was dying I caught what I thought to be a glimpse of him moving out of cover but it's hard to tell without a video, but that's irrelevant to the topic at hand. Please don't place people on servers outside of their region. Implement a region lock stopping people entirely from connecting to the wrong hemisphere. I was lucky and only lost around 180k roubles, but someone else might die to some serious rubber banding and lose more. Either way, it's frustrating and it makes me not want to play the game until the problems are resolved. If the game did select the proper server in the US, then I had a very uncharacteristic experience anecdotally for myself. I've never seen the server sit between 150-350ms, but there was one occasion is connected me to an east coast sever, where the ping was sitting somewhere between 80-130(which is manageable, but not ideal) I'm not going to ask for my stuff back, because that can be easily made again, it'll just take some time. All I want is that this gets resolved so people do not have to suffer as I did. This game is good, when it works, you only die to your own mistakes.
  8. XxLuciferxX

    Cheaters have to be sorted

    The cheating the is rife in tarkov at the moment is not only killing the player list, its making the people playing fair no longer want to return to the game, go to youtube and search hackers in tarkov, and filter by this week alone and look at the 100 + video's or cheaters and thats just this week. mods/admins/devs of BSG you are losing this war and the community are not feeling confident in the war on hackers is being won, we get told to stop moaning about it we get told you ban people on a dailey basis, so why not reply to the questions? why are they not being IP banned? why can they simply buy another account and then come back in, its the same names over and over again and some of the names we see constantly dont appear on the list.
  9. I'm well aware that a makarov even is often enough to take out a naked hatchling. But that doesn't mean its fun to run around and see one or two guys with actual gear, and a horde of people with nothing but a hatchet, with nothing to lose. Absolutely no enjoyment is to be gained from slowly clearing a building, just to be rushed by some dork with a pointy stick and lose all of your gear. We already have the scav system in case a player loses absolutely everything, they always have the ability to get more free loot by just running to the exit every 30 minutes. I personally think it should not be allowed to enter a raid with just a hatchet. Not sure how that would be enforced; maybe a point value attributed to every piece of gear, and you need to have a certain number of points in your loadout, not counting your safe case, in order to join a raid. Maybe you would need to at least have a firearm of some kind, and be unable to enter without one. I understand its still early in development, but at least by final release something needs to be done about this. Especially when you consider that you don't lose melee weapons or really have ANY penalty for dying as a hatchling. And yes, before anyone asks, I am really salty right now about losing to a pair of lucky hatchlings. But that doesn't make my argument any less valid. Thoughts?
  10. Gordsey

    Gameplay In General

    After playing the game for a bit, I have come to realize there is there is a huge disadvantage to new players who don't know the game. After playing the maps a lot of times and experiencing some luck along the way I have mostly experienced frustration and disappointment when it comes to being killed and loosing all of my gear to a player who is 3,4 or 5 times my level. Is there any chance you could implement a server tier system where it pits you against players of similar level, for example there could be the noob server which goes from 1-5 or 10 and then the next one would go 5-10 or 10-20 etc. I think this would help with more experienced players becoming less disheartened when a hachling comes along and one shots them with a toma-hawk, also it would give the noob's a better chance at getting a foot hold in the game. Also on another note, while playing with a friend from Canada and with him hosting, I couldn't see him at all, he was either right next to me, or a ghost, he could see me but I could not see him, I don't know if this is a server issue with it being in beta or if it was a problem on my part, I am yet to try and play with someone from the UK and hope to do so soon, however will there be a fix for this if it is a server issue. My main point is the pitting of experienced players against noob's. I understand other games so it etc but most games have a system in place where noob's get to stand a chance and "Get Good". In the games that do pit experienced players against noob's the stakes are nowhere near as high in this game. A couple of games could completely wipe you out and lead you to never playing again due to a few recurring bad experiences. Let me know if any of you agree or disagree with my points here. FUN HUNTING!
  11. Hallo zusammen! Ich hab nur eine ganz simple Frage als Neuling. Hab die ganze Zeit mit Freunden gespielt und war soweit alles ok. Es ist schwer macht aber iwie Spaß doch dann hab ich nen paar Runden mal alleine gestartet und davon 10 am Stück verloren weil mich Leute immer entweder HeadShotten in einer Sekunde auf Sicht oder trotzdem ich mir einen abschleiche oft schon Preaimen wo ich raus komme oder mit in den Rücken fallen. Also Situationen die ohne Cheat möglich sein können(!!) aber in der Häufigkeit entweder von extremen Pech die Rede sein kann oder aber von Cheatern die Aimbot oder Wallhack haben. Ich meine...10x hintereinander ähnliche Situationen, dass Leute immer wussten wo genau ich raus komme obwohl ich nix anderes mache als den langsamsten Schleichmodus zu nutzen und in der Regel auch keine Geräusche provoziere. Meist war ich dann auch mit 1-2 Schüssen tot die schon abgeschossen wurden während ich um die Ecke kam. Noch öfter wurde ich allerdings von Hinten abgeknallt von Leuten die sich angeschlichen haben als wüssten sie genau wo ich grade her gehe (bin immer in Bewegung). Deswegen meine Frage: Gibt es tatsächlich schon Cheats oder Hacks obwohl es eine Beta ist? Wie behindert können diese Kinder sein? Sollte es keine geben...sorry dann hab ich wohl die größte Pechsträhne überhaupt.
  12. XxLuciferxX

    Hackers.... being ignored?

    Hackers need to be dealt with on a more frequent basis, not just when a big patch is implemented. Im Constantly coming across flyers ect on Woods. EFT members are a common name amoung them, the second one this morning.
  13. XxLuciferxX

    Clan Play

    So my question to the devs. why allow clan and group play.....? the maps dont spawn enough players ... factory for instance, 6/7spawns? 5 of them can be in a group against a single player.... on a map that small..... it doesnt work, either balance it so groups go in against each other or remove group play all in all, its a hardcore shooter. not a squad game right?,,,,,, devs please awnser!
  14. Feeshy9


    I bought this game a couple weeks ago, im lvl 14. Recently when ive been trying to play this game, i load up a customs run for example, and everyone i come across has AK's and full armoured etc. and all i have is a pistol and backpack, i always get slaughtered no matter what i do, and i guess its partly to do with skill but, i wonder, is there/why isnt there matchmaking in this game that puts players together in terms of their level/escape % etc.???
  15. Duckanator746

    Scavs are crispy

    Just recently I was having a great playthough until I saw a lonely scav standing completely still in the middle of the open. I got excited and crouched down and aimed my pistol at his head. Not the makarov mind you and I shot him in the head and I saw the blood come out of it as a result. You would think that would kill him considering he had no head protection on but he survived. I was then thinking okay that head injury should impair his aiming ability. NOPE. he took a few steps forward looked directly at me shot me 3 times and killed me instantly on his third shot. Why does his head shot drop me instantly and mine doesn't? I'm sure devs are working on lots of things at the moment and patience is needed but the my purpose here is to state my opinion on the scavs crisp level which appears to be over 9000. Thank you for reading this I would also enjoy to hear some other crispy scav stories if anybody else has been boned by them.
  16. Elite-MOA

    One Solution to spawn killing

    One solution I came up with to spawn killing is allow the player to spawn invisible to friendly players for lets say 20 seconds. This gives me time to get out of the area without any spawn killers knowing. I would however be able to kill spawn killers waiting if I found them. This would deter people from sitting and waiting because they 1 would not know you have spawned and 2 may have a chance of dying while not seeing it coming. This is my biggest problem with the game, the other issues I know will be fixed and being working on and the game can be played with those glitches. But with the spawn killing, the fun is sucked out of the game quickly and this would be an easy implementation to fix a major problem.
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