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Found 51 results

  1. m110 sass. Its chambered in 7.62x51, i believe knights armament makes it. Now I know the RSASS is the game but the m110 is more if the ar15 style as far as its operation. Maybe a 7.62 chamber could be brought into the game for the ar platform. I think it would fit perfect for the already implemented m4 and for people who want extra stopping power but don't want the RSass. Probably a bad idea but just a thought I guess? LOL great game so far, can't wait for more
  2. Escapers, We now have this thread created for you to share your weapon modifications. Escape from Tarkov is big regarding modding weapons and it is one of our best features. And we know you love doing that as well. So, this thread will be dedicated for you to show off your works with us and the community. Regularly, we will be selecting a couple of screenshots and upload it on our official Facebook page. We have created an album specifically dedicated to this where you will see your screenshot posted and your name tagged on it. Sounds interesting? Drop your screenshots below! The higher the quality, the better! The Facebook album can be found by clicking here! You can take screenshots in the game by clicking on the "Print Screen" (PrtScn) key on your keyboard. You can find the screenshots in your documents folder in "\Documents\Escape from Tarkov\Screenshots". Or you can use sites such as Imgur. P.S: No phone camera captures, please. Enjoy!
  3. We need to drop prizes of M4 to have usecs use their own weapon, since now its just ak's for everyone. I know that the skills to use ar systems and ak systems will come later, but somekind of change should happen now to see usecs use their weapons and bears their weapons even at this point of the game progression. We should see ak's double prices for usec:s and M4 double prices for bears. Thank you for listening.
  4. Hi guys i currently use this weapon (military) and really enjoy the handling hopefully the big boys at BS can make it happen by adding it?? love the look and i hope you will to
  5. It is MTP-76! It is a pretty solid and modable rifle. And as my knowledge; Designers of this rifle stated that the most of the demand came from USA. So in some point some departments of US army would have use this rifle. For Tarkovwise peacekeeper can sell this rifle too! Also too many mods for AR-based rifle also can be mounted to this bad boy. It could be a great alternative to M4's :) I would like to hear your opinions too
  6. proggplayer

    Polish Rifle GROT

    Introducing Polish made riffle GROT. Please add this to Tarkov. I'll be Proud.
  7. I would like to see Turkish origin National Infantry Rifle MPT-76 in Escape From Tarkov. If appropriate, we can send you all the references you need. References are about 500 MB. MPT-76 The MPT-76(means in Turkish:Milli Piyade Tüfeği,in English:National Infantry Rifle) is a modular rifle designed by MKEK Kalekalıp and produced by MKEK to meet the demands of the Turkish Armed Forces and to replace its aging Heckler & Koch G3 battle rifles due to most of them being near the end of their service life.The MPT-76 is the first rifle successfully passed 42 difficult NATO tests such as,cold and hot weather,rain and mud. Design Its design was based on the AR-15,but with the gas piston system influenced by the HK417.It has a Picatinny rail system and mounting options for an under-barrel shotgun and grenade launcher. Specifications Weight : 4.1 kg (9.0 lb) Length : 920 mm (36 in)[2] Barrel length : 406 mm (16.0 in) Cartridge : 7.62×51mm NATO Action : Gas-operated, rotating bolt Rate of fire : 700 rounds/min[3] Muzzle velocity : 800 m/s (2,600 ft/s)[2] Effective firing range: 600 m (660 yd)[2] Feed system: 20-round detachable magazine[2] Sights: Iron sights or various optics Here is the review of Zenith Firearms for MPT-76.

    Multigaming community " Pogrebok "

    Our first video puzzle on the game "Escape from Tarkov" (EN / RUS) How do you like the idea? Write your feelings in the comments))
  9. Arth0u

    .300 AAC Blackout

    300 Blackout or 7.62×35mm is a new caliber developed by the Advanced Armament Corporation. The bullet was designed to have similar ballistic properties to the soviet 7.62×39mm but designed to fire in regular AR magazines. Here's some ideas for it's characteristics: Less velocity than 5.56 or 7.62 (subsonic optional) Less range than 5.56 (around 150 meters) Far more quiet than 5.56 when suppressed. More effective in close range than 5.56. More expensive than 5.56. Barrels on the m4a1 could be modded to fire the bullet.
  10. Hello everyone, sorry for the text but i'm using Google translator. It would be nice to be able to recharge the magazine in the gun, keeping the "R" key pressed. You would avoid entering the menu to reload 4-5 rounds. For a more immersive realism. Thank you
  11. Harrybelly

    SV-98 damage

    First allow me to thank our Russian brothers and sisters for creating, what I think has the potential to be one of the greatest successes in gaming history. I would say its a much better version of COD adding an RPG like gaming experience. A true diamond in the rough! Its nice to know that even though we are separated by an ocean, divided by politics and classified by cultural differences we are all still "Brothers of the Same Mind". Gamers to the core! To the point, yesterday I shot another player at very close range in the chest with the SV-98. Both of us had no armor on and were at full health. In the time it took me to fire and pull the bolt for next shot, he was able to knife me twice. Doesn't seem like a chest shot from 6 feet had a realistic effect on him. I believe it should have at least impaired his movement so as to extend the length of the fight. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!
  12. Hi, I was watching the EFT podcast on @Kleanuppguy channel and he discussed "Building a full m4 from the ground up by finding pieces around the map or having some guns that can't be bought at the traders" I personally like the idea of having to work for certain rare guns, but I feel most of the community will hate it. "I want to play with that gun, just let me buy it" So I thought, why not have special gun parts that are only acquired throught spawns, green boxes, weapon crates etc. Ex: you can buy a regular gray m4 with Peacekeeper and every gameplay-impacting mods/customization for it. However, you could have different camos (Thinking the brown elcan, brown m4 handguard) that you would have to find yourself. If I killed a pmc that was rocking an ak47, I might say "Meh, I've got enough aks already" but I could also see that his AK as a special camo on his upper receiver(which you can't buy) and decide to drop more valuable items to pick up this unvaluable gun. You could hit max traders but still want to hit some crates during your raids, in case you can find that missing digital camo upper receiver part for your m4 or a FDE suppressor to complete your AK. Greetings, L3
  13. Vril

    Save setup configuration

    instead of buying every attachment e.g. weapon, grip, magazine, scope, ammunition and heal by my own, i should have the option to save a configuration and buy everything with a single click
  14. Can we make a thread where we can report these assholes who are weapon glitching? If you don't know what weapon glitching, watch this video: All content removed by Mr_Sheep.
  15. Title says it all. Its an abuse of a game mechanic and not intended. Should fix asap and ban those abusing it.
  16. saibot0


    AN94 is an awesome russian rifle that i'd like to see in the game.
  17. NeuroticJade


  18. Babimko

    7.62x51 ammo?

    I spoted 7.62x51 ammo, level 4 Skier sells them. Whats the use of it when no gun fires that caliber? A tease maybe?
  19. Dear Developers, a little Detail I would love to see in this game: If you inspect a weapon show - who has initially bought or looted it - or even show the history of owners It would be only one Variable or Table-Entry and it would be big fun. Well at least my my buddies and I would like to see that feature. Anyways your game is awesome and so much fun to play. Cheers from Germany Speedz
  20. Gatman55

    Stripped down gun parts

    It would be nice to see weapon crates spawn stripped guns rather than full guns and ammo. I know you can find upper receivers etc. But it would also be nice to find the lower receiver in crates rather than having to buy/trade for a generic m4 off the trader to modify it. When I first found the LVOA upper receiver I was looking forward to build from scratch, but after seeing that I couldn't buy the stripped down lower.", it was a bit of a bummer. Is this something that may eventually happen?
  21. tigakilla12

    Not receiving insurance

    Anyone else not receiving insurance..... before someone says "maybe someone picked it up?" Playing duos and gear gets dumped in secure location and never get it back. It has been three full days and I should have gotten back a total of 8. Is this happening to anyone else?
  22. FatRat

    Scar-l // Scar-H

    Hey Escape Team I was wondering if you guys planning to implant the Scar-h 7.62 and Scar-l 5.56 Model it should be good because they have a lot of rail and they can be highly modified like everyone need And i think its a pretty popular gun ! Its just a suggestion! Thanks FatRat Out!
  23. Now we are able to fold weapons in players inventory which take less space in stack it would be nice to be able to fold weapons while in scav loot transfer inventor too. Right now you can only discard or inspect but not fold the stock. Especially for people with small stash this would be a nice way to safe some space. Also I think it would be easy to implement for the developers since this already exists, but the context menu entry is just not available.
  24. liontamer32

    Shooting Range

    I think we should be able to test out each weapon and scope we have in our stash to see what our preference is in a closed situation where we cannot be killed