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Found 3 results

  1. oxhid3

    Reduce Recap Menu pages!

    The menu in this game takes far too much time for what it does! Of course tryharders and sweaty dudes would like to read books with how well they did in game, but don't you think a page would suffice to scroll down and up on your info after a finished game? I find it overly annoying to have 5 pages to skip to get to a new game as well as get into it! UX needs mending / optimization here!
  2. nanoPhobe

    EFT UX & Optimizations

    Hi It is possible you have planned for this to be included later. I’m also not familiar with exact details / reasons UX feels stupid slow yet. These are my attempt to help, obviously would be cool if I knew more technical details. Little about myself: Been a gamer all my life. Been working as developer many years back for 5 years. Been in tech support for 15 years. I’m the guy that finds anomalies, deep dives what others gave up on. I have no limits or filters, if you have hidden / forgotten something I’ll find it. Strap in, visor down: Launchers, only able to log a call via launcher is bad, not closing my game relaunching another launcher while game runs already allow me to report a bug. All honesty, not a fan of the launchers, as much as I despise web interface “applications”. We know games run better full screen, because most games lack content we use back end wiki lookup or walk through guides. This can be part of a discovery process at least for some of us that would rather not alt + tab (windowed just makes that easier). I like the handbook, but it would be much better if the handbook could have some interaction: Game wiki with in game style / skin. Think how many would actually read useful info and learn on an item and possibly find a few links to other uses related to the same item. Your wiki work already forms the links and updates, integrate those would score some good reviews in my opinion, really how much work is that seeing as everyone must be connected anyway. Option to bypass Launcher if you save your credentials. Unless you are trying to generate hype on a splash. Don’t, do the basics right and functional and hype is inevitable. Game UX, wtf is taking so long to load from SSD? So, I know rust also uses Unity, and is crap slow to get to the interface / menu. Killing players relentlessly is 100%, that menu load speed will have most play anything else faster responsive, even rage quit took me 2 min… LOL! If it’s about loading the data from file to a more accessible interface, it can run in the back end, while allowing menu interaction giving users the feel that it’s faster. Circular “progress” bars an invention from web interfaces (see point 1) is like promising “draggable progress” bars. No, it’s not cute to see it make another circle, ask anyone. Rather show us the hard truth taking long to load files and it’s because your disks are old, fragmented or full. It’s ok to have us murdered by everyone but we shouldn’t let them see this detail? Think of actual progress bar, just one showing object count to load and where it is in that count. Show off a little, display object detail per object as it loads like FPS on screen display, it it’s too fast to read, users feel WOW, if it’s slow they will upgrade until they feel WOW, thus your game will have hype from there as it does what no game company focus on anymore. Menu interface... Save yourself a lot of rework: simplify. I mentioned wiki type handbook with links to other items in the handbook? Keep it hidden until your user reads something then clicks on a link adding low key discovery feels. That alone will wow the user base with a wiki in the game, less alt + tab meaning less chance they click on the pornhub advert and disappear for an hour or more. Path of exile comes to mind where I can click on an item and see a short info clip for what this skill gem does when combined with another. Not saying store that local, I click to see it, stream it in game from your choice of used ECM solution. Normalize data structure. Optimize segmented structures. My assumption is that it loads a lot of data every time I need the menu about every 5-10min (I die a lot in game, this menu slows me down), and it doesn’t need everything, identify subset required for menu and load that only. This will maybe take 2 or 3 seconds longer per menu interaction, but your user base will mostly notice they didn’t wait 5 minutes just to click on character but only 10 seconds for example. i. VOTE on this: from death to respawn clicked should be around 10 seconds if I choose to bypass details of my demise. Now go record data on how many users actually ready the data, meaning spend around 5 seconds looking at how many shots fired, we care a great deal only when we suspect foul play, so good for recording once but not saving? ii. Big data, use it, save it, make it available in analytics as I see you have some of those links already. iii. Segment data, I don’t care for anything but what I click on, is honest truth. My CDO (corrected sequence) has mini hissy fits every time I enter market. a. Ammo subset should have at least sortable column for Calibre, use this for group by to look like: -ammo +[7.62x54R] -[7.62x51] -[armor pen.] -[SNB] -[7N1] -[range] -[LRG] +[5.56x45] b. Allow mags to be tagged like containers for colored coded ammo pre-set will aid in ammo being used more efficiently or diabolically. Example I want to stack my heavy killer 10 round mag with (the sequence ammo leaves the mag) [2x Armor Piercing], [1x green tracer], [2x Armor Piercing], [1x blue tracer], [2x Armor Piercing], [1x red tracer], [1x Hollow point]. c. My other pre-set is like (the sequence ammo leaves the mag) 2x [Training rounds], 1x [green tracer], 1x [Training rounds], 1x [green tracer], 3x [US], [1x red tracer], [1x Hollow point] d. I’d could use the tracers as indicators in fire fight where to aim: try hit same Armor up to red tracer then HP should do maximum damage as the Armor should be broken. Could spark trends to use correct ammo for the job, currently it’s rush loot, stack AP and auto spray it seems to me. Imagine one guy able to drop heavies like that and costing him less than a fraction of spraying down, how would that affect planning? happy to answer questions, or even provide mockup Yes this was intended to be a mail at first, companies block forum and all non work related sites.
  3. Ravenwits

    Would you like a digital handbook?

    Would you like a digital version of the handbook that implemented on last patch? This design can be used on a website or a phone app maybe. So you can get all the info about all in-game items and you can buy them or learn about them while you are away from the game. (items delivered via in-game messenger.) Please do not share it without giving credit. Thanks.
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