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Found 46 results

  1. Another tryout in USEC voice act

    Hello there! After looking back at my previous post on my voice act, I took the feedback and tried my best to apply it on this one. The old post is this one; with the video as well; And I present you the new video, in hopes I at least tried improving myself. Just to give a little note, this video is to emphasize more on the subtle callouts, stealthy operator kind of thing, as to fit with the lore of the USEC paramilitary, well funded and highly trained professionals. But knowing me, I'm not really all bout that life so much. Hench the autistic screaming comes into play xd. Please do let me know what you guys think! Thank you and have a pleasant day
  2. New Helmet Sugg.

    Will we maybe be seeing an american variant to the russian 6B47, maybe we could see the MICH 2000 on PK.
  3. USEC Wallpaper 3840x2160

    * Adobe Illustrator (to create the outlines for the USEC-logo) * Cinema 4D (To create extrusions of the logo and light the 3D-scene) * Adobe Photoshop (For the mood, using bitmaps, grunge brushes and silhouettes) [ download ]
  4. friendly fire

    there should be some sort of punishment to discourage other players in the same faction from killing you. if this is a faction based game but there is nothing to discourage just killing everyone you come into contact with then it might as well be PUBG.
  5. Jackson Barret Fan Art #4

  6. Jackson Barret Fan Art #3

  7. Jackson Barret Fan Art #2

  8. Jackson Barret Fan Art #1

  9. USEC ugly.

    Why does the USEC PMC look like a thumb?
  10. USEC vs BEAR vs SCAV roles

    Hello, I am new to this game, but have been playing for a while. I still don't understand these factions how it works. It seems all players are very edgy and kill everything or run towards with the hatchet (usually ends up dying). As playing for PMC would it be meaningful to kill same faction members? I play for usec pmc, i try my best not to kill fellow operators in most cases i avoid or showing with my weapon to move on, but some of them are psychos, they just shoot on sight : /, but i always kill a bear if i see one. Is this like supposed to be this way? Will there be like quests who would encourage cooperation than just killing frenzy anything that moves? Right now in game you can use your voice to ID yourself, but all responses are related to fight, health status and i would say it is too much of them (well maybe more is better than less), but no negotiation options : / like, sometimes i see some hatchling and i just want to say, to him "go away" or smth, not your business etc... btw, wouldn't it be more simpler to use this voice commands if it were like more CS style, like you double press Y and then you able to pick with keyboard 1, 2, 3
  11. Unique Nationality to PMC'S

    Hey kinda new to the forums so i deeply apologize if i posted in the wrong place. however... here is a thought i just had. i was thinking. there PMC'S they don't care much about where your from so long as you have had military experience and are on board for the cause as well as the paycheck. so.. with that being said.. i was thinking the following for both USEC and BEAR: BEAR Nationality: Russia (or the Russian federation) (i deeply apologize if i got this wrong) (already in game) Kazakhstan Ukraine (perhaps better suited to USEC? don't know much about how they feel about Russia but just throwing it out there) Turkey Poland (don't know much about there ties to Russia but just throwing it out there) Mongolia (perhaps? don't know much about there political standing to be honest) North Korea (don't know if this would work as there political structure wouldn't fit will with what Tarkov is trying to do IMO but just using as an example) USEC Nationality: United States of America (already in game) Canada Germany Sweden Norway Australia South Korea Ukraine (so USEC could have some Cheeki Breeki? perhaps better suited to BEAR? don't know much about how they feel about United States of America or the UN but just throwing it out there) this also opens up some new options for guns in the game and equipment to i would think as they could bring over guns like the AUG or bulpup rifles. also unique rifle variants off of the M4 like the Colt Canada C7 or something like that (its really outdated not even going to lie when compared to the AK-12 or the SCAR rifles) i know the DEV's are busy with getting the game in order and i am so thankful to the DEV's because they care so much about there game and how there community feels about the game. i would love to know what this beautiful community thinks about this idea of mine i welcome both positive and negative criticism for this idea of mine. Stay safe out there lads. and check every corner. or the Norvinsk's region will swallow you whole....
  12. What are the differences between BEAR & USEC? How does choosing BEAR limit me? How does choosing USEC limit me? Please go into detail. Thank you!
  13. Can BEAR & USEC Team?

    If I choose BEAR and my friend chooses USEC, Can we play together in like a party? Please go into detail.
  14. Note: If this topic has been asked before, then ignore this topic. *** Is there going to be a penalization for USEC killing their side member? Or Bear taking out other Russians? We already have a penalization in SCAV. They will kill you on sight if you kill another scav. That's good, but it is non existing for main factions. Is there going to be a tutorial to teach people how to play the game? Most people I know playing the game (or people on youtube) see this game as a solo PvP. Yesterday My pal and I got killed by two guys from the same side. I know I have died multiple times under the same scenario, but this time it was SO CLEAR, so obvious. We already know we will be playing as mercenaries, I know that, but we are (in theory) seeking the same goal in the game storyline. Why should I kill everything that moves? What's the point of being part of a faction? We should be able to even team up to have higher chances of survival. We should have communication channels, squad channels for text com (may just visible as per proximity, as audio). Are there going to be more visual identifiers than just our gear? How would I be able to familiarize with my friends characters? I hear about tags. Are they going to be visible just in the shoulder? Normally we see the tags in helmets, armor, vests, backpacks, etc... but, again, how are we going to identify our clan? Once more time. If this topic was answered before, then just ignore this entry and please provide the link to check that out. Thanks in advance. *** Happy Holidays.
  15. So I tried voice acting

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to share but oh well! So I tried getting in voice acting because why the cucc not. So i thought why not pay some respect to my one of my most fav's milsim survival shooters! Been playing all day errday, I left siege and stopped playing other games(well not really, i do play depending on my work and friends) and went on this. I'm very proud of the devs putting their work in this game, there's a lot of improvements and changes since I first started. Anyways here's the VO: Let me know what you guys think! Would really love some feedback, audio settings/setup, techniques, etc! Also do share around with the community! Thank you guys and have fun escaping tarkov(If you can make it out in one piece )
  16. хотел бы освятить тему ,связанную с появлением персонажей в рейде.мне кажется не очень логичным появление человека из воздуха.хотелось бы увидеть разные анимации при старте рейда.допустим,я чкв,стартую на локации лес.сейчас в игре я просто спавнюсь у забора,а хотелось бы ,что бы по началу было видно как твой персонаж перелезает через забор,оглядывается,проверяет рыботоспрособность часов,а дальше даётся управление игроку.за диких при появление на таможне(допустим)в каком либо здании ты спавнишься лёжа на матрасе(рядом открытые консервы,бинты использованные и прочая дребедень),Буд-то спал.моргая просыпаешься,сначала привстаёшь,огладываешься и говоришь:"ну что,продолжим?" или "погнали нах""".что-то в духе диких.ну и для чвк добавить фразы. + ещё сделать логичные места побега.в лесу вообще непонятно,идёшь в поле и хоба,можно сбежать.странно очень.сделали бы зону около разбитой части забора,где невооружённым взгядом видно,что можно прелесть и тем самым сбежать. +надеюсь ничего не забыл и обо всём написал.жду реакции с вашей стороны
  17. USEC Sniping Doodle

    I drew this one at school as well,just had more time for it
  18. Join Our Discord!

    Looking for people new and experienced to join clan discord. If you need a place to find people to squad up with join here! Everyone is welcome.
  19. I would just like to ask if anyone knows which is the combat shirt worn by the members of the usec in the game but specifically ,with this I mean 1-to the name of the camouflage 2-the model of the combat t-shirt 3-manufacturer of the combat shirt I will appreciate any response
  20. EFT Style Keychains USEC & BEAR

    Hi guys, the last few days i made EFT Style Keychains. I found the 3D Printer images at Thingiverse. Used 3D Printer: Anet A8 Settings: 150% Scaling 0.1mm Resolution 0.4mm Nozzle Printed with Black PLA After the Print i cleaned them and painted them with Revell White Paint. They turned out pretty good. Material Cost per piece: ~ 0.50€ Time to print: ~4h per piece Credit: USEC Keychain Bear Keychain
  21. Team killing needs a fix

    Is there going to be a penalty system for people who team kill? If so how is it going to work? There has been multiple occasions in which I use the in game chat to signal that I'am friendly, other player either being a USEC(which I'am) or a scav(while playing as one) then signals back with either a wiggle or the in game voice system. I then move to join up in formation and will be immediately gunned down. It is very frustrating, most of the community in EFT is welcoming, respectful, and helpful which is amazing given how many cancer filled games are around. I just don't want to see another game I love get ruined by team killing and deceitful play.
  22. LEAD (PMC) SITREP #03

    WHAT IS LEAD? We are an elite subdivision supervised by the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment. We are only to be activated in the most delicate of situations, under no circumstances may soldiers of the Last Experienced Assault Division work alongside any other factions within the Norvinsk's region. WHAT IS OUR MISSON? Infiltrate and exterminate all scavenger activity throughout all of Tarkov. Locate USEC informants, they are to be taken into custody for questioning, and if necessary tourtured. Acquire crucial information about the notorious Terra Group international corporation and expose their illegal activities in every way possible. Extract the remaining of our troops from within the Tarkov’s borders and to our brothers in need reading this, tune your radio to this frequency 33.5 to get help. REGULATIONS & GUIDELINES TACTICAL The entire purpose of tactical video games is to play together and alongside each other, which is also why every 'Escape from Tarkov' player appreciates a responsive and cooperative teammate. If you screw up though, you are likely to be called screwed up. But just fix yourself and move on, there are no grudges held here. GENERAL Rules of every game session in 'Escape from Tarkov' should be self-explanatory by now, we are not going to tell you what to do or what not to do. Just keep in mind that if we deem any of your actions or attitude unfit anywhere in our community, you can expect us to either kick you or get you banned permanently without any hesitation with no answers given. BEHAVIOR All players are expected to act like reasonable and responsible adults. Racism, sexual harassment and being a total jackoff will jeopardize your access to the community. Just behave and use common sense, it ain't that hard. Remember that you are the one who determines your reputation here. Your reputation is everything to us and determines if you will continue to be invited to play with us.
  23. US Weapons and Item costs

    I just wanted to make a suggestion on weapon and item pricing. Specifically relating to prices for civilian purchase currently in the US. As well as a suggestion to add the civilian spec, semi-auto versions of weapons in the game. First off, I find many of the weapons and items in the game to be much cheaper than the IRL items they represent. Perhaps this is done for balance, however I also know you guys wanted items to be priced as close to IRL as possible. I am only going to comment on the USD prices for now as im from the US and not Russia and have no idea what pricing is like on that side of the world. The AR-15 and the Military M4. Currently the in-game price of the M4 in game is $750usd. I find this to be inline with some of the most common civilian AR-15s and I believe it would be great to add a civilian semi-auto variant at this price point. However in the US the fully-automatic military version of the M4 is several thousand USD. Most AR15 and AK civilian rifles in the US are priced between $600-$1800 depending on the model and builder. The fully automatic versions are generally closer to $6000 or more. I feel like this is fair in game as fully automatic weapons have very distinct advantages vs their civilian counter parts. I'd also like to comment on some of the optics. At my local gun range. The EoTech XPS Holo sights are generally between 450 and 600$ depending on the model. Burris fastfire is about $125, Trijicon ACOG scopes start at around $1200usd and you can even get PVS-14 nightvision, however they are around $3500. It seems the cost of most of these items in game are about half of their IRL cost.
  24. USEC Prime - Recruiting

    Welcome to the thread for USEC Prime. USEC Prime is a group of players who like to log on and simply play EFT. We are a strict no drama, no complications gaming group. There are no ranks, and everyone is encouraged to play in teams. There are no "monthly meetings" or other shenanigans; simply log on when you have spare time and find someone to play with. We have a 32 slot Teamspeak server and a community forum. Forum: Teamspeak: Requirements: Have a microphone and be willing to use the provided Teamspeak. Willingness to help and learn from others. Speak fluent English. Be part of the USEC Faction in-game. Want to join? Leave a post in this thread or PM me with your in-game name and I will get back to you with the Teamspeak password and verify you as a member.