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Found 9 results

  1. Witoldinio

    Kto kradnie ruble z portfeli?

    Zauważyłem, że pieniądze wsadzone do portfela / docsow / case znikają. Po tygodniu brakowało mi 70k rubli. Zachęcam do zrobienia eksperymentu i wsadzenia 400k rubli do portfela (można kopić u Fence'a). Po tygodniu zajrzeć do portfela ponownie i ... samemu zobaczyć. Dlaczego tak się dzieje?
  2. Is there any reason to keep wallets after getting the money case(s)? Other than keeping one in your game for raids. Just curious if I should keep them or sell them. I'd hate to sell them and then learn/realize later that I could have done something way more useful with them. Cheers, guys
  3. HumanFoot


    Hi I have a suggestion for the wallet , and how its working . Now, we need to open it and fill it slot per slot . When we do some trade , sometime the cash is directly taken in the wallet and when you have many wallet , you have to open all of it to check if u can refill it . You see what i mean ... What you think for a wallet " non openable " , a filling by a drag and drop on it ( with the option to empty it ) , and an indicator of how many cash/currency it contain ?
  4. I am wondering in the future that we will be able to use the money in our wallets/cases without having to withdraw stacks individually for it to be available for buying/selling with traders. A few times now I have wanted to buy some rare items that disappear in seconds, but could not due to only keeping a couple stacks of cash out for stash space reasons. I would hope that in the future wallets and cases are added to available cash resources. I am sorry if this has been asked already, but I could not find an answer in the searches.
  5. Heyndlgarndl

    Money in wallet more accesible

    Hi. I think it would be good to make money in the wallet(s) contribute to ones "global" money display and also be accessible for the "Fill" function with traders. Cheers.
  6. Hi developers. I love your game and I would just like to add 1 suggestion. When I have my wallet in my gamma container I then pick up money such as dollarsm rubles and euros and insert them in my wallet, then when I go ahead and collect another stack of money and drag it into my wallet, the game doesn't automatically insert it where it belongs. When I drag euros it should go in the euro stack, when I drag us dollars it should go and be inside the US dollars stash, and same with euros. Every time you drag money and put it in your wallet it should automatically go in the stash where it belongs
  7. Hellinabarrel

    Wallet drops in Factory

    There was a sad end to this run however i thought i'd share the video because the items that i search for eg. the wallet in this case end up dropping in unlikely places. (i'd been farming customs marked room)
  8. I was doing some loot runs on customs, and found that a few of them had wallets in their pockets. I also found a USB key in the diary spawn location in the 2 story dorm. Video of it all :
  9. Peek-A-Boo

    Make it random

    Why not make the spawns random,why people have to run to dorms to get the factory key or to get the wallts ?is it fun ??no its not,the game would be much more chalanging if the players take more time and try to search and loot evrywhere,same is for the scavs,they wont have any chance to loot all the good stuff cuz they spwan in next to it nah they have to look for it too,tell me if u share my opinion and thx.
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