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Found 5 results

  1. EWRs are my love. They are small, they fill a good amount of water, give some energy too and are quick to use. But they are only FIR. Can we get a trade with Jaegar for it? Maybe locked behind the dehydration quest and trade for like, a silicone tube and a disposable syringe.
  2. It would be really nice to have something to block bodies from falling in the water on shoreline. Right next to the harbor bridge on the shore where you are creeping next to the water, I killed a guy and his body fell into the water. He had water and food I needed to survive the raid but was out of reach. If there were objects there to keep bodies on the shore in reach or if rag dolls couldn’t pass through the invisible wall it would make that area a lot better to loot in and survive. Thanks!
  3. tase404

    Shoreline water exploit

    During a scav run on shoreline, I bumped into a lvl 49 player that I managed to unload a full magazine into before he even reacted (he was running and just went past me). While I was reloading he just went next to the water, and threw his items in. Making them inaccessible (in the photo I was as close as I could get). I don’t know about you, but this makes it highly frustrating for me. I get it if you throw something on a cliff or etc, a place that I truly wouldn’t be able to access. But having items just lay there inaccessible in only half a meter of water just ruins any immersion I would otherwise have had in the game. The only reachable thing was his body (even that, only while prone), where I could only take his dog-tag (because he can’t throw that away). I don't know about you, but I would consider this to be an exploit. Again, throwing stuff off a cliff, over a fence, or etc where it is truly inaccessible, that is ok with me and should be a game mechanic, but having the water be inaccessible is just senseless. I think that this can easily be patched by making the invisible player barriers, also barriers for items (except throwables like grenades, that would allow “trickshots” with the wall). Also now that we might get a quick release backpack/chest-rig mechanic, this exploit will be even easier to achieve (and adds a risk of doing it by mistake, imagine losing your backpack by mistake in half a meter of water). (apparently I digressed into a rant, but hey, I think it makes sense, what about you?)
  4. Itz_MAGp13__

    movement restrictions

    this game is supposed to be realistic yet you cant walk through knee high water or climb a chainlink fence. how tf is that realistic? these are supposed to be pmc's. climbing over walls is part of basic military training dont try to tell me i shouldnt be able to climb a 7 ft concrete wall, or a chainlink fence of any height as long as there is no barbed wire.
  5. Look, in real life it can take approximately 3 days to perish of dehydration, factors such as temperature can result in heat stroke, which can certainly exasperate dehydration, but it still does not result in a person suddenly collapsing and dying after a single tremor. So my grief is that, in game, it takes just about 4 (1 hour in real life) hours to become dehydrated if nothing is drank (this may be inaccurate, its just my personal experience), and then moments after dehydration hits, death follows. Could this be changed to be more accurate? I think the effects of dehydration work really well, with the screen blur, body pain, and tremors. These effects make life difficult enough, making combat extremely dangerous. But the sudden death, should be delayed, to more accurately reflect real life.
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