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Found 3 results

  1. TowarzyszBagle

    Face Shields: Some Balancing Ideas

    So, I think we can all agree that face shields as they are currently represented in the game are hugely over powered. In the real world these things range up to level IIIA protection at best. Which means they can stop and survive a hit or two from common handgun calibers, shotgun pellets and shrapnel, while preventing major injury to the wearer. But are completely ineffective against any kind of high velocity rifle projectile. Yet in game they can stop rifle rounds and even tank a whole magazine of smg fire if you're not using the top AP ammo. The developers have stated this is a gameplay balance decision to make them worthwhile. Fair enough, I understand that. The problem I see is that there aren't any real limitations to the face shields other than a bit of reduced visibility. So I had the thought, how about to counter them being super unrealistically effective the developers give them some of their real world limitations? In reality you cannot effective aim a rifle with a bulky face visor on. It prevents you getting a cheek weld on the stock and getting your eye behind the sights. To overcome this there are specially designed stocks to work with visors, here's an example; https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/03/26/sig-sauer-folding-visor-stock/ So here's what I suggest; - To be able to ADS with a visor down you must have one of these specialty stocks equipped on your weapon. These stocks come with a penalty to ergo and recoil. - If you don't have one of these stocks then you can only ADS when your visor is up. So this way visors stay powerful but come with caveats and players have some choices and considerations to make. Do you take the ability to be able to ADS visor down with a penalty to weapon controllability? Or do you choose to use your visor tactically, eg. pop it up when expecting engagements at range, then pop it down and rely on point fire when going CQB.
  2. MrMarshallMan3

    How to raise/lower visor?

    I see that I can right-click to turn the visor on or off, but in the trailer I remember seeing an animation for it, which must mean there's a hotkey? Anybody know what the hotkey is?
  3. Why do i have to find all the new visors but the fast MT one is sold by Peacekeeper? do i have to be loyalty level 4 with mechanic and ragman to finally get them? Even the kolpak one?
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