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  1. Ihr wollt euer neuestes Machwerk auf Youtube teilen oder habt einen drolligen Screenshot gemacht, den ihr gerne Teilen möchtet? Hier ist der richtige Ort dafür!
  2. My second video. Let me know what you guys think!
  3. Simp_93

    FoV (viewmodel and world)

    Adding in a viewmodel FoV slider would be a great help. At the moment, the gun is obtrusive and too close to the face obscuring much more than realistic and presents a generally unaesthetic image. The ability to raise the world FoV higher would be welcome as well. I understand that given the means you have implemented in this game 75° vertical comes out around 107° horizontal. My humble reqeust is the ability to raise it higher so that those of us who encounter motion sickness can play and have a more pleasant experience. Generally speaking, playing below a 120° FoV introduces nausea into
  4. SwiftnessPvP


    Hey guys I uploaded a video a bit ago and it seems to be doing decently I just wanted some real feedback on what people enjoyed about it and what people didn't like. Any feedback all is really appreciated
  5. apurbina

    Just Tarkov Factory Things

    Trying to finish my 3 PMC kills for pistol quest a few days after wipe. Ran into 2 fellow noobs on Factory. https://youtu.be/WOe3uALyl1c
  6. I've created what I feel is a slightly more comprehensive guide than some of the others with regards to ammo. It covers the basics of penetration which is obviously one of the more important stats to understand in the world of Tarkov.
  7. https://youtu.be/OFX--yMwwco
  8. Jihad_Joe

    A SAD Tarkov montage

    I alittle something I made while waiting for 12.7.
  9. Hello, I just got killed by a hacker (and his friends which are unknown) while me and my friends were playing on labs and it was really obvious that he was a hacker here is some video evidence of me and my mate while we were streaming: The game was on 29th of June 2020 around 15:00 o'clock Me - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/664889895 My mate who died after me - https://clips.twitch.tv/VainPuzzledGuanacoNotLikeThis
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxdI29zvKBQ Enjoy my friendly scavs!
  11. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
  12. Очень запотел над видосом.От активности будет зависеть буду ли делать контент дальше.Очень прошу всех оценить,буду рад любой критике.Надеюсь он всем зайдет)))
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHDk-mrg84I&feature=youtu.be First high effort video, feedback would be appreciated!
  14. MrXavito

    ¿Qué es Escape From Tarkov?

    ¿De qué va éste juego? ¿Voy a perder mi vida con él? ¿Es tan bueno como dicen? Con la llegada de los drops en Diciembre, Escape From Tarkov ha tenido una avalancha de nuevos jugadores, que no saben que es, os quiero explicar un poco acerca de qué trata éste juego para intentar quitaros las dudas si aún las tenéis. Sé que es un video de mi canal, asi que perdonad el "autobombo" pero básicamente no tenemos aún suficiente contenido en castellano, por lo que me he propuesto traerlo yo mismo directamente.
  15. Just imagination that comes from downtime between exams.
  16. Funny Tarkov Meme Compilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNcwG-9hMig
  17. Bonjour à tous, je me permets de poster ici ma vidéo qui explique comment débloquer ses fps sur escape from tarkov ! J’espère que ça vous sera utile ! Cordialement, Youss.
  18. Mr_Rabbit086

    First Tarkov montage edit !

    Hello! I recently started playing this game and decided to make my first "serious" edit with it! I hope you enjoy: There will definitely be more content like this from me
  19. Hey guys, I recently made this video poking fun at how some of my raids in Tarkov go. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqzHUNA1FFE
  20. Ragnar-Asatru

    OBS Aufnahmen

    Grüße miteinander, ich versuche mich in letzter Zeit in Aufnahmen von Tarkov sowie der Bearbeitung der Videos. Mir ist bei meinem letzten Projekt nun aufgefallen dass die Schatten extrem verpixelt werden. Alles andere sieht Top aus nur eben sind die Schatten der reinste Pixelbrei. Das erste was ich versuchte war natürlich das verändern der Bitrate sowohl beim Aufnehmen als auch beim rendern jedoch ohne Erfolg, es veränderte sich die gesamt Qualität der Texturen aber die Schatten blieben verpixelt. Habt ihr dafür Lösungen bzw. Einstellungen von OBS oder einem beliebigem Editierprogram
  21. Salut à tous ! Petit post pour vous présentez l'article où est réalisé l'analyse en détail, faite par @titi4600, de la vidéo du trailer. -> https://gameomatic.fr/2019/10/escape-from-tarkov-analyse-du-trailer-de-la-mise-a-jour-0-12/ Bonne lecture 😉
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