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  1. Hey all, I put together a quick analysis of where the screenshots of the new Factory Expansion seem to fit within the current map! I've included the image I made too just as a quick reference, as the video contains most of the speculation and figuring out 😂 Thanks all and hope you're keeping safe!
  2. แด่ผู้หลบหนีทั้งหลาย! นี่คือข้อมูลแพตช์ของอัพเดต อย่างเป็นทางการ อัพเดตจะใช้เวลาประมาณ 4 ชั่วโมง นับตั้งแต่ วันที่ 15/02/2021 - 15:00น. เวลาประเทศไทยครับ สิ่งที่ถูกแก้ไข: แก้ไขอาการปุ่ม “Next” ที่เวลากดแล้วจะไม่กลับไปหน้าเมนูหลัก แก้ไขอาการค้างหลังออกจาก Raid แล้วกำลังโหลดกลับไปหน้าเมนูหลัก (อาการที่มีหมุนๆด้านขวานั่นแหละ) แก้ไขปัญหาของการเกิดของบอทและผู้เล่น แก้ไขปัญหาการรับดาเมจจากจากผู้เล่นหรือบอทที่กำลังใช้อาวุธที่ขยับไม่ได้(ป้อมยิง) แก้ไขอาการบอทบินบนอากาศ แก้ไขอาการที่เมื่อพยายามจะออกแล้วสำหรับทางออกที่เป็นรถแต่ไม่ยอมออ
  3. Wadexasz patcho pakeitimai

    Žaidejai! Čia yra išvardinta kas buvo ištaisyta/pakeista patcho atnaujinime. Pataisymai/Pakeitimai Pataisytas: Mygtukas „Kitas“, kuris neleido žaidėjams patekti į pagrindinį meniu po reido. Po reido sustingimas pagrindinio meniu iškrovimo ekrane. Kai kurie Scav'ų ir žaidėjų problemos. Stacionariu ginklu besinaudojančių žaidėjų ar robotų padaryta žala. Ore skraidantys Scav'ai. Klaidos, dėl kurių žaidėjai negalėjo išvažiuoti iš vietos su automobilio extract'u. Kameros tikrinimo animacijos bėdos ištaisytos, kurios buvo rodoma žaidėjams,
  4. Duffii

    Langsame Lobby/Menü

    Morgen, leider habe ich alles möglich probiert doch hilft auch das nicht, habe genau das gleiche Problem, das Menü / die Lobby ist sehr langsam im laden wodurch jegliche Motivation am Spiel verschwindet. folgendes wurde probiert: - wie im Video des Nutzers "rGxOfficial" gezeigt die Einstellung der Fritz!Box ändern - neu installieren - Cache über Launcher clearen - Cache selber löschen - in Chrome und Discord die Hardware Beschleunigung ausschalten (jetzt kommen sogar Programme zu, die nichts zu tun haben...) - mit 'nem extra uninsta
  5. ajbuckley0311

    cant update path error

    The last update I had to get the zipped up download directly from support for the same reason. Is there a link i can go to to get the love game download because it looks like ill have to contact support for every update otherwise...
  6. I have never had any issues with updating the game previously, but the last two patches have caused some issues. Everytime EFT gets an update, I have to uninstall the game and reinstall the updated version. A few months ago I changed the games location from my HDD to SSD, but all updates prior to have all updated as they should. After 0.8.5 I've gotten the message: "Failed to determine version of file '\\?\C:\Battlestate Games\EscapeFromTarkov.exe'." I've tried running the launcher as admin, manually finding the gamefiles for the launcher and restarting my PC. None of these proved s
  7. Hola gente, les agradecería infinitamente si pueden ayudarme, ayer 3 de Diciembre salieron 2 actualizaciones, la primera me arrojo el error que menciono (dice que se han comprometido la integridad de los archivos del juego) intente todo lo que e visto en el foro como; limpiar la cache del juego, cambiar la ruta de archivos temporales e iniciar como administrador, nada funciono, pues desinstale e instale de nuevo y funciono no tuve problemas, ese mismo día en la tarde sacaron otra actualización, y me sucedió exactamente lo mismo, la diferencia es que aparte que ya probé todo lo que me dice sopo
  8. fryciarz7

    Wallpaper made of update art

    Hello my friends, I have to say I really enjoy art used to announce new, final version of the update and I would enjoy it as a wallpaper. However the "update" word doesnt really fits there, so I made a little improvements Original can be found here: My wallpapers: Feel free to share, download and hate And see you all in Tarkov.
  9. Just curious on how long it will be down?
  10. so i seem to have run into an issue where when i launch the launcher it says it has a critical update so i click update it does its thing closes and then.......nothing, so i open it again, and same thing happens, cant update or even open the bug report, any help would be apreciated
  11. Supervivientes, Les compartimos un mensaje rápido de parte de Nikita respecto al estado actual del parche 0.12.8:
  12. FPSNutsackTV

    Market Transactions: "Out of Time"

    For starters the "boo-hoo you missed your timer" for insurance makes total sense. Tough luck when working with someone else's schedule. Totally on board with that. What I don't understand is the "pick-up or delete" timer applied to market sales. Seeing as the game is designed to be semi-realistically inconvenient for people, wouldn't it make sense to at least offer up some kind of convenience to your player base that doesn't break your back? Reason why I feel like this is mis-guided realism is worth bringing up, is because mail in the real world doesn't have a timer or disappear. For example,
  13. EustaZZ

    Low FPS since update

    Hey since the new update that released 5th Feb. decreased my fps. Woods is nearly unplayable 98% of the map is between 30 and 40 FPS which makes gunfights nearly impossible to win. Woods was one of the maps where i had the most and stable fps. i had 60+ fps everywhere but now its unplayable. the Update before gave me and my friends more fps on interchange for example but this update ruined my woods experience completly. Going for missions is impossible since i cant properly fight the scavs. PLS HAWLP My Specs: GTX 970 AMD Ryzen 7 2700x MSI B450 A-Pro Max 8 GB DDR4 RAM
  14. Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone enountered such an issue after the update. The thing is as follows, game reaches around 40-50fps on average just to suddenly have a 5-10 seconds of really bad stuttering and FPS drop (to 5FPS or something - unplayable), its all weird stuff as before the recent update it ran smoothly constantly This issue appeared only after newest update 12.7 and is consistent on customs and shoreline (i rarely play other maps), before the update my hardware handled the game well enough to provide smooth fps amounts constantly. I have used monitoring software and wh
  15. LuvizEVOL

    No scavs in factory?

    Done three factory raids today 5 scav spawns 5 scav spawns 3 scav spawns Anyone else seeing 5 or less scavs spawning on factory every game??
  16. ryno4345

    Soft Skill Reset in 12.7

    I have standard edition of tarkov and since wipe I have been grinding to try and get kappa and I feel I am pretty close. Currently I am lvl 36 however I am going on a 2 week hiatus and I believe the new update is going to wipe skills and will happen while I am away. This is extremely infuriating if skills are to be wiped as grinding to level 36 I only have 6 health skill and I need 10 for a required Kappa Quest Athlete. If this skill gets reset I am going to have to replay and be locked from kappa until another round of level 1-45. I was wondering on thoughts of changing athlete to a non-requi
  17. TheFlyingPig

    Wipes just after patches

    Wipes may be a week after patches. So, we can try new content rapidly. A short time trial provides players to learns basics of them
  18. I have see on discord a post from EFT regarding the upcoming 12.7 update stating "The next patch 0.12.5 will contain the settings of graphic post-effects. Filters from Nvidia will become unavailable for use." So is Nvidia the only one being targeted for its Nvidia control panel? because you can do the same with AMDs Radeon Control Settings. (Google "Radeon control setting gamma") So if Nvidia is going to be disabled are they going to level the playing field and disable AMDs too?
  19. ZioEnzo


    Domani, alle 12:00 PM ora di Mosca (Ore 11 italiane), prevediamo di iniziare l'installazione dell'aggiornamento del gioco per Escape from Tarkov. Prevediamo di completarlo entro tre ore - durante il quale, il gioco non sarà disponibile. Ottimizzazione: - Risolti alcuni motivi per i principali “freezes” durante il combattimento; - Sono stati corretti vari bug che causavano piccoli “freezes” e “stuttering”. Correzioni: - Risolto un bug per cui le munizioni venivano visivamente esaurite nel poligono di tiro dell’Hideout (e relativi bug) - Risolto un bug r
  20. ZioEnzo

    Status update 31/03 #RestateACasa

    Buona giornata a tutti! Noi, come praticamente tutti al mondo, supportiamo le azioni per fronteggiare il nuovo problema globale, il Coronavirus, e alla fine dell'ultima settima, siamo passati ad uno sviluppo da remoto. E' andato tutto bene e siamo quasi completamente operativi da casa nostra. Il prossimo piccolo aggiornamento alla versione 12.4.2, conterrà svariati grosse risoluzioni di problematiche di "freezes" e "stuttering". Subito dopo ciò, pianifichiamo di preparare l'uscita della versione 12.5, che conterrà: Sistema di cura rapida (alla fine del raid) Opzioni di "pos
  21. I only recently started playing EFT in January of this year. Since then I've put in over 350 hours and Tarkov has become my favorite game on the market. Even as someone who plays this game 20+ hours a week in almost all of my spare time outside of work, I can say for sure this patch has killed the game for me at the moment. Having grinded so much for what I possess now, modded weapons, high tier armors and rigs, those gigantic backpacks, I feel immense disappointment that simply bringing a plate carrier, helmet, and a primary with a few spare mags I'm already penalized by the game. Sneak
  22. Hey! After the newest update with the changes to stamina and weight I've noticed that while laying prone the stamina drain seems to be exactly same as standing up. With both endurance and strenght level 1 my guy could literally keep his head up for 20 seconds and then wait another 20 to regen it back up. Problem: I think the stamina bar drain should be adjusted to the players current stance. Suggestion: Reducing the stamina drain while laying prone and while on a lower stance. Then have the full drain while standing up.
  23. Stivert


    can we please stop the new headbob? your head and vision doesnt look like that when you wear 40 kg more than you weight... thanks!
  24. OrcShot

    Weight system.

    There should be no way i get a debuf just by carrying a sniper and a pistol and an extra mag. The first debuf should only come around the weight of 45kg definitely not a measly 25kg.
  25. Bonjour tout le monde, Après ne pas avoir touché au jeux pendant plusieurs mois, j'ai décidé de m'y remettre. Évidemment j'ai une mise à jour à effectuer sauf que lorsque je démarre le téléchargement de celle-ci une fenêtre s'ouvre. J'ai tenté plusieurs solutions trouvées sur le net comme supprimer le cache du jeux, le fichier TEMP mais cela ne marche pas. La seule solution que je n'ai pas testée c'est de réinstaller le jeux car ma connexion est trop lente ce qui mettrais trop de temps à le télécharger. Ainsi je sollicite votre attention pour m'aider à résoudre ce fâcheux problè
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