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Found 6 results

  1. We got these really cool and detailed wrist watches for the PMCs, I think it would be cool and immersive if whenever you hit 'O' (or whatever your 'Check Time' key is) to see how much time is left in the raid, your character actually inspects the watch on their wrist.
  2. kattfrakt


    Hey yall!! I just have one little suggestion; Wouldn't it be awesome if the watch on your arm displayed the actual time in game? What do you guys think? Would there be any cons or such? Big love
  3. Hello BSG team and Escapers, 1st, I already know there will be Clock Watch animations 2nd, since we have and we'll have more and more animations (food, drink, heal, repack, search...) would you please answer this suggestion why not remove the current clock/exfils list and replace these by functionnal time devices ? - Classical moving white watch hands indicating current time, - Alloted time is shown by non moving red watch hands - The last 10 minutes of the raid would be signalized by backlight flashes that goes faster until the timer ends - Pressing double O will raise a list or a map (if you have one in your pocket/pouch) where current possible exits are drawn. - Of course, on locations, you could find clocks (on walls, pendulum clocks, digital clocks...) and maps that shows these informations. Like character customisation, you would be able to buy digital watches ("Casual" for "Casio"), luxury watches (Rolex[Roller], Omega, Audemar Piguet...), smartwatches (gWatch on wich you can download maps)... This is not a matter of realism to me, but a matter of immersion. Thanks for reading.
  4. I found the key to the truck in the dorms, however, when I opened the truck door, the watch wasn't there on the floor on the drivers side. I've watched several tutorials and I am looking in the right spot. It just isn't there. There were plenty of scavs around, and the truck hadn't been opened yet so I don't think it would've been looted. Is it a bug, or do I just need to do it again and hope for a spawn? Is it possible that it was already looted in the instance?
  5. norm23


    I think that devs should allow us to change our wrist watch for the golden roler. It would be cool to feel rich and it look sexy. Make the watch super rare and once you find it, if you find it, then be able to permanently replace your boring normal wrist watch. Would be a cool thing to see, but it is fine if that doesn't happen.
  6. TheseNewPuritansX

    cool watch detail please!

    I want this cool watch. Do you know detail of this?
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