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Found 19 results

  1. SeasonedAxe734

    Voice lines broke?

    I chose the usec 3 voice line when starting the game but after being in a raid and voice lining i noticed that it wasn't usec 3's voice. Help?
  2. add a way to listen to the voice we select since we can't change it afterward
  3. JustLupka

    You can add voice chat

    Hello Tarkov developers, I have good idea you can add to tarkov Voice Chat Why? Because When I want to tell someone Team he will shoot me or I dont know just I think its good idea.
  4. I want to ask Game internal voice communication When will it be launched
  5. Amani9

    PMC Voice line presets

    There are so many different voice lines for so many situations, I feel like having to double tap y and looking for the correct voice line for the correct situation can be tedious and dangerous in raid. Having a quick preset button like Y+1, Y+2 to change presets. It also helps a lot with people trying to make friends with another PMC without becoming fully letting their guard down by going into the speech menu.
  6. First i would like to say, that even though i rage as hard and as often as ever, most of the changes you have made are to the benefit of the game long term. I was never the guy that would rather sit on flee market gauging random people for every ruble, than go geared into raids and get in fights and get poo to sell like someone that prefers to play the game (learn how to play and get better by playing), rather than worry about how many millions i am sitting on. In my opinion the "found in raid" change helps to eliminate the flee market as a crutch, and shifts focus to the main meat of the game... you know the actual gun-play and tense situations, instead of running hatched with no consequences and killing yourself when you find that LEDX. So props to you for thinking long term health, and plowing through the hate, keep on keeping on. Anyway, to my suggestion. I was just playing with few of my buddies, and i tried to bind my voice lines so i can react with my dude in game, and it is near impossible to react appropriately, and swiftly to all situations. So i though, how about a system where when something happens, the PMC reacts automatically (or has a % chance to react automatically). For example, i spot a dude in the distance, and i place my crosshair on him, my PMC says quietly (couse not engaged yet) that he has a contact on his own without my input. Or if i kill someone, the PMC yells enemy down, etc. Some voice-lines may be guaranteed (kill, reload, contact etc.), some may be percentage based ("What was that" reaction to gunshots, or "ducking terragroup" when he sees the logo), and some may stay button push only (hand signals, follow me, stop etc.). You can make it so that it can be turned on or of in the menu for people that don't want it. I think it would make the raids a lot more lively, interactive, immersive, and a bit more challenging, since you are risking giving your position away somewhat randomly. It can also be automatically off, if you are playing solo, and than it kicks in when you are in a group.
  7. TeenyTinyWyvern

    Voice Acting Community Competition

    I appreciate the amount of lines we have in game, but I do not at all think quantity over quality can apply here. Bears and Scavs clearly have better work put into their lines, which makes sense, seeing as how this is primarily a Russian made game, however, we should all know by now that the USEC voice lines just sound like the english speaking developers went into the booth to record the lines and threw them in later on. My suggestion: Create a competition for members of the community to make voice lines for the USEC Forces. Im sure a lot of people would be interested, and it would not take away any of the money obtained by the devs. I dunno, I just think that the USEC forces dont sound... real?
  8. CRAZZY1

    Concern about voice chat

    so i know there is gonna be a voice chat added to the game but when its added i think only people in ur team that u joined with and scavs shold be able to hear u if you are a scav because if not its proably gonna get toxic so fast and people just shouting shitty overused memes all over the place in factory so it would take all the immersion and all the sound listening so when u add please keep that in mind thanks
  9. Jlausarus

    Another tryout in USEC voice act

    Hello there! After looking back at my previous post on my voice act, I took the feedback and tried my best to apply it on this one. The old post is this one; https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/43715-so-i-tried-voice-acting/?tab=comments#comment-771863 with the video as well; And I present you the new video, in hopes I at least tried improving myself. Just to give a little note, this video is to emphasize more on the subtle callouts, stealthy operator kind of thing, as to fit with the lore of the USEC paramilitary, well funded and highly trained professionals. But knowing me, I'm not really all bout that life so much. Hench the autistic screaming comes into play xd. Please do let me know what you guys think! Thank you and have a pleasant day
  10. ratpeasant

    Voice chat?

    I was wondering if the devs were gonna add in-game voice chat because that would up the game from a 9/10 to a 10/10
  11. Hello EFT, Well done on progress, I brought the game last April 2016. Tried a few times. Then left it on the shelf. Now it is playable for me, and the sounds and controls are great. I am enjoying the environments and offline experience and the online. Some thoughts/requests: Offline - Please do not remove the offline experience in the future, sometimes I want the solo experience against bots. - Can we have offline characters profiles also? I really enjoy the solo play experience. Online - A coop PVE, would be appreciated for us newbies. - Arm bands for team mates [optional of course] - Ability to heal others Controls - toggle lean q/e so it is sticky and not 'hold to lean' but 'press to lean and press again to lean back'. Voice - We currently rely on discord...but an in game voice to team and enemies would be good. Crates - Randomise locations !!!!!! Generally please increase the customization of game modes and difficulty, just make the player stash tied to that mode Regards, Bob
  12. UncleMyers

    EFT Community Discord [UNOFFICIAL]

    Escape From Takrov - Community Discord Dear players, I made a Discord server for Escape From Tarkov, every English speaking player is welcome. In the discord server, there is plenty of room to interact with other players discuss stuff and/or meet up with other players. If you're interested in joining our community you can either join by going to this address https://discord.gg/UWDSnVq or entering this "UWDSnVq" code into discord while attempting to join a server. Greetings - Swat1801,
  13. Hello, Escapers! Rally up your men, deliver orders or just plain give the enemy the finger! Tell your squad what's really on your mind and show that hatcheteer your little birdy before you lay him to waste. There are also some other tidbits of useful information on new update features. We hope that this will give you a better understanding of the desire for more useful features to aid you in your Escape From Tarkov.
  14. As much as I love the Voice Commands and Hand gestures, the way of using them is way too slow to utilize during a raid. If I need to quickly tell someone to get back, I need to go through 2 menus where I have to click each time, and I cannot move while doing it, and I have reduced visibility, not entirely sure why the screen surrounding the menu get's blurry. When I'm talking in reality I don't suddenly get blurred vision. Sure, it takes a little over a second but when in a firefight a second is a long time to be standing still with extremely reduced visibility and that's just for one section of the menu. A few ideas that could work to make the process somewhat more effective and comfortable. Functionality: Being able to choose phrases that can be hot keyed could be one way of dealing with it. For example: Alt + 1 = Follow me!, Alt + 2 = Get back!. Making the options not need to be clicked could speed up the process, highlighting and releasing the button should be enough. (Overwatch for example). Player Comfort: Remove the blur around the menu. Enable movement when using the menu. Make the Black Hexagons slightly transparent, to allow for slightly more visibility when in the menu. I don't know if I'm the only person who currently feels this way, it's possible I am in the minority. Sadly I'm currently unable to actually play EFT because of the known performance issues, so I didn't really get much time to get used to it before the game became unplayable. Love the work you guys do. - Sev
  15. Vulksgar

    VOIP, The wonderful idea

    HONESTLY There has been so many times where I run into another player in raid that I wish I could communicate with. For instance I was playing Customs and ran into a weaponless player, I had only a P226. We danced then worked together to take out AI on bridge by spawn, great teamwork.... Until I wanted to ask him if he had water We survived PvP at buildings but i took a few hits and of course he thinks I am making grunting noises do to lack of health which in reality I just needed a damn drink! I GET IT Some People, dont quote me, seems like they feel VOIP would ruin the experience. Hear me out. The game IS A HARDCORE SURVIVAL, so why not give the ability to survive with others? I mean having to search forums or dark tunnels for some friends is not always easy and maybe you are an old school person and enjoy meeting your buddies on the battlefield! Yea more people would team than usual but there will always be that suspensful PvP action, I can almost assure you people still would want to kill each other. I mean think about it, think about how many people you killed on instinct, impulse. Meeting someone friendly can sometimes be a rewarding moment, let there be friends! Let there be bottles of water to share! PROXIMITY BUDS Obviously I feel the only in match chat would be proximity voice. Feel like it would make the match even more bone chilling! Imagine walking through factory but you hear feint whispers from your left, just the idea of what could happen next makes it more thrilling I would think. Will they be friends? Or will they disagree and draw? FINAL SUMMATION VOIP is something that I have always found interesting and useful in survival games. Makes for a much more thrilling and sometimes goofy adventure. Nothing is better than the ability to talk to the man with a big gun next to you, no need to be strangers.
  16. I saw something about voice in the update, Does this mean that when I speak thru my mic, that other people in the game can hear my voice? Or does my character just play a random Russian pre recorded sound file for everyone else to hear? Or neither? My friend and I came across two players on the other side of a wall talking to each other (playing pre recorded voices back and forth to one another) which is why I am asking the above question. My my friend and I use discord to chat, so I didn't know if Tarkov could tell I was speaking through a mic into a different program?
  17. JuliusCaesar

    Community Voice Acting

    Posted this is general discussion, oops The mumbling in the game is pretty bare bones in its current state, and understandably so. Right now the priority is to roll out the core game and refurbish it in beta, so I understand if this idea gets lost in space and time. With that, my idea. Since the developers would surely rather spend time and resources working on the game mechanics for us, I think it would be helpful for the developers to crowd source us for voice actors, those who have quality microphones and experience in voice acting could send in sound clips of lines they would need said. Since they are based in Russia, it would be helpful to get native English speakers to do the English lines, and not force them to thin out their budget hiring voice actors. This is just a suggestion, but I would hop on it. Its essentially a win-win. Have some developer or moderator through out a thread saying "We need you to say lines X and lines Y, whoever get the best lines could be called upon again the next time we need lines". More involvement for the community, less work for the developers. Thanks all.
  18. M0nkeyM0nk

    Public Discord

    Hi guys, I'm here to present you a project. We have to intention to create a social team on Escape From Tarkov. Our objective is to help anyone want stuff, learn to play, do any missions or other. Actually it's just an project, an idea, but we hope you'll like it and come to help us We have many other project. We're a french community and you can join us here if you're interested in : https://discord.gg/RrvQPX4 If you're not french, you're welcome too but excuse us for our poor english level ^^' If i'm not here, and my friend Abuzator too, come back at an other moment We need to recruit a staff for a 24/24 & 7/7 presence. I'm hope to see you soon, in the game and on discord Best regards, --------------------- M0nkeyM0nk
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