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Found 2 results

  1. I just got out of a good scav run. I scared someone away from a body that they killed. I looted it and made it out with amazing gear... Every item i got from the PMC that i didn't kill is not marked as found in raid. I can not sell any of those items on the flea market. I don't understand, i found them in raid. I didn't kill the PMC but i did scare the guy away that did, why do those items loose "found in raid status" just because i didn't get the kill. PLEASE FIX THIS IF IT IS NOT INTENTIONAL! I just lost out of a lot of money not being able to sell the items on the flea market.
  2. CosmoMomen

    Losing all my stuff

    Running into a raid with a full kit of gear can be one of the greatest feelings in this game, taking the time to make sure you have your weapon attachments *just* the way you want them and such. Take me for example, not terribly high level not terribly low level spawning in with an M4 which I had taken forever to put together and finally built up the courage to take into a match with me and an SKS... no problems in so far right? Raid goes on as normal for the first 10 minutes or so, I'm running Shoreline so there isn't many players running about... About 15 minutes in my buddy and I run in to a group of 3-4 BEAR guys also in full kit, no big deal that's how the game is played. We exchange fire so on and so on my buddy goes down I take cover behind a tree and BOOM guess what??? Can't switch weapons, can't reload, can't do ANYTHING, but run and run and run, 10 minutes of running can't reload still! I can't even take out my Tomahawk... nothing.................. 20 meters out from the extract I run in to a group of scavs take cover behind a car and try to figure out how to make it around. So I eventually make it through the group of Scavs with not even a scratch and FINALLY I can see the extract and what do you know??? A player camping the extract pops out from the last building before the extract and engages me, now if I could just bloody well reload my weapon he would have been no problem at all, but instead I was forced to run and hide like a little baby who's lost his mommy and hope to all hell this wasn't going to be why I lost all my good gear. I wish I could tell you this story had a happy ending for me, but instead it was a very happy ending for the gentleman with the MP-443 who took away all of my gear while I hid behind some barrels and prayed that I wasn't going to die because no matter how many ways of reloading and switching weapons I tried, NOTHING worked.... I'm really hoping this patch fixes this issues. I'd love to hear stories from you all who've run into similar situations, just for fun
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