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Found 85 results

  1. Bienvenidos Supervivientes: Ésta es la guía para todos aquellos que quieran upgradear su versión de Escape From Tarkov, es decir a los que quieran comprar una versión más cara de la que actualmente tengan. 1. Ir a este link: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page. Si no estan logueados con su cuenta, haganlo. 2.1. Una vez en esta página e ingresados en su cuenta de Tarkov, simplemente eligen la versión que desean hacer el upgrade. Aquí se les cobrará la diferencia de precio entre su versión actual de EFT y la que deseen comprar. Ejemplo, Standard Edition ($44,99) a Prepare for Escape ($99,99) se les cobrará $55 más un recargo del 10%. 2.2. Los distintos paquetes disponibles para pre-ordenar Escape From Tarkov son los siguientes: 3. Una vez finalizado el pago y confirmada la compra. Diríjase a su perfil en la página de EFT. ¡Vuestro perfil habrá sido actualizado! Espero que esta mini guía les sea útil a todos los que tenían dudas de como actualizar su versión del juego. Estas guías y muchas otras las puedes encontrar en el Discord de la Comunidad Oficial Hispana de Escape From Tarkov: https://discord.gg/mNHqFmN
  2. I purchased an upgrade from standard to EoD December 27th, 2019 and I have placed two separate support tickets for the matter with no response. I have seen a few posts here discussing the same issue and I was wondering if their is a specific support/forum system for this issue. To be clear, my payment via xsolla was confirmed to go through and I have the EoD Crown on my name and the client states that I have EoD Edition.
  3. Pipboy17

    how to upgrade package

    how do you upgrade to a new package i have the standard edition and thinking about upgrading to a better package just dont know how
  4. The_HyperBeast

    Upgrade von Standard auf EoD

    Moin, ich habe gerade eben auf EoD upgraded und habe auch die P90 etc. erhalten aber mein Inventar wurde nicht vergrößert. Muss ich den Account nochmal reseten, weil mein Loot von vorher ist auch noch da? Vielen Dank, Mike
  5. Montotek


    Hi, habe gerade von der Standard Edition zur Edge of Darkness Edition upgegraded. Wie lange dauert es bis mir im Profil oder ich eine Email bekomme das ich upgegraded habe!?
  6. therock349

    Where is my 3x3

    Hey guys. I got a question I just Upgrade to edge of Darkness and i got all the items and the bigger Stash. The only Thing that is missing is the 3x3 safecontainer... Do i have to reset my acc to get it or dose it come later? Thanks :)
  7. I upgraded from standard to EOD during Black Friday Sale. After some hours I received the items (like the EOD melee Weapon), the golden name and the bigger stash. Sadly the Gamma Container is still missing. Saw that some people had this problem, but nobody, who found a solution to get the gamma added to their account. So, does anyone know a way to get the gamma (hopefully one without resetting my account)? Or do Mods just look for those problems to fix them?(If you are a mod and could handle the problem, it would be very nice of you to fix it❤️)
  8. So if I were to hypothetically upgrade to the Left Behind edition of the game from Standard would it lower the price of the following upgrades by $30? So like if Standard -> Left Behind is $30 then would Edge of Darkness go from $95 -> $65? Just curious, thanks!
  9. Chaseaway7

    Upgrading Account

    I wanted to upgrade my account from standard to EOD.. Would I have to reset my current ranking and lose all my stash items to get the EOD version? Or is there a way that I can keep everything I have and carry it over to the EOD stash.
  10. GCuzza01

    Can I upgrade my account

    I currently have the standard edition but I want to upgrade to the full package is there any option to do this or do I have to buy the complete game again? Cheers !
  11. Help me!!! So I had a Bear which was pretty low level on a standard account. I then bought the EOD edition and got my upgrades. My friend got the game and picked a USEC so I decided to reset my account. Now I no longer have my upgraded stash size... Support ticket: #1473526
  12. paNdalero

    Upgrade Spielversion

    Moin, Kleines Problem: Ich habe mit einer Standard-Version (Promo-Key) angefangen und beim letzten Sale das Upgrade auf die "Prepare for Escape" gemacht, meinen Account aber nicht zurückgesetzt. Ich würde jetzt eigentlich gerne wegen des Sales auf EOD upgraden wollen. Leider zeigt er mir immer noch die Preise ausgehend von einer Standard-Edition an. Im Profil steht ebenfalls noch die Standard-Version als aktiv. Gibt es eine Lösung ohne den Account zu reseten? Ich möchte mein ganzes Zeug ungern deswegen verlieren. Schon mal Danke für eure Antworten.
  13. BoCyan

    Upgrading Edition

    Hello, so my question is, if i upgrade my acc from standard (which was gifted to me from a giveaway and i redeemed the code. Been loving this game and wanna upgrade to give money to the developers) to EOD, will the upgrade wipe my stash and lvls? How do i go about upgrading?
  14. MushtPepperoni

    Prepare for Escape Upgrade didnt work

    Hey there This morning I purchased the Prepare for Escape upgrade package and the payment went through, got the confirmation mails and everything. My profile says it's on the Prepare for Escape edition, and so does my launcher. Yet my in-game inventory did not change (still 10x36), and I didnt get my items (no messages in the messenger either). Resetting my profile is really not an option... Any ideas? Thx!
  15. Hab am 24.2.19 EFT von der Standard auf die Edge of Darkness geupdatet, habe damals dann Ingame auch meine zusätzlichen Sachen erhalten, nur mein Name war noch normal in Weiß nicht Gold mit Krone. Hab mir gedacht nach dem Wipe wird der Name schon richtig kommen bzw wenn ich mein Profil zusätzlich nochmal zurücksetze. Falsch gedacht... Jetzt nach dem Wipe habe ich nur die Gegenstände die ich in der Standard Version habe und nicht die mir zustehenden Sachen der edge of darkness Version & im Launcher steht auch nur Standard Version (weiß nicht was vor dem Wipe für eine Versin im Launcher stand) Auf der Website steht Vorbestellt "Standard" Meine Transaktionen "Edge of darkness" vom 24.2.19 Was kann ich tun ? Habe bereits getan : Mein Spielprofil zurückgesetzt, mich Aus- Eingeloggt
  16. zdravko010688

    upgrade package

    hey guys I wanna upgrade my game version to the largest version but have a lot gear already and i wanna keep the items i have now will they be send to me after the payment or what. does anybody know thanks
  17. I'm not exactly sure if this is the correct place to ask this aside from a direct developer question so bare with me. I was looking to upgrade from standard to EOD, and I was wondering if it was only the stash and equipment that transferred over, or if the other content came with it. Like the "Initially good standing with all in-game traders" and the 400k Rubles. Thanks!
  18. I've heard from people that used to be the case where you have to reset your stash before the effects of the upgrade like stash space go into affect but now it's not? not sure. Thanks for your time.
  19. Hello, I've heard from people that used to be the case where you have to reset your stash before the effects of the upgrade like stash space go into affect but now it's not? not sure. Thanks for your time.
  20. I tried to upgrade to EOD and it said the transaction was cancelled, so i tried again and it still said the transaction was cancelled and now im left with no upgrade and a double charge.
  21. jediritta

    Edition Upgrade

    Hey, i just uograded to the Edge of darkness edition while its on Sale and i got the Bigger Stash inclusive Items Gamma Container... Do i still need to reset, well i already have everything i think, but my m8 dosnt get it that fast so ist it a Bug that i got it that fast? Or should he just wait?
  22. Richieh89

    Upgrading Account

    I've upgraded my account but haven't received any additional content such as increased Alpha bag slots, Inventory slots and any other additional feature. Is there a period of time you need to wait or bugged out?
  23. McFaint

    Upgrade glitch?

    So I purchased the standard edition a while ago with amazon pay and experienced no issues. But then when I tried to upgrade with the same method, the payment went through but the EOD edition isn't showing up on my profile. It's already been 24 hours and nothing has changed, whereas when I purchased the standard edition it took around 30 minutes after payment went through. Does it usually take this long for the upgrade?
  24. V3nd3tta_Nerd

    Upgrading without benefits

    I have Upgraded my edition of Tarkov and plan to upgrade to the Edge of Darkness Limited edition. The only thing I fear is that the benefits will not be added to my stash as they were not added when I upgraded from the standard edition to the Left Behind edition. How do I recover that or how would we go about that?
  25. LonestarAUT

    Standard & lower Edition Wishlist

    Hey there, for me as a standard edition buyer (and loves Tarkov for its ideas and atmosphere) there would be some sort of things I personally would like to be able to achieve while leveling up ingame: I'd like to see: - secure containers can be upgradet in their size much earlier by solving tasks ect. - stash any player can expand by solving tasks ect. (prevent getting pay to win) - ammo boxes, pisol cases, medcase ect. can be easier to get in early game Especially the Alpha Container in early game is really annoying because I have to make sure to get ammo boxes, pistol cases ect. to save size in stash - unable to because 2x2!! Any other ideas? BR
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