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Found 14 results

  1. sherifu

    Videoclipuri si Screenshot-uri

    Salutare! Acest topic este pentru a posta oricine videoclipuri si screenshot-uri legate de joc, amuzante, educative, de orice gen atat timp cat respecta regulile forumului. Incep eu cu o potrivire a codului de server (coltul din stanga jos) care mi s-a parut amuzanta si cred ca rara 😃:
  2. Deixem aqui os vossos canais de youtube para subscrição, mas atenção só para quem vai postar vídeos ou streaming do Escape from Tarkov. Começo por deixar o meu. https://www.youtube.com/c/p5ychoPT
  3. Checkout out my video and leave in the comments below what do you want to see in the next one. I ❤️ the game and happy to make content for the community in my free time. (not a monymaker)
  4. nickige

    Player Reporting

    Issue: Hackers Date: 2017-0920 Description: On Two Different Times I Was Sadly Killed By 2 Different Hackers. Im Sure The Devs Are Fully Aware Of This Problem And Should hate To Bug Them To Fix It. Im Here To Ask For Help To Bring These Players To Justice. p.s: thanks for reading this ticket and if you can not help me can you foreword this to some one that can get these people banned thanks
  5. MadMcardle


    Hey guys, Here is my first EFT video where I do a solo run on Woods, it was one of my first raids and absolutely loved it. If you enjoy the video don't forget to hit that subscribe button
  6. noxxid3

    Noxxid3's Gameplay videos

    Hey guys, what do you think of my latest video? Anything i can improve?
  7. Geoffry

    [VIDEO] Apresentando o EFT

    Pessoal sei que tem muitos videos em portugues, mas pelo menos vou divulgar aqui o meu trabalho e pretendo lançar mais videos, sendo assim segue um video explicando o EFT.... Força e Honra a todos!
  8. ToxicAcez

    Video Recording

    Is there any way to get permission to record the game and upload the footage to YouTube? I know about the NDA rules, but is there still a way to get dev permission and have them remove the watermark.
  9. ChUpEtEmOnKeY

    How can i get my NDA lifted?

    How can i get my NDA lifted so i can upload videos to my youtube channel?
  10. ChUpEtEmOnKeY

    Can I make videos of the game?

    I want to upload videos to youtube but i am not sure if i can do that
  11. Since the beginning of the extended alpha on Thursday, December 29th, 2016; NDA was lifted to only few members of the press/streamers. NDA is still in effect for the rest of our players but it will be getting lifted gradually and not immediately for all. Yesterday we already had several streams and videos from independent streamers that are not developers. We offer you the list of these videos that are already published, with much more new to come very soon: English: Youtube Video by Starsnipe - Daily Videos 9 hour and 38 minutes stream by rehinocrunch: https://www.twitch.tv/rhinocrunch/v/110652550 Russian: A Youtube video brought to you by Kuplinov ► Play: Few Streams by igromania: https://www.twitch.tv/igromania/v/110858494 https://www.twitch.tv/igromania/v/110869666 The videos made in the alpha version of Escape from Tarkov do not display the final product/quality of the game. Nevertheless, it has a lot of interesting and funny moments we invite you to watch and enjoy on.
  12. Once the NDA is lifted and the community is free to stream what sort of videos, guides etc. I've started building up the groundwork for some content to have it ready whenever the NDA is listed and I'd like a to have a range of content available.
  13. lordjeewa

    Stop teasing us!!

    Stop teasing us with these awesome looking alpha videos!!! haha who agrees!?
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