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Found 10 results

  1. Allectus

    Buying ammo from vendors.

    Now that you can't just buy ammo and then sell it on the FM there shouldn't be limit to how much overall ammo a vendor has. Nothing sucks more than being in a raid on reset and coming out to ammo you need being sold out, or waiting 45 minutes on the main screen waiting for reset so you don't miss the limited amount of ammo. One of the best rounds for 5.56 you can get 300 per resetts and you can only get 90 bs IF you get there before its sold out AND its almost double the price while being almost the same as 855a1? For a russian developer there seems to not be a lot of love for the ak platform,
  2. Ciao a tutti, rieccomi con una domanda pratica, dai venditori se c'é un armatura nell'immagine vengono visualizzati gli attuali punti armatura rimanenti ed il massimo riparabile (20 /45), in alcuni casi c'è un numero a cifra unica (2 3 4 ecc..) Per logica il numero a cifra unica si dovrebbe riferire a quante armature di quel tipo il venditore possegga, ma cosi facendo non c'è modo di sapere quant'è il massimo riparabile su quelle armature visto che il massimo non è visibile nemmeno con la scheda aperta Sapete se è già stato segnalato o come si possa segnalare? Amm
  3. AVaLaNcHE

    Better ways to sell to vendors

    Three great quality of life improvement for selling to vendors would be these. 1. Have a function of when you are in your stash, you have an option to select multiple items that are able to be sold to vendors. When you select the items a small list screen would show the highest value of the item when sold to the vendor that would pay the most for each item you select. You can then press a button called, "Sell to highest Vendor" and it will sell all the items you selected to the vendors who would give you the highest price. This would help so much in cleaning out your stash quickly and eff
  4. PackMangler

    Commodities Market

    This market would only consist of Commodities defined as only pristine single items (100% durability) absent of nested item. (no loaded mags, no functioning guns since many parts are required, no bundles) Trade on the commodities market would be only in Roubles (for simplicity) the other currencies being commodities themselves. This market could be implemented over the current flea market. (with a filter show only Commodities) The features would be: Offers to sell a quantity of a commodity for a set price. 1 up to all the of the same item in the player in inventory
  5. JWiley

    Fence and Pricing

    I find the Fence vendor completely annoying in many aspects. I've teased out why he and the concept of him moves me so. A 'fence' can be compared to a pawn shop or thrift store. This fence, however, buys at prices that make sense but sells items at a price higher than 'retail' This makes no sense. The Fence's inventory is constantly full or clogged because it makes no sense for anyone to buy most things off him. His current value is in items that are hard to find for everyone or for armor/ammo/eq for those who are not high enough level to purchase those from another vendor. Suggestio
  6. JWiley

    Weapon Purchasing Profiles

    One quality of life improvement I'd like to see: fast weapon purchasing and modding. Background: My friends and I spend 7-15 minutes purchasing mods and weapons. We replace almost every part to make the weapon the perfect killing tool. We spawn in a map and through a series of unfortunate events, we perish. We must now repeat the same process (assuming we have not built multiple guns). Suggestion. I would like to be able to create a load-out profile. My naked PMS self. I click "Profile 1" in my character screen. It prompts me with a price confirmation (This will cost you 200,000
  7. JWiley

    Vendor Inventory Sorting

    On each Inventory screen there are button that highlight the items in that category. Suggestion: When one of these buttons is clicked. Remove/Hide all other items from the list and re-sort the list from the category selected. -w
  8. funkluk93

    Scav gun vendor

    Dear ye EFT Dev's, may you please make a scav gun merchant that's sells trashy guns. Thou guns such as thy ones without dustcovers and stocks, You know. Please and thank you.
  9. Heya All, I was doing a fair amount of Data mining for myself as I often farm Cabinets on Customs for items to sell to Peacekeeper, to min/max my runs and also gather other data (mainly weight data for strength levelling) I created a spreadsheet. I have only just started it fresh and slowly adding more as I go, I am open to suggestions on improvements and if you have ANY data you would like to add, simply message me on here. I have disabled editing by everyone just so it doesn't become a nightmare. If you guys/gals like the idea I can expend and start gathering data on additional ven
  10. azsamurai

    Unlocking Tier for Vendors

    Hello! New player trying to unlock a new tier for the vendor. 3 requirements I can see, 2 that make sense. First is Level, Next is the amount of money spent/sold to that vendor. Last (unclear) looks like a graph with an arrow riding the top of the graph going up. What is that? That is currently preventing me from unlocking my tier 2 for Prapor. His requirement is 0.20 and is in red print while i'm at 0.00. What is that "thing" and how do I increase it?
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