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  1. Bienvenidos Supervivientes: Ésta es la guía para todos aquellos que quieran upgradear su versión de Escape From Tarkov, es decir a los que quieran comprar una versión más cara de la que actualmente tengan. 1. Ir a este link: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page. Si no estan logueados con su cuenta, haganlo. 2.1. Una vez en esta página e ingresados en su cuenta de Tarkov, simplemente eligen la versión que desean hacer el upgrade. Aquí se les cobrará la diferencia de precio entre su versión actual de EFT y la que deseen comprar. Ejemplo, Standard Edition ($44,99) a Prepare for Escape ($99,99) se les cobrará $55 más un recargo del 10%. 2.2. Los distintos paquetes disponibles para pre-ordenar Escape From Tarkov son los siguientes: 1. Standard Edition 2. Left Behind 2. Prepare for Escape 3. Edge of Darkness 3. Una vez finalizado el pago y confirmada la compra. Diríjase a su perfil en la página de EFT. ¡Vuestro perfil habrá sido actualizado! Espero que esta mini guía les sea útil a todos los que tenían dudas de como actualizar su versión del juego. EDIT: YA NO ES NECESARIO RESETEAR EL PERFIL DE JUEGO PARA RECIBIR LOS ITEMS DEL UPGRADE. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PERO SI AÚN ASÍ QUIERES HACERLO DEBES USAR ESE BOTÓN:
  2. Smitstain11

    Version Upgrade Problem

    on Jan. 1 I upgraded my game version from standard to prepare to escape. I got the confirmation email for it and the payment went through. The game launcher says I have the prepare to escape version, however, I haven't received any of the loot, or a message to receive it. It has been 4 days. I've restarted my player account which did nothing. I also sent 2 support requests which got no response. Is there anything I can do to get the content I PAID FOR? At this point the devs are literally stealing my money.
  3. I upgraded my account yesterday (27/12/2020), from standard to EOD, and right now i dont have the message from the system with my new stuff, and i dont have the stash either, i have been looking at websites and forums, and all the answer are from 2019, some people said that you have to reset the profile and others that its update and you dont need to, i wrote a ticket but they didnt answer, anyone have any idea?
  4. VaReX21

    Upgrades verschenken?

    Hallo zusammen, Kann man Upgrades auf eine höhere Version verschenken? Hat dies schon einmal jemand gemacht? Denn wenn ich die Edition gehe die ich verschenken will kommt der Standardpreis aber die Person der ich das Upgrade schenken will hat schon die Standardedition, das heißt der Preis würde günstiger sein. Bekommt man dann das Restgeld zurück?
  5. Hey Tarkov Forum! Wanted to upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Prepare for Escape Edition. Will my standing with the traders also be upped through the upgrade? If yes, how much will it be? 0.2?
  6. Preminger

    EOD upgrade not received

    Hey there! I've bought EOD on May 28th, and I've not yet received any of the upgrades. The only thing I've received is golden name and the crown displayed. Does anyone have any other similar issues since 20 days have passed since the purchase was made. My launcher and website both display EOD but there are no messaged from system in-game. Best regards!
  7. I purchased my upgrade today and was told that i was supposed to recieve an upgrade bundle via ingame message but upon logging into the game i never recieved the ingame message that's supposed to be holding my loot and secure container please help me or send me what i paid for the only message displayed from the system is the profile gift i recieved for buying the bundle as shown in the pictures
  8. So I was given the standard edition by a friend who lives in the EU but I live in the US so everything is in euros for me. If I upgrade using my card will it convert to euros or do I need to jump through some hoops to do it?
  9. le__zet

    Stash Upgrade from Hideout

    Hello, I looked through forum but I didn't find anything related. I have a question. If you upgrade your stash from Hideout it will be available after the wipe or not? I need to know cause I am struggling to get the money for upgrade and if it stays the same after the wipe I can sell some things to get the money. Thanks
  10. I upgraded from standard to EOD during Black Friday Sale. After some hours I received the items (like the EOD melee Weapon), the golden name and the bigger stash. Sadly the Gamma Container is still missing. Saw that some people had this problem, but nobody, who found a solution to get the gamma added to their account. So, does anyone know a way to get the gamma (hopefully one without resetting my account)? Or do Mods just look for those problems to fix them?(If you are a mod and could handle the problem, it would be very nice of you to fix it❤️)
  11. Noenkel

    Upgrade not arriving

    Hi I've bought the upgrade from standard edition to EOD this morning but my upgrade has yet to arrive. Both my account and client tell me I am playing the EOD edition. On other forum people have told me they received it instantly after buying the upgrade without having to wipe their account. Can someone explain me why it's taking this long for me? Is the upgrade bugged? Thanks in advance
  12. Chaseaway7_TTV

    Upgrading Account

    I wanted to upgrade my account from standard to EOD.. Would I have to reset my current ranking and lose all my stash items to get the EOD version? Or is there a way that I can keep everything I have and carry it over to the EOD stash.
  13. Spear_dragon

    Account Upgrade problem

    Hello, I upgraded from a standard version to EoD version. I got a unique nickname, but I didn't receive any other Gamma Container, Stash or Items. I request support(#3734531) and I also have a XSolla receipt. I don't want to reset my account and I hope this problem will be solved soon. I am sorry that my English is poor. Thanks.
  14. xarli90

    Upgrade de cuenta

    Buenas Tarkovitas, En primer lugar pedir disculpas si el tema esta duplicado. Estoy interesado en actualizar mi cuenta de la edicion comun a la Edge, pero no tengo claro si hago esa actualizacion se realizara un wipe a mi cuenta, es decir, que ¿una vez que actualice mi cuenta a Edge se reiniciara mi alijo, habilidades y mercaderes? Un saludo y muchas gracias!!
  15. ItsDawson91

    Upgrading Account

    At the moment I have the standard version of the game. I would like to upgrade my account to the PREPARE FOR ESCAPE edition, however I am too far into this wipe and would rather not restart. If I upgrade my account would my stash/tasks get wiped? Thanks, Dawson
  16. I want to upgrade my account from the standard version but dont want to reset my account to get the items/stash increase/trader rep. I've seen people saying yes and no, so I'm not sure now. If I upgrade do I have to reset to receive these new items/stash ect?
  17. I purchased an upgrade from standard to EoD December 27th, 2019 and I have placed two separate support tickets for the matter with no response. I have seen a few posts here discussing the same issue and I was wondering if their is a specific support/forum system for this issue. To be clear, my payment via xsolla was confirmed to go through and I have the EoD Crown on my name and the client states that I have EoD Edition.
  18. Pipboy17

    how to upgrade package

    how do you upgrade to a new package i have the standard edition and thinking about upgrading to a better package just dont know how
  19. The_HyperBeast

    Upgrade von Standard auf EoD

    Moin, ich habe gerade eben auf EoD upgraded und habe auch die P90 etc. erhalten aber mein Inventar wurde nicht vergrößert. Muss ich den Account nochmal reseten, weil mein Loot von vorher ist auch noch da? Vielen Dank, Mike
  20. Montotek


    Hi, habe gerade von der Standard Edition zur Edge of Darkness Edition upgegraded. Wie lange dauert es bis mir im Profil oder ich eine Email bekomme das ich upgegraded habe!?
  21. therock349

    Where is my 3x3

    Hey guys. I got a question I just Upgrade to edge of Darkness and i got all the items and the bigger Stash. The only Thing that is missing is the 3x3 safecontainer... Do i have to reset my acc to get it or dose it come later? Thanks :)
  22. So if I were to hypothetically upgrade to the Left Behind edition of the game from Standard would it lower the price of the following upgrades by $30? So like if Standard -> Left Behind is $30 then would Edge of Darkness go from $95 -> $65? Just curious, thanks!
  23. GCuzza01

    Can I upgrade my account

    I currently have the standard edition but I want to upgrade to the full package is there any option to do this or do I have to buy the complete game again? Cheers !
  24. Help me!!! So I had a Bear which was pretty low level on a standard account. I then bought the EOD edition and got my upgrades. My friend got the game and picked a USEC so I decided to reset my account. Now I no longer have my upgraded stash size... Support ticket: #1473526
  25. paNdalero

    Upgrade Spielversion

    Moin, Kleines Problem: Ich habe mit einer Standard-Version (Promo-Key) angefangen und beim letzten Sale das Upgrade auf die "Prepare for Escape" gemacht, meinen Account aber nicht zurückgesetzt. Ich würde jetzt eigentlich gerne wegen des Sales auf EOD upgraden wollen. Leider zeigt er mir immer noch die Preise ausgehend von einer Standard-Edition an. Im Profil steht ebenfalls noch die Standard-Version als aktiv. Gibt es eine Lösung ohne den Account zu reseten? Ich möchte mein ganzes Zeug ungern deswegen verlieren. Schon mal Danke für eure Antworten.
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