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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings, As the game is now closed beta certain issues caused by controllers such as joysticks, throttles and pedals need to be addressed. Some players wish to bind an analogue controller for character movement and leaning and being able to do so is a great move by the game. However a problem exists and that is that the game DOES NOT detect individual devices and instead adds all axes from all connected controllers. In order to bind a joystick correctly the game should differentiate between multiple devices so the player can bind the appropriate one. Other devices should not be autodetected and stacked to create an overload of inputs feeding the game. I for example have a flight sim setup with, 2 joysticks, Hotas and flight pedals and all of those axes were conflicting to result in my character spinning uncontrollably on the spot. The only solution is to disable in windows (too lengthy to be practical) or unplug the devices I am not using. However this is not a solution. Look to how Arma 3 handles joysticks and controllers. Present in keybindings is a way to enable or disable each USB device connected to the computer and to bind them all individually. This will lead to an immense quality of life improvement to this already good game. I like to move my character with a joystick in all the games I play and aim with a mouse. All good games enable a way to achieve this. Many bad games don't even consider the possibility that there could be extra USB device controllers plugged in and release forcing players with complicated setups to manually unplug. Please do the right thing and be like the good games and enable solid and complete analog controller device options.
  2. TheDuck7000

    Buying 2 USB 80k each

    Buying 2 USB 80k each
  3. MojitoHappiness

    Usb flash

    Okay. I've been trying to get usb flash drives for 8 hours straight and couldn't find them either on woods and customs tents. Is there new spawn or I'm missing something?
  4. Da_Ru55ian

    Make flash drives easier to spawn!

    After 45mins and 24 raids of trying to get flashdrives on woods, I still do not have a single one (nevermind 2 of the stupid things!). I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I spawn at house everytime and make a dash for the tent but I can never seem to find it even when I am first My suggestion for this task: 1.Make flashdrives a 100% spawn so when you do get there first you are guaranteed to get it 2.Have another spawn on another map or elsewhere on woods to split up the players who are trying to go for it 3.Make it like a normal quest item - everyone can pick it up but you have to extract with it Thanks for reading and if anyone has anymore tips as to how to get this stupid task done please feel free to share.
  5. DaLexi


    Eins vorweg, meine Kommentare sind prinzipiell bissiger gehalten. Ein kleiner Tip für gewisse Leute. Hatte gerade wieder die lustige Situation das wie so gut wie immer alles was in Customs versperrt ist schon offen war bevor ich ankam, bewegte mich normal aber zügig über die Map. Natürlich liegt wieder mal irgendwo im Wald ein Hatchling herum, beim Zelt (Duffle) lag ein Stick und jetzt kommt's, 114 war offen, alles ausgeräumt aber der Vollhonk hat es versäumt auch nur eine Sekunde auf den PC zu glotzen. Jaja, da steckte wieder mal ein Stick drinnen (sehe ich öfter). Das sind wahrscheinlich die selben Personen die stundenlang auf Woods "rumhatchen" nur um die Sticks zu bekommen. Seit dem Patch habe ich 7 (SIEBEN) Sticks einfach nur so beim "normalen" Spielen bekommen. BTW: Marked Key, Keybar, Docscase fehlt mir noch immer, ich könnte heulen.
  6. mobilealf9

    Mision USB Skier

    Hola! Me estoy volviendo loco para completar esta mision que me falta para poder subir el nivel de trader con Skier y es que no soy capaz de encontrar los malditos usbs!! He entrado mil veces en woods llegando el primero a la tienda de campaña y ahi no hacen respawn. A ver si me podeis ayudar diciendome mas sitios donde puedan respwanear.
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