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Found 14 results

  1. Airgiant

    18+ Tarkov Team Finder

    Looking to expand our growing 18+ tarkov community to create a chill stress free experience. Noobs welcome, 1200+ members and active staff. Community has many skilled members willing to assist others in quests and to learn the game better. Both chads and rats are welcome. Dm or join at https://discord.gg/txbdUGyQZk Feel free to message me on discord if you have any questions. Airgiant #0016
  2. ToshTosh

    Tarkov Team Finder (18+)

    Just looking to expand our growing 18+ Tarkov community (1200+ members) to create a chill stress free experience. Noobs welcome, 1200+ members active staff. Dm me for more info at PHNX-RAY #6942, or join at https://discord.gg/DKPP4VPQKk The server has a copious amount of channels for different uses, along with have experienced and trusted players always on waiting for questions or requested help. Both Chads and Rats are welcome to join, or if you are new to the game and need assistance. PHNX-RAY #6942
  3. Doc777

    Looking for older EFT players. NA

    Looking for a few extra older 25+ EFT players to squad or duo up with. I'm not looking to join a group Discord. I run nightly runs around 7pm Central time on the weekdays and on weekends I run pretty late. I have a squad of 4-5 guys that I play with now. Since we all have family and jobs we aren't always available to play. That's why I'm looking for a few extra older players to come hang with us. Skill level is not an issue. We all work together to run Task/Quests, help find items we need, and just run money making runs. Not looking to carry people, but we are open to helping new players that want to learn the game and have a laugh. I'm a level 24 and I have all of the keys for Interchange, Customs, Shoreline, and Reserve. I'm even open to doing some one on one training for new players. Feel free to reply to this message, DM me on here, or DM me on Discord at Doc777#7777
  4. Snouex

    US East Coast!

    New to the game looking for some east coast players to team with so that I stop having my face blown off! I typically play evenings or sporadically during days that I'm off work.
  5. Dr3amCircl3

    Looking for Group - US

    Just looking to play with others... Let me know if you're interested!
  6. The Nameless Ones North America based Discord Group looking for new recruits... We are now 70+ members strong and growing. Looking to grow a North American based group for others like us. We like to have strategic and relaxed raid runs. Our group will be using Discord. There won't be any children in the group (No exceptions)!!! Each new member will be on a probationary period. Length of the probation depends on you. About Us: Started out just three friends that met in a previous group that didn't suit us. We actively play EFT. All of us are 21+ in age. Mature players with a jester side to most things. You can count on us to provide a good time in Escape From Tarkov. So if you are looking for a home with both a strategical but also relaxed team environment, stop by and join in on the fun. What we are looking for: Age 21+ (required) Fluent English (required) Consistent Group activity (required) Be Social within the Discord (required) Have a good working mic (required) Good teamwork skills (required) Experience in all maps (preferred but can be taught) After all that reading sit back and ponder what this group could mean for you... In the end, if you want to join leave a comment on this thread stating your interest and jump into the channel. Discord channel invite: https://discord.gg/ZPJbY7Q ~GIT GUD!~
  7. isaacr621


    Looking for at least one person to play with to run duo. im not the best but have some good keys so help me farm?
  8. eazyshot7

    Growing Tarkov COmmunity

    Hello, My name is Eazyshot7 from twitch's Eazyshot7 Escape from Tarkov streamer. We are a growing Tarkov Community focused on helping new players get the hang of the game with a ton of active users. We also help the rich get richer and the poor get rich. We are friendly and very active. if you need experienced players to play with join us now! if you need to learn the game join us now! if you're too broke and need money and gear join us now! hope to catch you in discord and run some raids with you life on stream. https://discord.gg/kHevG7b
  9. GearingMass

    LFG: some people to casually play duos/trios

    USA - located in Mountain time zone - I play in the evening, usually. I've been playing on/off for almost a year, and would like to start playing some duos/trios with other new-ish people. I'm not looking to do any hardcore schedules or chain-of-commands, just some other half-decent people that can pay attention to their surroundings and don't want to always do solo runs, as I have been. I have a Discord channel and would be happy to join others if that works too. Discord channel: https://discord.gg/wSysVN Discord username: GearingMass#1092
  10. jburke620

    Upgrade to EU from US?

    I've seen this posted a few times but no real answer stood out. Is it possible to change or "upgrade" your version (not edition) that you originally purchased/pre-ordered? My Army buddy purchased the US version but being in the military we have the potential to go anywhere. I told him he should have gotten the EU version for that reason. If it's possible, any information on this would be very helpful. Thanks!
  11. Abschatten

    Looking for small fire-team(s)

    Located out of Chicago, IL. I am 23, work in IT, and I've been playing PC since 2002, I have been very focused on heavily tactical games since Arma 2. I've played a lot of Arma, DayZ, (well over 4000+ hours in Arma and DayZ combined) Squad, and generally tactic based games. I have been playing EFT nonstop since January. Currently level 30 (busy season at work) Depending on work, gym, and social life I will generally be on from 8pm-1am Central time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and maybe Saturday and Sunday mornings. I don't mind joining a clan but I am not looking for super hardcore simulation, I would like people to play with, and who will take the game somewhat serious while keeping it enjoyable I just can't commit to a sim group.
  12. BuckersAZ

    New squad-USA

    Trying to get a new squad going or looking to join up with other regular players. I'm on steam and have discord for chat. Usually play after 12am est. and all different hours on weekends depending. All players welcome! I mainly played solo in alpha so I'm looking for a change.
  13. Hello. I would like to upgrade to Europe version possibly, to maximize my ability to connect to servers with this game and play with people all over the world. I however wanted to make sure that this was a safe decision, and I need to know if this Europe version will always be able to connect elsewhere, or if by some margin the Europe version is going to be the only edition of the game capable of accessing servers outside of the region lock. I also am curious as to if I can continue to play with region-locked friends while using the Europe Version, as I have one friend, American like myself, who would then be region locked as "Other" as well. Finally, is any of this due to change in the future, or is my best and most logical bet to buy into the Europe version?
  14. DawnSpark is meant a closely knit group of friends that play frequently together. This group is for 18+ and focuses on working as a team to survive and have fun. Rule #1 No Trash-Talking This goes without saying. Rule #2 Good Sportsmanship Don't kill your teammates or troll them in any way. We are here to be friends. Rule #3 Have Fun and Be Yourself I hope all of us can have fun and survive together. I hope to record some funny moments here and there as possibly use them for a YouTube channel but my main focus is to have fun. If your friends call you crazy, don't worry you'll do just fine. We might all be crazy. What we hope to achieve is a group of people, that at the end of the day know each other as friends.
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