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Found 3 results

  1. I worked myself up after weeks to come back to the think I love The "Flea Market". After finally unlocking it, I just got disappointed. I can't sell anything anymore. It feels like such a downgrade of the game. To be able to sell the stuff you don't need or want so you can buy a bit better Gear and Ammo. Also I loved to be able to trade, by buying Weapons Modding them and selling them. (What looks like it not possible anymore neither) As a low level to be able to do that, has given me much Joy and Fun, it also help me to be able to Fight heavy geared Players and high levels that has it easy to get this type of equipment. If you Already take the low levels players there edge away not being able to combat those players, why not just make so that all that is under level 10 can't Fight players over level 10. This Is just a Low Level opinion after having played this game a long time and coming back to something that fells so broken.
  2. When I first saw the description of the exit "Scav Lands" at Reseve I instantly thought "That's a waste of an exit, no-one will ever be able to use this", but then 2 days ago they have released the update with the new "Scav Camp" exit at Interchange and it was clear to me that the devs maybe should play this game a little more before putting out exfiltrations like that. A SCAV and a PMC WILL NEVER cooperate, it is totally impossible that they will trust each other: maybe it could be possible if there was voip but even then I seriously doubt that a PMC would resist to his instinct to wipe out the SCAV from this world as soon as he sees him, and vice versa. I feel that these two exits are just a shame because in both maps you could really use another exit that would't be so hard to activate (Reserve) or so easy to camp (Interchange). Devs, think again about those exits and try to come up with some better ideas.
  3. Two money cases occupy the exact same number of stash slots as a Mk3 rig (12), but a Mk3 rig filled with 20 wallets can hold 80 total money stacks, compared to 72 for the two money cases. Unless you have an inordinate amount of Bitcoins floating around, a Mk3 rig filled with wallets is more efficient (and WAY cheaper) than a couple of money cases. Intended?
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