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Found 18 results

  1. Whiskey_Bandit

    Unity.dll crashes almost every raid

    the game has basically been miserable to play this wipe for me, i have a rtx 2080ti and people have told me its the new version of unity not working well with my card.. if any one else is having these issues please let me know i would love for a fix soon ive tried updating all drivers, i even switched to a new ssd, i reinstalled windows lol trust me ive tried just about everything myself and my tech guys i use could think of, the only thing that has worked is using a different graphics card... i tried using same graphics card on a different computer and yes crashes... but using a different card on either pc no crashes... any ways seem people posting about similar issue so i figured id put this here so people know what ive tried and kinda narrowed it down to.. the picture below show the crash, but when it crashes i always get the unity symbol popping up with a progress bar, never took a screen shot of it tho
  2. Okay I just did a ****ton of trouble shooting to fix the whole screen flickering/ blinking lights then crash problem. If you want the quick and dirty: Mainly for crashing ----> If you play Tarkov with "vsync" on in the game to "uncap" your fps and recude input lag, limit your FPS in Nvidia control panel starting at 110, then slowly raising it 5 FPS a game until you start crashing, then back it down 5. Set this limit for Tarkov specifically using the "Program settings" tab, not the global settings tab. Unity has drastic spikes in GPU usage above 120FPS, especially when rendering foliage textures at close range. If you are still crashing just uncheck "vsync" in Tarkov settings, this reduces GPU usage a good chunk. If that doesn't work or you don't play with "vsync" on, Adjust your resolution down a little to take a load off your GPU, especially if you have an older GPU (pascal and prior). Run an offline raid with scav spawns on high on a couple maps and play around with your resolution and other settings to try to keep your GPU under 60C if possible. Playing with your fan curve on GPU controlling software can help ALOT with temperature. Mainly for the blinking lights issue ---> Re-install windows. I found out that opting in for "optional" security updates or windows updates and installing them as soon as they are available can mess with you C++ and visual studio packages and make Tarkov freak out. I reinstalled windows and this issue never happened again. This happened near instantly to me after installing an optional update after having 5+ months of no Tarkov issues whatsoever. If you have a slow internet connection or don't want to reset your computer, I would suggest downloading the C++ Packages mentioned in the second thread listed above and see if that works first. This is annoying and harder to pinpoint but for future reference don't install any optional updates, and dont pre-install any upcoming windows updates. For a more in depth explanation: Unity has this weird way of rendering bush and foliage textures in different levels, most games have some kind of iteration of this. For example if you look at a bush super far away in Tarkov it straight up wont render or it will look like a blob, and as you get slightly closer it renders in a slightly better looking somewhat like a bush. Now when you are 50 meters or closer you get full foliage effect around the bush and it looks like a real game not a claymation. However as you get right next to it you can now see the individual structures of the bush or foliage. At this stage of rendering, when you are past 120 FPS the GPU hit is 15-30% higher than if you are refreshing at 120 or lower. This causes a pretty good spike in GPU usage, and before your fan curve can catch up your gpu started pulling power of clock speeds to combat the temperature spike and boom tarkov stuttered or crashed. I don't know why this is, but its real trust me. If you are having these crashes and they happen when you are walking straight into a bush this is why. Maybe that's why they have the in game limit of 120 FPS, keep in mind unity was designed originally for BROWSER games. Buildings and other things in tarkov only have 2 different rendering/texture states, thats probably why Factory and Labs play the best for most people. I can understand why because bushes/foliage you can shoot through, buildings or other structures you cant so it would be unfair not to render these things at long distances and have you wasting ammo. Unity does not like it when a GPU begins backing down boost clock speeds as temperature rises. I'm not talking about thermal throttling at 75+ C, I'm talking about when you hit 60 C or even 55 C and your gpu starts to pull 10 or so MHz off your clock speeds to combat the rising temperature, this is GPU boost 3.0 at work. All GPU's do it at different temperatures, and it will happen faster and more drastically if you have an overclocked GPU. When your playing Tarkov and you have that split second stutter, this is when your GPU just downclocked or pulled power. I don't know why unity dislikes it so much compared to other games. The more taxed your GPU is the longer and greater this stutter will be, sometimes causing Tarkov to straight up crash sometimes. Hence why the older your GPU, the cooler you will need to keep it. If you have a 2080ti or better/newer you wont have this issue as much because 1. Its not being taxed as much, 2. GPU boost on the 2000 series and newer doesn't kick in until 65-ish C. On 1000 series and 900 series cards you card will begin to pull power and clocks as low as 55C. You cant test when this happens on your card using the Furmark stress test. Hope this helps you guys have a better Tarkov experience. As a good baseline I would watch Veritas's settings video, as well as Vox_E's to help you fine tune your settings and get as high FPS and stability as possible. Those two videos helped me ALOT in fine tuning Tarkov. Play around with the "luma sharpen" and "adaptive sharpen" in your "postfx" settings, these two can effect you FPS a decent chunk as well as they function a bit like antialiasing. Happy raiding fellas.
  3. Any plans converting to Vulkan API? I know Tarkov is going now to Unity 2019 which is a big thing but I have not heard about Vulkan API or if it's in the plans. Also just in general an update on core tech plans would be much appreciated but we don't need any release dates. (for example plans or thoughts on Unity DOTS, Vulkan, dx12, Netcode, Raytracing, Unity HDRP, Cloud computing, 3D audio, Physics, Jobs Systems and Multithreading)
  4. Hello there. I follow Epic Games and its Game and Engine Development since the Early Unreal Days in the 90's. The Unreal Engine has won several Prices as best Game Engine of the World that can be used free for development until the project hits the marked for sale. With its new Unreal Engine V and ability, to use as many triangles and details as u like without hitting Framerate as we know from other Engines, I want to suggest to BSG to consider working with Unreal Engine instead of Unity. Switching from Unity to Unreal should be easier, than the other way around. The SDK brings tools and features to assisst code transfer, design and asset management. I think BSG and it's EFT Project would gain huge benefits in performance and overall quality. For your consideration: Let the Unreal Engine developers speak for themselves. Unreal Engine V is a glory future for Games and Gaming. I bet after a lil effort, Escape from Tarkov would benefit a lot by switching from Unity to Unreal Engine V. An Article about the Engine with good overall information: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200513005233/en/Epic-Games-Unveils-Unreal-Engine-5 Looking forward to feedback. How do you think about this. Would be nice to have some insights from BSG on this topic. Kind regards, MKev
  5. djrapp3

    Programming Questions

    Hi, I am a Unity developer and have worked on several complicated projects and have some questions about your game. I was wondering the approach you have taken to your game for optimization standpoint. Have you taken an Object Orientated approach or a Component Based structure similar to Entitas? I was also wondering about your networking standard. It seems like the interpolation between characters is sometimes off and I was wondering if you were utilizing an approach similar to the unity given examples of networking structure except possible creating a network identity component of your own with a more basic structure? Dealing with objects and items, with the latest patch I noticed a bug where the names of items were serialized and the item numbers were displaying. Do you store base item data in a database or do you utilize an XML structure? Thank you for your time, David J. Rapp djrapp.com
  6. Torax0ne

    Unity 2019/2020

    Hi i just wonder if there is some plans for conversion in to new unity again.... cuz so many functions are more easy for dev there and also for computing power... i know its not easy, just wanna know if its in future plan of evolution on game?
  7. REALExorK1ng

    EFT unity crash

    Hallo zusammen, Mein Problem hört sich vielleicht etwas Komisch an aber ich beschreibe es mal kurz und knackig. Mein EfT schmiert jedes mal ab wenn es auf irgendeiner Map regnet, ja wenn es regnet, sobald es das tröpfeln anfängt warte ich eigentlich nur darauf das es Freezed. Das komische daran ist dass das Problem eigentlich nur gelegentlich auftritt, manchmal stürmt es auf der Map und ich kann ohne Probleme spielen ? Zum "Freeze" kann ich nur sagen das ich einfach eine art "Standbild" bekomme aber meinen Character noch ungefähr 5-10 sec bewegen kann um mich hinzulegen oder so, dann kommt in den meisten fällen das "unity crash register" (oder wie das heißt) und wenn das fertig geladen hat endet das Spiel und ich kann es über den Launcher wieder starten, so meine Grafiktreiber sind aktuell, Dx = 12, und die ganzen Sachen mit reinstallieren und reparieren und im Admin Modus ausführen, prio. auf "Hoch" stellen usw. hab ich alles schon probiert, ich weiß einfach nicht mehr weiter, im Inet finde ich nix dazu, deswegen habe ich mich dazu entschlossen es hier selbst mal rein zu schreiben und zu fragen ob irgendwer weiß wie man das beheben kann. Ich danke schonmal im voraus. mfg, rimend
  8. Thelightman

    Anyone with the same crash?

    I know that the crashes might be reported on the launcher but i want to know if this crashes happend with someone else, if u have a resolution of this problem or something that could help, please talk to me. Thanks! 46.338 -03:00||Error|player|5e378e2e854e32417a13a7ae:Гога Дерзкий - inventory desync server:-343110106, client:393916821| 56.999 -03:00||Error|Default|Failed FindLootItem itemId:5e4c8dfcbf4e8f1f2c437ba2 at position:(-23.6, 36.6, -66.2)| 2020-02-19 22:29:56.999 -03:00||Error|Default|Loot Interaction failed| 2020-02-19 22:33:02.348 -03:00||Error|Default|Destroying object multiple times. Don't use DestroyImmediate on the same object in OnDisable or OnDestroy. |
  9. Интересно узнать какие технологии использовались для создания мультиплеера в EFT. В Unity насколько я знаю есть свой uNet, и стороннее ПО Photon, но судя по всему они технологически устарели и в замену uNet в 2020 году выпустят новое ПО, тоже самое и о Photon. В интернете достаточно мало информации, которая бы доступно дала понять как именно реализовать мультиплеер не по локальной сети в игре разработанной на Unity. Сейчас веду активную разработку своей игры и застрял на сетевой составляющей игры (жанр мультиплеерный шутер от 1-го лица). Я был бы очень благодарен, если бы разработчики EFT/геймдевелоперы поделились каким-либо советом или полезными ссылками на эту тему. Спасибо!
  10. Добрый день! У меня вопрос к разработчикам. Будет ли что-либо делаться с дальностью прорисовки растительности на локациях ибо в данный момент на длинных дистанциях игроков видно как на ладони из-за отсутствия травы, кустов и растительности на деревьях. Насколько я знаю, данная проблема возникла из-за особенностей самого движка игры. Хотелось бы узнать ведутся ли какие-нибудь работы в данном направлении?
  11. Hi, a few days ago i found an audio plugin from Steam/Valve called "Steam Audio". Maybe this is something you guys can use for EfT, because they offer a free plugin for the Unity Engine and looks relatively easy to setup https://valvesoftware.github.io/steam-audio/ https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-audio/blob/master/LICENSE.md https://valvesoftware.github.io/steam-audio/doc/phonon_unity.html Happy Holidays! JohnMatrix
  12. StanIsLoveM8

    FPS drope with scopes argument

    Hi! I've read some Topics on Forum about FPS drop Scope issue and I don't think it's just Unity Engine problem, I think it is a design issue. I've used Unity Engine casually and I think I know what is the problem. So in many games like "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield" when you use scope I believe it's simply change in FOV but in EFT it works differently cousing a massive drop in FPS. I believe that in EFT aiming is made by making other "camera" in a scope so the game is rendered twice becouse you got "eyes" of a player and a scope rendered at the same time. I understand how changing 2X cameras into simply lowering FOV could affect the gameplay in negative way becouse you don't see what is happening around you but I think it's better than dropping 40% of FPS. I'm not a specialist in anyway but this is my thoughts about this issue. Thanks for reading ~StanIsLove
  13. Tried scope again last night and im astounded over how much fps can drop in some ares. For fun i risked my 400 dollar scope to test how different settings affected performance when looking over bridge in customs. I was near train on the right side of bridge looking over. My fps dropped from 72 to 32 and lower with the settings i normally use. I tried lowering resolution from 4k to 1440p, well, to my surprise it still massacred performance. But it went from low 30's to low 40's to high 30's. After that i turned down lod distance, and draw distance. I managed to get fps to go up to 47-52. Without scope my fps was very high. Its just crazy how fps drops at some areas using scope. My hardware isnt bad, 16gb ram, intel 6600k coupled with a msi gtx1080 gaming x. You will need a monster gpu to get ok fps with high powered scopes. Next gen gpu? I read that this is a problem with unity, and you have tried to report it to the people behind this engine but they dont reply? So, im question is, if this flaw in the engine dosent get improved. Do you have any ideas on how to somewhat improve this issue, or will this be a flaw that will plague the game until unity gets fixed? Any info regarding this at all? Thanks.
  14. Broken Servitor

    Про движок игры

    Какая версия движка сейчас используется? Обновляются ли версии?
  15. Используют ли разработчики Unity из коробки или же сами модифицировали его исходный код? и если модифицировали, то насколько большие изменения вносились и какова эффективность данных изменений?
  16. Это первая часть короткометражки "Адам", созданной командой разработчиков Unity, на чьем движке создается в т.ч. Escape from Tarkov. Адам иллюстрирует высокое качество графики, которое отныне присуще Unity. Полная версия этого фильма будет показана на Unite Europe 2016 в Амстердаме (31 мая - 2 июня).
  17. Это полная версия короткометражки "Адам". Ранее на форуме уже публиковалась 1-я часть Решил выложить полную. Для тех кто не в курсе: данная короткометражка была снята создателями движка Unity для демонстрации возможности движка, на котором, кстати, делается EFT. p.s Эта демка была записана на GeForce GTX 980.
  18. Drakkaar

    Game Engine - Unity

    Hello, Just a simple question, but this thread could host as a Q&A for developers in the future about the engine you guys use. As I understand it, it's been run on Unity 5, but after searching the forum, and google I couldn't find it actually being said that it's being run on Unity 5. @Claus Any other questions people have in regards as to how it works etc. could be asked here, maybe devs will answer in the future once the games released
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