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Found 6 results

  1. Servus Leute ich habe folgendes Problem ich habe mein Mainboard+Cpu gewechselt um Tarkov besser spielen zu können Problem bei der Sache, ich logge mich Logischerweise jetz über den Launcher von einem "anderem Pc" ein, was dem Launcher eher nicht so gefällt zur überprüfung ob es sich auch wirklich um mich handelt soll ich nun beim Einloggen einen Verifizierungs Code eingeben der mir per Email geschickt werden soll. Leider bekomme ich diese Email nicht ! (Vor dem Umbau hab ich die Emails bekommen) Darauf hin fragte ich Freunde ob sie sich mal wo anders einloggen könnten um zu schaun ob sie vllt auch keine Verifizierungs Emails bekommen und siehe da die Email ist binnen Sekunden da. Jetz frage ich mich ob bei mir vllt irgendwas schiefgelaufen ist und ich mir jetz wirklich das game neu Kaufen muss >.< Meine Email befindet sich bei Web.de alle spamfilter sind ausgeschaltet und [email protected] Sowie [email protected] habe ich in mein Adress buch aufgenommen oder auf die "Erwünscht" liste gesetzt.
  2. Guccipher

    Not getting verification emails

    So its been a few days now since i bought the game i was able to download it and get to the launcher screen but when i try and sign in and it says it has to send me a verification code but it never sends anything to my email address in none of my inboxes. Also i haven't been able to get a response or input from anyone else except one forum page that is a bunch of people complaining about this over a year ago. any help would be greatly appreciated i just wanna play the game after wasting my money on it so far.
  3. Armyman7o7

    Email Verification will not send

    I bought EFT on the 19th and everything went smoothly, I could get into the site and downloaded the launcher from my profile page, but when I tried to log in from the launcher it asks for an email verification code just like it did on the website. Only problem is it does not send the code to get into the launcher so now not only can I not play the game, but I can't even download it, which is a major letdown and as of right now I have gotten no response from support. I use a yahoo ameritech email, does anyone know a solution of have a similar problem?
  4. BALLSmeat


    So I have seen a lot of forum posts about not receiving authentication emails and players being locked out of their accounts. I solved this issue with my gmail account after frustrating hours of getting nowhere. I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, or I break some type of rule... hopefully this helps and can be seen by those having trouble. Log-in to your Gmail and go to the settings (cog in the top right for me on chrome) go to the filters and blocked addresses tab under this tab, even if the box is unchecked has a parameter that gets the incoming email from [email protected] and then deletes it. I imagine this is why battlestate shows on their end why it is being sent. Just delete this "rule" and resend the authentication to your email. It worked for me instantly. Best of luck and I hope this helps you if you are locked out!!!
  5. IllusionDD

    Verification ID Code and Email Change

    Over the past 5 months i have not once revived any response form your support group to help resolve my issue with not receiving my verification code. I have followed all suggested steps in hope things would change but sadly nothing has and i don't Expect them unless i speak to a support developer or support line. Im willing to give all the required information necessary to prove ive purchased the game long before this issue escalated IF anyone has an new suggestion to help resolve these problems reply to this thread!
  6. UndeadHiro117

    Not Receiving Security Code for Launcher

    Hello, new player looking to get into EFT. Successfully bought the game and was able to install the Battlestate Games Launcher, but after I login, im prompted with another query asking for ANOTHER verification code. Its been over 24 hours now, Im getting worried that it might never arrive. I have gotten other emails from BSG already, so weird why this one wouldn't show up. I have created a support ticket, but I've read that it takes around 10 days to get a response in, and I would like to have reassurance that I will "eventually" get this email (containing code)/skip this query. I read that launching the launcher as Admin can help, but still nothing.
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