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Found 4 results

  1. I have roughly 2 hours to play each day, and lately. Escape From Tarkov has lost all its appeal. Before I could play 5-8 raids, gear up how I wanted, and quickly navigate and get into the next raid. Now, I'm lucky if I can get 3 raids in, and gearing up is the most awful experience ever, and here's why: Vendors are constantly out of stock of all items, including ones that have a 1-10 buy limit per player. If I look in the flea market, all those items are being flipped at between double to over ten times the price. None of my presets for ANY weapon (all of them, not just the popular M4) let me buy most of the attachments from vendors. I have to spend hundreds of thousands extra roubles for a preset that would cost me less than a quarter of the price from all my level 4 vendors. I am punished if I am not buying all available items from vendors just a few seconds after their reset - 1 minute later everything is out of stock again. Add on top of that, servers are so overloaded that I have to wait 10 minutes to get in a raid, the experience just feels terrible. Servers are also dying far too frequently, making me unable to play for several of my daily limited play times, especially on weekends. I honestly feel like just stopping Tarkov altogether, which sucks, because it is by far my favorite game when everything is working properly. Please make the Flea Market FOUND IN RAID ITEMS ONLY. You'd fix all the problems with flipping and out of stock vendors, and players can actually play the game how they want to. You can keep the item limits per player per vendor stock-period - just don't let players buy them and immediately put them up on the market for more.
  2. greeklolz

    Quality of Life Suggestions

    I did a quick search and I just have a couple quality of life suggestions that I don't think anyone has touched on yet. First suggestion: In your stash and inventory menus, when something is in your pockets or tactical vest, hold click to pick it up and press the corresponding hotbar button (1-0) to assign to that item to that button on your hotbar. Second suggestion: Combine the buy/sell windows into one trade window. Instead of buying one item at a time and having a separate "to sell" container which you fill up with items to sell (showing you the total profit) then clicking deal; you show trader inventory on the left, player stash on the right and the middle container is the "to trade" container and it will show you the total amount to pay or receive.
  3. FattyLoot

    Base load outs

    I was thinking this today about EFT where say you pick a bear as your main character then your character comes equipped with a base load that you can pick up from the venders. So like I said I picked the bear well then i would go prapor and i can pick up an ak74u for free or a ak74n thats heavily discounted. Something along those lines, i dont know just thought to maybe minimize the gear fear and these rabid hatchlings lol
  4. One thing I would really like to see is an option to have the vendors offer up modding suggestions to the player. For example, you can ask Prapor what mods would be compatible with a AK-74N, and it will highlight the items that can be modded with the gun. Dealers would have a general grasp on this sort of thing, especially vendors such as Prapor or Peacekeeper who have a certain handful of guns that they deal in. This could help take a bit of the edge off of the modding system while still leaving it open to testing and finding that right combination of mods that are right for you.
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