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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, replacing armour plates is an upcoming feature, although there is still no release date for it. But what about hit zones / weak points of armour? The new level 6 armour does not protect armpits, shoulders, throat and side profil of the upper body. For example. Other armour vests cover more, although have not the same protective material. So, even with bad/low caliber ammo you could fairly hit somebody in the upper body , if you aim for the weak points or uncovered body parts. Additionally: Bulcky titan/steel plates and ceramic plates arent at points, which need to be flexible, like armpits, shoulders, body side profile etc. The newest level 6 armour only protects the chest from the direct front or back. Your side profile is totally naked for example. Which could at least be covered at least with flexible cevlar texture, but its not. A good big weak point to exploit. So we could bring back 50 % of the ammo types into the meta with a realistic and logical feature. Legs, under/lower arms wont be the only weak point. Greetings Zolty47
  2. N3rgY

    Bhaptics cooperation

    i have a haptic gaming vest that gives me feedback on weapon recoil, rain, explosions and hits from opponents. Since I think the escape is one of the most realistic games on the market, I think it's a very cool feature for those who love to dive deeper into the game to enter into a cooperation with the company bhaptics. This company produces the haptic accessories and has already cooperated with various other games such as pubg, fortnite, csgo, call of duty and many more. If eft would also join the game, it would be a lot more realistic for those who like it. I would be very happy about a short statement or other thoughts from the community about what you think of it. In call of duty this vest gave me goose bumps and I would like to have it in escape.
  3. Luxxx_Maximus

    Proslava 5 godina postojanja

    Drugovi I drugarice! Sutra, 15. oktobra, obeležavamo 5 godina postojanja! Strastveno i samouvereno idemo napred, rastemo i poboljšavamo se. Puni smo ideja i planova, a najviše zahvaljujući vama. Zahvaljujemo svima koji nas podržavaju, vaše strpljenje i vera u projekat savršeno motivišu i daju nam energiju. Bez ikakvog preterivanja - Escape from Tarkov zajednica je najbolja, sa vama stvaramo igru naših snova! https://vvv.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page U čast naše prve godišnjice, najavljujemo popust od 25% na sve vrste izdanja Bekstvo iz Tarkova. Početak popusta: 14. oktobra u 21: 01 GMT Kraj popusta: 16. oktobra u 20: 59 GM A najbolji poklon za sve nas bio bi update 0,12, koji je u završnoj fazi priprema za puštanje. https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/103524-battlestate-games-celebrates-his-5th-anniversari/
  4. robinviking

    Let us customize our vests

    Hi. This is my first post on this forum and I wanted to start this post by thanking the devs for an amazing work. I really love this game and I love the work you put down to make it great. I have a little suggestion to the vest that you have. I think that it would be awesome to be able to customize the vest itself. You have the standard vest but you can buy extra bags to out around you and in this bags you could wear smaller items like bandages, bullets etc. I do think that this game is not ALL ABOUT go in a raid and kill scavs and PMC's. I really like that I can change things in my stash, mod my weapons and all that and being able to customize my vest will enhance that experience. And one more thing, a little thing. I don't like that the insurance have a deadline. I have other things to do and I hate the fact that I don't have the time to log on to the game and collect my insurance in time. I hope that you like my post, if not. Tell me =)
  5. Much like how many of the weapons are modular in what attachments you can add I would like to see a vest, or all molle style vests, where you have to assemble it with parts. You would be limited to X number of slots and add a variety of pouches. Ideas for the "attachments": Single or Double depth rifle magazine pouches Alternate single-depth may also have a pistol magazine pouch built-in Pistol Magazine pouch Grenade pouch Med pack Sapi plate (Armor) slots If you want to go further in-depth Kevlar inserts Camel Back (possibly as an attachment to specific backpacks as well [inside]) Drop pouch (empty magazines) Molle butt pack Also, same idea for a leg pistol holster but limited to pistol magazines. So as you see a vest can be just as complicated as some of the weapons but I hope at least some of this comes about.
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