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Found 1 result

  1. Hey users of the eft Forum. In my last week of playing eft i got killed two times by cheaters and managed to kill an additional one in the last second. So i was wondering if there is an option to report possible cheaters. Before you start commenting stuff like "sometimes you get tarkoved" or "maybe you made a sound which gave away your position" let me tell u this: Im not a guy who calls everybody whos better than me a cheater. I've been playing videogames for a long time now, including CS:GO and other competitive shooters for thousands of hours so i think i know what im talking about. Additionaly the cases below do not include any face to face combat where my position was known in the first place. I wont post the name here yet, as i dont know what the rules are regarding this topic. Cases: Location: Shoreline village The first death was caused by a guy who presumably whiped the server (me and a friend of mine died at the same time without shots or anything else inside a building). We were looting a house on coastline village (low traffic region), so there was no possibility of us being killed simultaneously without hearing shots. We just dropped dead. Location: Customs exit area; one of the small buildings with pipes on the far side of the map The second death was caused by a guy who randomly happened to throw a grenade into a building i was lying in. This case is suspisious since i layed in this spot for 25min (alt-tabbed out of my game) without making any noises (had no money so i had to take it slow - dont worry im not an exit camping scumbag). You cant check this spot without making any noises (which i would have heared). Additionally a player can not be seen by a person who enters the building, when lying in this position Location: Customs same spot Same position same situation - guy walked up on me - but i heared him an managed to noscope him through his visor (shoutout to my mosin <3 ) The last two situations were verry fishy and probably a case of ESP. Hope you can give me any further information. Flintenchirurg
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