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Found 7 results

  1. DO NOT POST FOR VERIFICATION HERE, USE THIS POST (CLICK ME) Howdy Everyone, I'm the owner of the Unofficial EFT Discord community. Although the server is well known to most people around the forums, twitch streams and generally guys who are involved in the game for quite long, I'd like to remind to all newcomers that Discord is basically a place for people who are seeking a place to chat, tips/tricks/tactics, make groups for raids, tech-support on the most common and some more complicated issues/bugs someone will find throughout the Alpha testing and of course having some fun. We recently added a place to post/promote your content (twitch, youtube), so it's a great opportunity to show dat skillz of yours to our community. Server counts close to 4000 members as we speak, so it would be easy to find a group or a partner to play with. We have 20+ voice channels dedicated to parties, and we continuously add more. To join the server you have to click this Invite here and verify your Discord account. TL;DR If you're searching for a place to gather and enjoy this awesome game with others, join the server by clicking the invite above. See you in Tarkov -Frantic
  2. La comunity ha sempre ragione, e visto che in molti preferiscono DISCORD, oltre al discord ufficiale di Tarkov (Discord.gg/EscapefromTarkovOfficial) nomino il server: [ITA] Escape from Tarkov - https://discord.gg/pT4XkKX VoIP SERVER DELLA COMMUNITY ITALIANA, grazie a chi l'ha creato e fatto crescere fino a renderlo un punto di riferimento per questa comunity. SEGUITE LE REGOLE: Non siamo un clan, ma per mantenere un certo controllo dei contenuti su questo canale bisognerà diventarne membri Per diventarne membro, bisognerà innanzitutto dimostrare di possedere il gioco. ed essere maggiore ai 20 anni d'età. Se possedete i requisiti qui sopra elencati vi basterà inviare un messaggio ad uno degli amministratori (@[ITA]LGGdolly/@Joram_The_Rebel/@[EU/ITA] scodelin) mostrando di essere in possesso di una copia del gioco. :warning: Qui di seguito alcune regole fondamentali del nostro canale, vi preghiamo quindi prima di mandare la richiesta di leggerle attentamente: • Non è consentito disturbare con rumori, eco o lag le conversazioni. • Non disturbare le persone che giocano in altre stanze. • Usate le apposite stanze di discord in modo adeguato. • Rispettate tutti gli utenti presenti nelle room discussioni e nei canali privati, non offendere, non insultare, non assumere un linguaggio scurrile o provocatorio. • Le regole e le disposizioni date da un Admin vanno rispettate e non discusse. • In alcun modo: – non si tollerano comportamenti razzisti. – non si tollerano le discriminazioni sessuali. • Non è consentito assolutamente: – fare pubblicità – spammare Discord è già stato integrato con il website www.escapefromtarkov.it dove è presente un widget che permette di vedere chi è online, il vecchio teamspeak ( praticamente inutilizzato ) verrà disattivato a breve.
  3. Reading through the patch notes for DayZ, this line caught my eye: This made me immediately think of the potentials something similar could have for EFT's implementation of helmet visors. Perhaps a player who is speaking with his visor down could have his proximity chat muffled a bit? Maybe something similar for the various facemasks/rags players can equip to cover their mouths? Just a thought for later down the road Great job with the game BSG, I'm really looking forward to VOIP in EFT. Good luck with your podcast tonight!
  4. GingerCyclops

    Great way to improve the game, easily.

    Right now Tarkov does not have the best reviews or outlook. The servers aren't good and bugs are still present. But a great way to make this game much more enjoyable in the mean time is to add Voip! I know they will add it sooner or later, but adding it as soon as possible will help distract everyone from the bugs while they fix them. I believe voip will bring a whole new level of comedy and enjoyment into the game, and will create a much better stance for the game currently.
  5. Bibo164

    Warning: VoIP Abuse Problems

    Hey everyone I've been playing Rust since it's beginnings and followed the development closely. I spend a fair amount of time in this game and therefore know some issues the devs and the community ran into. As Escape from Tarkov is even more competitive than Rust in terms of survival and losing/achieving gear it's obvious there will be some cheaters trying to get themselves unfair advantages over other players. That's why I wanted to inform you about one major issue with VoIP-Chat in-game: In Rust the voice-chat was routed trough the Steam-VoIP (or smth like that. Anyway it was NOT routed trough the gameserver itself).. Anyway the major issue with this is the IP of players get's leaked to other players (at least in their voice-proximity - you didn't even have to talk once), which was abused by rather script-kiddes by reading out the other player's IPs with Wireshark (or an equivalent tool) and just DDoSing these players so they would loose connection and could get "offline"-raided or be looted easily. To prevent this the devs are currently working on routing the whole voice-chat trough the gameservers directly and so being able to hide every player's IP from others. This lead to many frustrating moments in the game and for that reason I want to make you aware of this problem so you can tackle it right away from the beginning and don't have to deal with it later on after you got aware of it yourself (in case you haven't done so already). Thank you for noting this and have a nice day! Bibo164
  6. I saw something about voice in the update, Does this mean that when I speak thru my mic, that other people in the game can hear my voice? Or does my character just play a random Russian pre recorded sound file for everyone else to hear? Or neither? My friend and I came across two players on the other side of a wall talking to each other (playing pre recorded voices back and forth to one another) which is why I am asking the above question. My my friend and I use discord to chat, so I didn't know if Tarkov could tell I was speaking through a mic into a different program?
  7. S T A L K E R


    Собственно subj. VOIP в игре очень-очень нужен. Все эти тимспики, дискорды, скайпы и прочие говорилки не хардкор! 1) Близко подошёл, можно так крикнуть пресловутое "ФРЭНДЛИ", и поговорить. 2) Далеко только по рации, и чтоб помехи там всякие и прочий реализм.
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