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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Having problem in-game where everything which is a little further away seems to be super dark. Look at this example: There is no way I can spot anyone who stands in front of this building - it is completely black / dark but when I get a little closer - it looks how it actually suppose to look like: it happens on all the maps and on a bunch different buildings / rocks / ground etc.. I've tried changing all the in-game settings but none of them seem to solve it. It makes it impossible for me to spot enemies which are not 5 meters from me, anyone knows a solution?
  2. I know it doesn't really matter what but it was fun to see the characters ragdoll a little bit on death and to get a confirmation on where you hit them before getting your post game report. I noticed that the game doesn't really show that much of a response any more and the bodies don't ragdoll as much either. Was it just removed for the current update or has it been removed entirely?
  3. Hi all, I collected screens of scopes and sights. Unfortunately I am unable to link the pictures with the full versions directly, so please use the links below, in case you need the full screen (1920x1040) resolution. Scopes with zoom: Fullscreen link: http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-scopes-01/ Sights without zoom: Fullscreen link: http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-scopes-02/ Also I am working to create a list of all scopes and sights similar to the following images: Bravo Scope with FF3 RDS for close combat fights (see full screen to check which items are needed for this combination): http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/eft-scope-bravo4-total-01-2/
  4. ViscontiRogue

    Painkillers and visuals

    Is it just me or after using painkillers, the graphics vastly improve to amazingly detailed visuals?
  5. AssassinsDecree

    Bleak and Cinematic ReShade WIP

    I absolutely love the visuals in EFT, it's one of the game's strongest elements and it may be the best looking game I've ever seen in many respects. I just wanted to put my own slant on it and mostly just wanted to add DoF. While I was doing that, I thought I'd make the atmosphere feel even more gloomier and hopeless and make the lighting effects even more pronounced. So, this a WIP (Work in Progress ReShade for EFT. As you can see I added even more bloom and new lens effects, added DoF (depth of field), changed the color palette and tonemapping to something even more gloomier and hopeless. I'll probably have to do separate presets that keep the same visual style but are tweaked for each map. Almost done with Factory. No other maps tackled yet. DoF and the new bloom effects will be optional and can be toggled off/on with literally the click of a button while in game. Should have a video or multiple videos up tonight showing how everything looks in motion. Hope you like it! I plan to release these for everyone when I'm done. Please click on the first pic so you can view them in the larger size with the arrows. Much easier to compare that way and they you can see more of the details. Cheers, Merc
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