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Found 69 results

  1. Weapon weight and length currently are not taken into account when calculating the weapon ergo, and IMO it should, both for the sake of immersion as well as balance. Immersion because it is really weird seeing someone lift a 8KG weapon with about the size of a regular human just as fast as a pistol. Balance because it would actually make all(most) attachments as well as smaller guns viable since if you want to have a fast CQB weapon you would have to consider weapon weight / length. If you want to play more defensively/slow you can maximize the recoil reduction but you would suffer the penalties of having a huge and heavy rifle. Long barrel and heavy weapons would still be powerful but have a limitation quite similar to the real world. Short and light guns would finally have a role in EFT other than meme runs. Further down the line weight distribution over the gun could be added in a simplistic form to make it more 'realistic'.
  2. Escapers, We now have this thread created for you to share your weapon modifications. Escape from Tarkov is significant regarding modding weapons, and it is one of our best features. And we know you love doing that as well. So, this thread will be dedicated for you to show off your works with the community and us. Regularly, we will be selecting a couple of screenshots and upload it on our official Facebook page. We have created an album dedicated explicitly to this where you will see your screenshot posted and your name tagged on it. Sounds interesting? Drop your screenshots below! The higher the quality, the better! The Facebook album can be found by clicking here! You can take screenshots in the game by clicking on the "Print Screen" (PrtScn) key on your keyboard. You can find the screenshots in your documents folder in "\Documents\Escape from Tarkov\Screenshots." Or you can use sites such as Imgur. P.S: No phone camera captures, please. Enjoy!
  3. MrPeebles

    Weapon Selling Bug?!

    Hi, first of all I can't enter the bug report section of the forum so I'm just posting this here. I just saw the patch released today and I must have missed something (I'm pretty sure I haven't but ok) because I can't sell any disassembled gun to any trader (aka any non functional weapon). What the hell is up with that? Makes no sense that I can't sell my guns by parts. Is this a bug or a new feature?
  4. SpaceXplorer77

    Polish Rifle GROT

    Introducing Polish made riffle GROT. Please add this to Tarkov. I'll be Proud.
  5. Here is my big rant on the current ammo/weapon state of the game, please comment and let's discuss what needs changing and what is fine in your experience. Personally I prefer variety/viability in largest possible amount of different calibers and weapons to there being only one viable weapon and one viable ammo in each caliber (that is easily obtainable by fleamarket). Gameplaywise it is just boring to me. 12/70: There is currently a nice amount of different ammo, however in the slugs category people tend to run only AP20, I see extremely rarely any other slugs and they seem to not be viable on damage/penetration comparatively (also since you can craft AP20 on hideout why wouldnt you only use it?) buckshots/flechette feel decent, although I dont think ive ever seen 5.25mm/6.5mm being used. Currently three pump-actions and two semi-autos which is a good amount pump-action fire rate bit slow? maybe introduce a double-barrel/bolt-action trash tier weapon in the future? also am I the only one that feels the three slot saiga12 mags are annoying and make no sense? (2 slot 60 rounders and 50 rounders easily obtainable on assault rifles) 20/70: it is never used currently (only one bolt-action gun atm), needs more weapons in this caliber, at least one pump-action and semi-auto (the 20gauge version of Mossberg/Saiga would be a quick fix for example) maybe bring the ammo stats slightly closer to 12/70 while obviously still keeping it inferior (with maybe better recoil/handling parameters) hard to estimate ammo since toz is so different compared to other shotguns 9x18mm makarov lots of different ammo that rarely sees any use, penetration feels just too poor on the current best rounds not really weapons that could be used outside finding it in raid (although stetchkin is fun to me at least on unarmored opponents) slight penetration buffs on the ammo, while still keeping it inferior to 9x19mm? although as an older obsolete cartridge should propably be kept as an inferior level 1-2 trader early game weapons introduce moddable smg and pistol using this cartridge? 9x18mm version of PP-19 Bizon for example? 7.62x25mm suffers from same issues as the 9x18mm, penetration worse than in 9x18mm although to my understanding it is a fast cartridge with decent armor penetration in real life (well real life is real life though) currently one ww2 pistol/smg, I did ran some budget runs with the pistol on early levels, ammo felt really underwhelming maybe penetration buffs on this ammo as well? up the penetration to be comparable to 9x19mm with low flesh damage? (since it is a fast, smaller bullet) since this is also an older obsolete design could also be kept as an lvl 1-2 trader early game weapon? (would still need a buff just for that imo) moddable smg/pistol in this cartridge as well in future? 7.62x25mm version of the PP-19 Bizon for example? 9x19mm Nice variety of weapons currently, several pistols and smgs that are moddable with the addition of 7N31 is viable in the end game, in a good state currently imo green tracer/Luger CCI seem redundant green tracer is atm LL3 Mechanic with inferior stats to LL1 Pst GZH Quakemaker available at LL2 Peacekeeper with superior stats compared to luger CCI that is LL4 Skier atm other than that in a really good spot .45acp only 1911 currently, weapons upcoming soon on this caliber 12.7 introduced new ammo that seems decent, the AP round seems comparable to the 7N31 with slightly less pen and higher damage seems fine currently, colt feels somewhat inaccurate at long range 9x21mm currently only the SR-1MP, needs more weapons in this caliber (seems to be planned in the future) pistol feels decent, currently 7N31 has same pen with lower damage than the best ammo in 9x21mm, maybe slight pen buff to this? (since it is an "larger" cartridge) 5.7x28mm Currently the five-seven and the P90 seem good and it is a decent end game viable caliber (although SS190 is inferior to 7N31 currently statwise) Not sure if there exists other weapons that could be added in this caliber? althoug seems pretty good with just the P90 and five-seven. 4.6x30mm only MP7 varations currently on this caliber, not even sure if there exists any other weapons in this caliber, would be nice to add variety if possible. MP7 feels currently extremely strong and the ammo has very high pen, a bit too strong? 9x39mm VAL and Vintorez currently, new weapons planned Currently very strong caliber in the game, sometimes feels like everyone is running VAL... bit hard to say if this needs any balancing or changes currently, maybe since it is so popular in late game? .366TKM with the introduction of the AP round with 90 damage and 42 pen feels like the new meta currently, gotten crazy amount of kills with this lately. VPO-209/VPO-215 are the weapons currently, even more variety would be nice, maybe the .366 sks in the future? I'm guessing the AP round needs a slight nerf, other than that really fun budget caliber at least to me 5.45x39mm early game ammo seems a tad weak BT, BS and igolnik are pretty much the only rounds I see people using nice variety in weapons, other than maybe needing slight ammo balancing is fine atm. 5.56x45mm similar situation to 5.45 M856A1, M855A1 and M995 are the only rounds I see people using, most used caliber in the game propably atm, getting headshotted constantly by M855A1, also a great variety in weapons atm, slight balancing of the early game ammo maybe but other than that feels fine? 7.62x39mm PS and BP are the only rounds being used, PS propably the strongest ammo to use in the early levels, nice variety in weapons BP very viable in late game, seems fine atm. Changes to HP, US and T45M maybe? 7.62x51mm slightly nerfed due to thorax health increase, lots of weapons in this caliber, feels very viable and used a lot in the endgame not sure what the point of the new M993 was when compared to M61. currently seems fine? bolt-actions a tad weak? 7.62x54mm also slightly nerfed due to thorax health increase, still seeing lots of mosinmans running with 7N1 since it can onetap thorax currently seems fine, SVD is really fun. slightly buff T-46M, 7N37 and 7BT1? what do you think? suggestions?
  6. Henri_Guisan_CH

    Real weapons of Tarkov

    Hey Escapers! For those of you who are sport shooters, collectors or activ/vet military I create this thread. Here you have the possibility to publish your private weapons. Optimal of course if they are modified in Tarkov manner or at least related to the game content. The idea would be to show your own material and not to post any pictures from the net. Of course field reports, dealer info and ideas are welcome. What do you think of my AKU?
  7. Ubspy

    Weapon configuration saves

    I know you guys get a lot of suggestions, and you're working hard on the game, but I wanted to give some opinions on something that's been annoying me recently. Whenever you buy a weapon, it always is set to single fire, and the only way to change it is during the raid. I think it would be nice if there was a way to change this before going into raid, since usually when you spawn in your first instinct is to start moving. I think it would be helpful to do the same for zeroing your sights. Every time I get a new sight, it seems like it's at a random zero number. One last note, I'm pretty certain that my sight zeroing doesn't save between raids, I always find myself having to change it back to my preference. While with the full auto or single fire thing, I can just press b. Zeroing is a lot more tedious. I think it would be cool if you could change that stuff out of raid, and made zeroing persistent across raids. Thank you for reading, keep up the good work.
  8. TheSzeckler

    New Weaponry

    I am sure this suggestions have been made already many many times Nikita, but please hear me out. Here are some of my personal favourites that would also be super cool to have ingame: FN SCAR 17 Heavy / Mk17 AA12 Kar98k Sniper [this had a special sniper bullet] M1 Garand G36 [Bundeshwehr Spec] FR-F1 Sniper
  9. RichardKeerman

    Beretta 92FS (weapon suggestion)

    Is there a dedicated thread for this, I could not find one. "The Beretta 92FS has been setting the standards for best military, police and tactical pistol for over a quarter century." Would be amazing to have this weapon in Tarkov. http://www.beretta.com/en/92-fs/
  10. VirAle

    Can't put 3.5 on mosin

    Is is a bug? i can't put 3.5x on my mosin. helppppppp
  11. xRAxThanatos

    Any news on double barrel?

    Any news on how long the double barrel is going to be? Saw stuff about it like 2 years ago saying was going to be put in and heard nothing of it since. Thanks.
  12. TheMostOG

    We need this in game

    I'm a firm believer that this game will only be improved upon by adding the Hi point c9 Yeet cannon into the game, let's pull together as a community and bring this to the attention of the developers. with enough support we can get a truly re-memorable weapon into one of my favorite games, so i'm starting the campaign "Bring the Yeet to tarkov" now go gamers and spread the good word!!
  13. Hello! I was wondering or if anyone knows, will there be an update in the future where you can try modifying all guns in the future? I love diving into modding weapons but I can only modify the weapons and attachments I currently have. Will there be the possibility of being able to just modify all guns (include ones you dont have) but this does not go into your actual progress, more like a demo room to try out guns you may have not gotten a hold of yet
  14. St1ngs

    Gun Jamming/ Gun Cleaning

    TL;DR: Rework to Gun Jamming I don't know how the community would receive a gun update, but here's my idea. I know that it would be probably a lot of work, with adding new items or maybe animation, but what if the gun jamming was reworked. As of this point in the game, unless changed without my knowledge, gun jamming works where after around 30 % durability left, after every 5,6 or 7 bullets, the next bullet will get stuck with the failure to eject/stovepipe (It may not be, as the bullet is still within its casing in the video) . As well, the spray pattern becomes worse and worse. Now thank you to the devs for implementing this feature, along with some really cool animations and voice lines, but almost every tarkov player has never experienced this in game, due to how near impossible it is to get your gun to such a bad condition. Buying a gun off of traders are always 100% durability, where as the flee market stays in the higher 90's maybe 80's (even the disassembled non working guns). By this standard, non one will ever see a jam. Pestily did a great video on gun jamming covering everything that the game current has in place (I'll link his video at the bottom), but he stated that around 4,800 rounds needed to be fired before a gun will start jamming. Personally, if we are talking realism here, because that is a huge focus with this game, I feel like this is an overstep towards players. Gun jamming happens much more often in real life. Now, yes it is hard to balance this if it gets stepped up. But I like Pestily's suggestion of moving it to 1,000, but I feel like 500 rounds would be more realistic. Another reason players will likely never experience this is if the gun somehow ever gets down in durability, like armor, you can repair it. Now because there hasn't been that much testing, and I don't have anywhere near that much time, I am unsure if gun repair mechanics work like armor repair, where the more armor gets repaired, the less effective it becomes. But even if that is the case, you will still never have the animation in game unless you are trying to get this done. My thoughts are, move gun jamming up to around 75% durability. Gun jamming occurs at 500-1000 rounds fired if not repaired. As well, possibly add different types of jams, depending on the durability left, such as failure to feed once below 50% durability. Maybe implement a feature where scav players can spawn in with lower durability guns, such as maybe AKM/Vepos with no dust covers 😂, then you can get the jam animation. Another idea, although this would be a huge project in itself alone. Using the already existing workbench, maybe at level 2, add gun cleaning, such as a more personal repair option. A small mini game of some sorts. I will add a disclaimer, as I am no gun expert (looking at google for items lol), I just believe that this would be a very cool addition, feel free to correct me in the comments. I believe the devs have already gotten halfway there, as we have the ability to completely disassemble weapons down to bare bones, with only receivers remaining. All the components are there, now only wear and tear would need to be added. And maybe some items added such as a bore brush, cleaning solvent. We already have gun lube, screw drivers, and flashlights. Then you would need to balance the conditions required for maintenance. Not every raid would require maintenance, but depending on the conditions and what you got into, it would vary. For example, weather cycles through rain the Tarkov, realistically, guns should be cleaned after exposure to moisture to prevent rusting of metals. As well, different types of ammo fire can cause different types of build up within the chamber, such as carbon build up within revolvers. I feel like if the devs want this to be a feature it should be, seeing as how the devs added overweight functionality and although not that well received with the community, it certainly has been accepted and everyone has found ways to deal with the addition.
  15. Might be a dumb question... But I wanted to know if anyone else has had the same experience, and what resulted of it. I was trying to load into a raid on my pmc, I was bringing with me a pretty valuable AR. It was worth about 400-500k, as well as a few mags and armor and what not. When I tried loading into the game, I was waiting to match with players for about 15 minutes, then my game crashed. I re-opened knowing I will be able to get back into the raid, but then I got stuck at "creating loot pools". Game crashes again.... I once again re-open and to my horror, I am returned to the main menu. EVERYTHING is gone, every part of my pmc's body was 5 or below. I lost well over 500k in gear, all because I couldn't connect to the raid. I guess my question is, does anyone know if Battle State has the ability to return these Items? Has anyone had a similar experience where they were or were not returned? I'm just ultra bummed because I spent so long working on building this gun, finally got it put together and went to take it on a test drive... and then lose it ALL. Not to mention it was my first big gun build since I started playing. Like I said, probably a dumb question, but hey... a mans gotta try. And also, no I wasn't just killed and salty about it..
  16. It is frustrating when you do not have any space in your tactical vest but you want to load a magazine that is already attached to a gun. It would be great to have a feature where you are able to load a magazine which is attached to a gun without actually removing it from the weapon and putting it into your vest/backpack. I would think one would be rendered immobile while performing this action as the character would have to use both hands to perform the magazine loading. Since the character would not be putting anything away in the available space, realistically they would have to put the gun down on the ground, hence rendering them immobile/unable to use said weapon.
  17. Hi. As you can see in the title, a weapon I would like to see into the game is the SR-3M «Vikhr». A weapon based in an AS VAL, but shorter. And prettier But not only this... if it could be with KardeN´s customization kit, It would be better.. I think it could be a very versatile submachine gun for CQB sites like the resort.Here you can see about what I´m speaking about: https://k-a-r-d-e-n.livejournal.com/30101.html
  18. I've mostly run into AK and moslings in Tarkov, I'm wondering what other people see?
  19. I am wondering would it be possible to drop a weapon with double pressing on a sidearm or second weapon for faster switching on it when you need to just like you drop a magazine for a faster reload while double pressing it ?
  20. squidwardo

    Ability paint guns

    As stated. Ability to get removed with paint stripper? Maybe players have the option to turn off other players painted guns? I think it would just be that little extra step in gun modding to make a weapon really feel finished and yours. Anyone agree? :)
  21. xJustin_Case

    MPT-76 Weapon Suggestion

    I would like to see Turkish origin National Infantry Rifle MPT-76 in Escape From Tarkov. If appropriate, we can send you all the references you need. References are about 500 MB. MPT-76 The MPT-76(means in Turkish:Milli Piyade Tüfeği,in English:National Infantry Rifle) is a modular rifle designed by MKEK Kalekalıp and produced by MKEK to meet the demands of the Turkish Armed Forces and to replace its aging Heckler & Koch G3 battle rifles due to most of them being near the end of their service life.The MPT-76 is the first rifle successfully passed 42 difficult NATO tests such as,cold and hot weather,rain and mud. Design Its design was based on the AR-15,but with the gas piston system influenced by the HK417.It has a Picatinny rail system and mounting options for an under-barrel shotgun and grenade launcher. Specifications Weight : 4.1 kg (9.0 lb) Length : 920 mm (36 in)[2] Barrel length : 406 mm (16.0 in) Cartridge : 7.62×51mm NATO Action : Gas-operated, rotating bolt Rate of fire : 700 rounds/min[3] Muzzle velocity : 800 m/s (2,600 ft/s)[2] Effective firing range: 600 m (660 yd)[2] Feed system: 20-round detachable magazine[2] Sights: Iron sights or various optics Here is the review of Zenith Firearms for MPT-76.
  22. Lundei

    Weapon RK62/95

    Hello, is there any plans for RK-62? Its oldest version of rk's and use almost Same parts than ak
  23. hoodedpatriot

    Weapon Tag and Icon Graphic Idea

    I think it would essentially be a good idea to add metal weapon tag and icon graphic for Escape From Tarkov weapons. Now some may say that is a bad idea which I agree if there are no restrictions to this idea. Restrictions: Reach a specific level Complete a quest Design boundary limits on the weapon Weapon Tag 6 characters long Benefits: Can be kept as a trophy case if eliminating top level twitch streamers or people in leader-board. Weapon has a name and it is becomes more precious to you and because why not? Graphic Concept attached
  24. Hello everyone, sorry for the text but i'm using Google translator. It would be nice to be able to recharge the magazine in the gun, keeping the "R" key pressed. You would avoid entering the menu to reload 4-5 rounds. For a more immersive realism. Thank you
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