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Found 5 results

  1. As the title suggests, the viewmodel (arm and gun) should be more visible if I'm playing at max FoV. It should not remain the same and have animations capped at what appears to be 30fps. Why can't I see more than the handguard or half the rail/dust cover on many guns in this game? The developers created gun models with attention to detail, so it would be amazing if I could appreciate the weapon in my hands when I play. It also wouldn't match up to the view I would have IRL, which is a side note for realism. I've made a few topics on this already, but they haven't gotten much traction. I am in love with this game, but this issue bothers me every time I play. I'd really appreciate a slider if not everyone wants this proportional adjustment to be mandatory. Just let me see my gun. Please.
  2. DrProfessor_

    Bigger FOV

    If you are like me then you know the struggles of having a low FOV. I have mine set to 75 but I still feel like it is to small, I often find my self overwhelmed and a little nauseous with the low FOV. Like if I am defending A stairs on factor and a person is just outside of my view to where I can't see them, how am I to defend myself. I think the FOV should be increased to 90, Now before you say "oh I think that it is too much" An Average person's FOV is 114. Take Rainbow Six Siege The minimum is 60 the max 90. not to compare games but in that game I put it to 90 it's not to much not to little its just right and it does not make it look like you are about to enter warp drive either.
  3. CaptiveHat

    Need a way to view who you killed

    So it was 4am and i figured imma jump on tarkov and do a few hatchet runs. I die the first two. jump on scav mode. then decide to go for one more tomahawk run before bed. i grab my first aid. and head on in. trying to strictly exp farm scavs or other freshies. i end up killing 3 scavs and a player with my hatchet. quickly loot up a pistol and a auto shotty. i hear someone above me in 3rd story room opening the filing cabinets. i go up and walk back and forth almost like a scav. i wait for the loot sound and i breach the door to be met by a fully kitted out man with a m4 suppressed and a pilgrim backpack. and i lay an easy 4 shots into him before he hits me once. he goes down and i reaped the rewards. factory key saved me, because i could hear a team of two camping the main exit. made and easy 200k+ from one run without selling my new (and first) m4. was super pumped. So all in all, i really wish i knew the name of the player i killed so i could thank him. maybe a dogtag feature that you need to examine or search to see whos body is on the ground.
  4. Lalostangles

    Player view side

    It would be nice to have the option to change the side of the sprite you are looking down the gun. Currently it is locked to the right side of the gun and when you peek around a corner it feels like you have to move a further out to peek left than right. Becaise everyone has a dominant side that they use we could be asked to pick a dominant side when we start the game and if you want to change side you get more shake through the gun then over time a skill levels up to decrease the shake.
  5. Hello PMCs, After the showcase of Escape from Tarkov at Gamescom, Battletstate Games COO Nikita Buyanov, had a short interview. This interview can be found on the GameReactor website by clicking on this link here. Enjoy!
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