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Found 3 results

  1. So in the after action report it said i hit him 9 times. Hacks or unbalancing issue? I think this was just clean game play and the ammo is weak. For reference he's naked 100% and i'm in Full Fort FastMT with Visor. This needs to be changed.
  2. Black1

    9mm too weak.

    Alright so since the beginning I've been having difficulty understanding how you make a hardcore realistic shooter and then have weak ass 9mm rounds. Guy has body armor? Okay I understand that will stop 9mm to the chest. Helmet? Ok side and back an top of head. Face = kill shot. But every time I end up dumping entire macarov mags into unarmed hatchlings and they miraculously survive and hatch me to death. Right now a god damn hatchet has more power than a 9mm round SHOULD. Don't have me buy a realism shooter and then have a pistol that weak. I managed to record exactly what I have been experiencing countless times. This time it is even with the PBM armor piercing rounds at that! (Also, anime nerds, super fan boys who take offense at any constructive criticism, people who've never fired fire arms, video game assassins, and wanna be John Wicks need not reply) https://youtu.be/UFmTVAiqFGk?t=1014
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