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Found 3 results

  1. ChessieSeaboard

    Detachable/Attachable Extra Armor Parts

    Add the ability to add or remove soft armor inserts/extensions to various Armored Rigs or Body Armor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To explain, if you use a vest that has a groin protector, shoulder pads, or a neck protector (if it's removable), you have the option to detach it from your body armor/armored rig if you wish to not use it. You can even use other accessories to replace them or attach new ones that are compatible. All vests have the capability to get extra armor removed put on them (if it is universal or available to be fit on). Here are some regular in-game vests that already have armor parts and can be detached: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gen4 - Deltoid Protectors, Neck Protector, Groin and Abdomen Protectors AVS - Groin Protector (Groin is compatible with other Crye/Ars Arma based Plate Carriers) 6B43 - Deltoid Protectors, Groin Protector (Neck Protector is sewn in and irremovable) Redut-M - Groin Protector Redut-T5 - Deltoid Protectors, Neck Protector, Hip Protectors and Groin Protectors Defender 2 - Neck Protector and Groin Protector -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This can also work on any other vests arriving in the future that possess similar qualities, such as the Paraclete Armis 2.0 with the Deltoids, Neck, Groin, and Abdomen. Other upcoming vests like the Sioen Tacticum could have the same feature as well, with detachable drop leg panel armor (or leg armor), or even forearm guards. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although there can be changes with these kits, we can add compatible armor parts for various rigs or vests so at least most plate carriers get their fair share of extra armor. LBT Ancillary Package Kit - Deltoid + Groin + Neck Protector kit, compatible with LBT-6094A Slick only (unless more LBT vests get added) Naplech Shoulder Protectors - Shoulder Protectors, Universally Compatible Atom Shoulder Protectors - Shoulder Protectors, Universally Compatible Vorot Neck Protector - Neck Protector, Universally Compatible Triangle Groin Protector - Groin Protector, Universally Compatible Crye Precision Contoured Deltoids - Shoulder Protectors, compatible with Crye-based vests (AVS and CPC) TMC Upper Arm Protectors - Shoulder Protectors, Universally Compatible Crye Precision Hard Armor Shoulder Pad - Shoulder Protectors, compatible with Crye-based vests (AVS and CPC) Crye Precision MAS Soft Armor Vest Collar - Neck Protectors, compatible with Crye-based vests (AVS and CPC) Zentauron Neck Protector - Neck Protectors, Universally Compatible -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These were all the kits I can think of. The armor level and point addition (plus the camouflage, personally hope there are multiples of this poo) can be managed by BSG, but if you guys want, you can put down your own ways. Hope this helps.
  2. I have about 70 hours of game time and am level 32 currently. I tend to play the game with bare-bones load outs going in with pistols or low-tier weapons and building up through the raid. I think the 45 round 1x3 ak mags that you often find in the game map would be must more useful and worth picking up if there was a lower-tier chest rig capable of reloading a set of them. I think if there was something like a long scav vest with a pocket layout like 1x1,1x3,1x3.1x1. If a vest like this was somewhat available to be looted off scavs/in the marketplace you would see players more interested in trying various 1x3 mags in their load-outs before they have access buying the ANA chest rig, the only rig you can use effectively with 1x3 mags. Even though I have access to this rig now I have never used the 45 ak mags as access to 60rnd mags with better rigs outclasses them. I have used the ANA with the Saiga 10rnd mags a few times but I found the upgrade to the Saiga generally not be worth the investment of the Ana rig. I enjoy the way playing as a scav works right now, but I think even greater randomness in terms of what load-outs and attachments your weapons have/don't have would make scav runs even better. Such as weapons occasionally spawning with less used or uncommon optics or attachments to give players game play options they might not have considered. I would also like to say I am enjoying the addition of the Mosin very much, keep up the good work!
  3. This is what I have. I edited it quickly to give it a more apoc look
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