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Found 69 results

  1. I tried to upgrade to EOD and it said the transaction was cancelled, so i tried again and it still said the transaction was cancelled and now im left with no upgrade and a double charge.
  2. Bienvenidos Supervivientes: Ésta es la guía para todos aquellos que quieran upgradear su versión de Escape From Tarkov, es decir a los que quieran comprar una versión más cara de la que actualmente tengan. 1. Ir a este link: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page. Si no estan logueados con su cuenta, haganlo. 2.1. Una vez en esta página e ingresados en su cuenta de Tarkov, simplemente eligen la versión que desean hacer el upgrade. Aquí se les cobrará la diferencia de precio entre su versión actual de EFT y la que deseen comprar. Ejemplo, Standard Edition ($44,99) a Prepare for Escape ($99,99) se les cobrará $55 más un recargo del 10%. 2.2. Los distintos paquetes disponibles para pre-ordenar Escape From Tarkov son los siguientes: 3. Una vez finalizado el pago y confirmada la compra. Diríjase a su perfil en la página de EFT. 4. (ACLARACIÓN! Este paso reseteara vuestro perfil del juego, perdereís todo vuestro progreso e inventario y volvereís a empezar desde el principio.) Una vez en vuestro perfil, en la parte derecha, buscar el botón "RESET THE GAME PROFILE" y hacer click en él. Confirmen. ¡Vuestro perfil habrá sido actualizado! Espero que esta mini guía les sea útil a todos los que tenían dudas de como actualizar su versión del juego. Estas guías y muchas otras las puedes encontrar en el Discord de la Comunidad Oficial Hispana de Escape From Tarkov: https://discord.gg/mNHqFmN
  3. jediritta

    Edition Upgrade

    Hey, i just uograded to the Edge of darkness edition while its on Sale and i got the Bigger Stash inclusive Items Gamma Container... Do i still need to reset, well i already have everything i think, but my m8 dosnt get it that fast so ist it a Bug that i got it that fast? Or should he just wait?
  4. Richieh89

    Upgrading Account

    I've upgraded my account but haven't received any additional content such as increased Alpha bag slots, Inventory slots and any other additional feature. Is there a period of time you need to wait or bugged out?
  5. McFaint

    Upgrade glitch?

    So I purchased the standard edition a while ago with amazon pay and experienced no issues. But then when I tried to upgrade with the same method, the payment went through but the EOD edition isn't showing up on my profile. It's already been 24 hours and nothing has changed, whereas when I purchased the standard edition it took around 30 minutes after payment went through. Does it usually take this long for the upgrade?
  6. V3nd3tta_Nerd

    Upgrading without benefits

    I have Upgraded my edition of Tarkov and plan to upgrade to the Edge of Darkness Limited edition. The only thing I fear is that the benefits will not be added to my stash as they were not added when I upgraded from the standard edition to the Left Behind edition. How do I recover that or how would we go about that?
  7. LonestarAUT

    Standard & lower Edition Wishlist

    Hey there, for me as a standard edition buyer (and loves Tarkov for its ideas and atmosphere) there would be some sort of things I personally would like to be able to achieve while leveling up ingame: I'd like to see: - secure containers can be upgradet in their size much earlier by solving tasks ect. - stash any player can expand by solving tasks ect. (prevent getting pay to win) - ammo boxes, pisol cases, medcase ect. can be easier to get in early game Especially the Alpha Container in early game is really annoying because I have to make sure to get ammo boxes, pistol cases ect. to save size in stash - unable to because 2x2!! Any other ideas? BR
  8. I upgraded my account on the 4/8/2018 but it wont let me reset my game profile to the 19/8/18 to get all my new bonus's from upgrading. Why would this be? why would i keep girding this game if i need to reset my account? i'll have to wait two weeks to play this game again....
  9. So I was wondering if It would be possible to keep my trader levels as well as upgrading to a better edition (left behind edition) with the 9.0 patch. I was hoping this would be possible because of the forced stash wipe? I bought the left behind edition because I wanted the extra stash size and the beta container. If it would somehow be possible to get this without losing my trader levels that would be amazing.
  10. Armin

    Edition Upgrade Change?

    how i understood it you need to upgrade your edition and reset your account to get bigger stash and the weapons. will it get changed in the near future? so you can upgrade without starting from scratch?
  11. GCuzza01

    Can I upgrade my account

    I currently have the standard edition but I want to upgrade to the full package is there any option to do this or do I have to buy the complete game again? Cheers !
  12. Hallo Leute, ich würde ja gerne von der Standart auf die größte Version upgraden. Finde aber nirgens wo ich das machen kann. Jemand einen Link oder Tip für mich? Grüße
  13. DeathCarrier

    Scavs leveling.

    Hello Devs. Hello Every body. I hope so there was no topic like this, my suggestion is simply and short. Please consider to make gear for scavs depending from Your lvl. For exemple: -1 to 10lvl random weapons, like TOZ, PB, PM, 133, VEPR -11 to 20 lvl random weapons like 153, GRACH, P226, SAIGA 12, AKSU -21 to 30 lvl random weapons like GLOCK 17, AK74N, AKMS, MP5, MPX -31 and over others most popular weapons like M4, some sniper rifles etc. Of course with every lvl other gear also should going up like armors, tactical rigs, med etc. Plus what is most important, punish for scavs for killing another scavs, scavs are to disturb pmc and help eachother, not for killing another scavs. I have hope this suggestion is helpful. Best Regards. DeathCarrier.
  14. s4ndmen

    Konto Upgrade Editionen

    Hallo zusammen Ich bin neu in EFT und hatte mir das Standard Edition Paket gekauft, um zu schnuppern und nun wollte ich mein Account auf die EOD erweitern. Als ich die Bezahlung getätigt hatte, wurde mir das Paket im Game nicht angezeigt, und als ich den Support gefragt hatte, woran das liegt, hiess es das ich mein Profile zurücksetzen muss. Jetzt meine Frage an euch. Gibt es die Möglichkeit das Standard Paket mit dem EOD Paket zu kombinieren, damit nicht meine jetzigen Spieldaten verloren gehen und wenn ja wie kann man das machen? Wenn es keine Möglichkeiten gibt, was kann ich machen, damit ich mein jetziges Inventar behalten kann? Ich bedanken mich schon mal im Voraus für eure Hilfe LG s4ndmen
  15. Just upgraded to EoD, but I would like to have my items. I don't have any friends, so I search someone who is trustworthy enough to help me for money to transfer my stuff (if it's even legal).
  16. Gquic1

    upgrading account?

    I'm just wanting to upgarde my account and I want to know if when you do pay to upgrade are you able to still keep all your gear you have on you until the next wipe or when you decide to reset your account.? or does everything get wiped automatically straight away.?
  17. furiousfuehrer

    Upgrade einer Version als Geschenk

    Hallo zusammen, Kann man Upgrades auf eine höhere Version verschenken? Hat dies schon einmal jemand gemacht? beste Grüße
  18. SquidFace


    If I were to upgrade from the standard edition to the next available one, I believe left behind, would i get reset with all my gear or would it just add the extra space in my stash?
  19. I bought the standard edition of the game with my brother, he got it for me. This Christmas I would like to upgrade our accounts and I was wondering if there was a way to.
  20. Sierra2506

    Changement de Pack

    Bonjour à tous, Je vous fait part de mon hésitation.. J'ai actuellement la version standard et je viens d'acheter l'upgrade "Edge of Darkness". Je viens de voir également qu'il demande de réinitialisé le compte pour que se soit prit en charge. Cad ? Je perd TOUT ? niveau, armes, objets rares etc ?.. Si oui comment faire pour les garder ?.. Il y a pas de moyen d'upgrade sans tout réinitialisé ?.. Merci d'avance de votre aide !
  21. LaungeGamer

    Bonus nach Upgrade weg

    Moin, ich habe habe heute meine Version geupgradet (von Standard auf EoD). Ich hatte vorher ein Geschenk das ich auf der Homepage einlösen konnte und auch getan hab, nach dem Upgrade ist das Geschenk verschwunden... Vielen Dank schon einmal im voraus! Gruß Robin
  22. Hallo, Ich bin auch noch ein Anfänger und habe mir heute wegen des größeren Sicherrungs Container ein Upgrade geholt auf die Prepare for Escape version geholt. Nun hat sich inhaltlich nichts verändert, gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Sachen zu bekommen ohne komplett zurück zu setzten und alle Erfahrung und gesammelten gegen stände zu verlieren oder ist das die einzige Möglichkeit ? Ich habe auch schon den Support angeschrieben und warte erste mal da auf Antwort, dachte mir aber das ich hier auch nochmal frage. Immerhin war dieses Upgrade ja auch relativ kostspielig worauf hin es ziemlich schade wäre dann trotzdem alles zurück setzten zu müssen.
  23. is there a way or will there be a way to upgrade the size of your container and/or stash? i got the cheaper option but now wish i had spent a little bit more for more room as it's hard to manage with such a small stash and container compared to my friends.
  24. Hey fellas, I want to upgrade my account from Basic to " Prepare for escape" so I know I have to reset my account but what about the perks that I got in the beginning? The silenced AK74 & M4 and the case that holds 6 weapons, will I get another perk? will I lose it all? Thank you in advance
  25. ViscontiRogue

    Changing region via upgrade

    So I upgraded to another edition, wanting to support the devs and change my region. However, there was not an opportunity that I saw to actually change the region., so, did I miss something or would anyone have a detailed explanation?