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Found 3 results

  1. I've been gaming with a good group of people with what we've built over at GruntLife Gaming (GLG). It's a Veteran Owned/Operated Discord that has people that're vets and regular civilians on multiple games and platforms but really has focused on Escape From Tarkov. We have a wide variety of different players from absolute newbies to very experienced players on EST. So if you're new, we're willing to teach and if you're more experienced even better. We're also constantly not only running raids but doing in-game giveaways for people in the community among other things to help out and give back to our members. So if think you might be interested in joining, here's the link to our discord. Hope to see ya around! https://discord.gg/ZgyjrKN *MUST BE 18+ YRS OF AGE TO JOIN*
  2. Zerocool307

    if you looking for friends look no further

    Tired of milsim groups making you feel like your worthless at the game? Need someone to teach you how to play the game? Looking for chill friends who just want to have fun? welll look no further you dirty rat because theres a discord for you I am the owner of a discord named koolaid klan we like to play tarkov and chill were not a huge community but we are growing we have taught many players how to play the game and we just like to chill and have fun no need to worry about those milsim servers who get mad at you because you took the last chocolate bar we koolaid a mixed community of genders and ages would love to have anyone wanting to play the game so come stop by and say hi https://discord.gg/tN7EFH
  3. Graveprophet

    Delta 6 Order

    D6 Order Here at D6, the clan is established and focused about fun and tactics. We have some of the veterans of Tarkov that utilize success at all costs. Cheeky breeki is the way of life here. Established like a good wine and dining on everyone else money like a good date. We are here to take loot and dog-tags in name of D6. Have you ever had a bounty put out for your clan leader of 400k? Have you ever squad wiped and gave out the gear of the squad to hatch-lings? Have you ever had so much you cant fit it in your inventory? Here at D6 that is daily problems we incur ever day. What you can expect from D6 Tactical Gameplay with high success rate Coordinated leadership with success behind its belt High Quality players to play with, not everyone can run with the big dogs. We have the rest stay on the porch Gameplay and fun. Even tactical and serious we still laugh like we are drunk and have more fun than other groups. High success and exfil rates. We have majority 50-60%+ survival rates, with some as high as 80% Knowledge and capability in squad leads What D6 can expect from you You need to be mature and have the ability to make calls in voice comms of discord You need to have enough gear to loadout with to run with the group, if you come out with no armor when everyone else is dressed to the nines you can expect that you wont last here. You need to understand the callouts of the game, and its locations, and understand the extracts/maps completely. Our D6 specific callouts can take time, basic knowledge is a must to apply Any full fledged member can vouch for trial recruits, that means you wont be separated from friends even if they are not cut from the same cloth as the rest Your kill your loot, you cant be in such a state that your willing to die over loot, and you can not loot someone else loot unless they state it is free for all. All kills are claimed by the killer. You need to not be a hatchling with gear when you play with D6. Rushing to a safe to get a bitcoin and then dying in the procces wont earn you membership You need to work with the group and follow the squad leaders calls Minimum of level 20 in one of the wipe periods to apply efficient experience To apply Simply apply by joining https://discord.gg/GDSeH3M You will get messaged by an officer/leader for voice interview. Join today and look like this
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