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  1. C0ckHolster

    Stripper Clips for Top Fed Rifles.

    I was thinking with my last 2 brain cells, Could we maybe get stripper clips added for SKS, Mosin Rifles, and in the future for pistols or rifles that are top fed? Maybe 5-round Stripper Clips for the Mosin's, and 5 or 10-round Stippers for the SKS. The 5-rounders taking up a single slot and 10 rounds taking up 2 (1x2 slots) Maybe the 10-round 9x19 pistol (if a MauserC96 is added in the future) can take up a single slot. Just a question.
  2. C-GEE


    I think it would be really interesting to have a British SAS Faction, I'm sure someone from every country has made a post like this, but being in the British army myself, I can tell you now the L Style weaponry is really interesting, and SAS and Police forces use the MP5 models which are already in game, but models like the L85 and L115A are really interesting weapons, I think implementing guns like the Glock 17 would be a good popular choice. Just another idea in the hat.
  3. d3adlyz3bra

    MCX Buffer Tuber Adapter

    So they added the Sig MCX rifle to the game with 12.9. Only thing i think they need to fix with it is that the buffer tuber adapter for the MPX doesnt also fit on it when they both have the same 1913 rail in the back for stocks/braces. I am actually in the middle of buying an MCX Virtus from Sig and have the knuckle adapter, as sig calls it, on my desk at the moment with a CTR stock installed.

    Loading a big magazine with no space

    There have been many times when I load in as a scav or a PMC with a big magazine that won’t fit in my rig. When I drop the mag on the ground I would like to be able to just load it straight into the weapon without having to put it in my rig or back pack first if that makes sense.
  5. devast8r

    MP-155 Ultima and AK-19

    Is Escape from Tarkov in the future going to add MP-155 Ultima Shotgun and AK-19?
  6. TarkovEscaper


    Name: P226 Type: pistol Place of origin: Germany, Switzerland Produced: 1983 - current Variants: P226 Rail, many variants planned Tac Ops, Navy, Elite e.t.c. Caliber: 9х19мм Parabellum, .40 S&W, .357 SIG Action: blowback Feed system: magazine Customization: Slide, barrel, grips, magazine, muzzle device, rail atachments Perfect design, double action, no manual safety, highly operational, from civilians to US Navy Seals. Its all about 226 series.
  7. I think it would add to the games overall experience to put random conditions to weapons found on for example scavs. Personally I haven't experienced even one malfunction on any weapon and I have been playing the game for about a year now.
  8. Sarmaa

    USEC or BEAR

    Who has better weapons.
  9. brian71mm

    PP-19 vs. PP-19 zenit

    So I've been playing for roughly two months now just realized that there are two versions of the pp19, however I Cant really find any differences between the two. Anyone have any answers?
  10. jfelipe123456

    Full chest Rig Reload

    Whe you reload with a full rig in Tarkov, the magazine that was in your weapons in dropped. So we all know that if a chest rig has 6 magazines slots, we only put 5, but what if there was a new reload when your rig is full? An animation like the M4 in COD:MW where instead of taking the magazine out of the weapon e puting other, he first take a new mag and swaps with the old one. This would lead to a new way of reload and play, where if you use a full rig, you would have more magazines/bullets, but the reload time would be longer.
  11. Hi, I'm Trakov fan as well as a gun enthusiast from Germany. I love Tarkov and I suggested this game to a lot of friends of mine that are also into guns like me. They are usually impressed by the huge amount of possibilities that the modding system provides. But as soon as they get their own copy of the game they are immediately turn down by one big thing .. you just can't by enought stuff from level 1 traders to use this awesome system. And this is the point my suggestion steps in: "Please give the level 1 traders these cheap weapon mods we all know from these tacticool range n
  12. HarlemWalker

    New Weapons

    Dear Battlestate, first of all I wanted to thank you guys for making this game. It almost feels like something I would have made. EFT is amazing and the only feedback I can give you guys is to implement turkish weapons into the game. I'm sure it will be no problem regarding the licenses. There are weapons like: Canik TP9, MPT-76, Sarsilmaz SAR-308 (AK) etc. I'm looking forward to see new content from EFT as I'm a huge fan. Btw it would be nice to see a PS5 version in the future but who knows. Best regards, HarlemWalker
  13. I am sure that Battlestate Games had cross path to the introduction of 5.56x45mm variation of the AK-100 series ( AK-19) another neat addition to the AK-12/15 rifles once they're includ to the game.
  14. Hello, I would like to see ingame few Czech weapons. Our guns are worldwide famous like CZ75 pistol, Scorpion 61 submachinegun, SA VZ.58 assault rifle. Now we have new models, whose popularity rising. I would love to use them in EFT, CZ 805 Bren or CZ 806 Bren (CZ BREN 2) and Scorpion EVO 3 A1. CZ 805 Bren Scorpion EVO 3 A1 CZ BREN 2 - CZ 806 Bren
  15. I bought the Valday 1x/6x optics and it will not let me toggle between the two magnification. Need some help onto why this is happening.
  16. Iannie

    No Reticle illumination

    Hey there everybody! Since a few weeks I have a bug, where I can't switch on the weapon reticle illumination. As far as I know, the Monstro and the Pilad have illumination option, by pressing alt+right click. I do that, I hear the button click, but nothing happens. I was able to do it before, suddenly it's not possible any more. Does anybody else have this bug? THX
  17. Hello, thought I would start this discussion to see what people's favorite weapons are and why. Feel free to go in depth about statistics and maybe what ammo you use. Personally I love the Orsis T-5000, since I have always loved sniping in games.
  18. brokenpotato

    Mosin should only hold 4+1 bullets

    In game, the mosin nagant can hold 5 rounds if the magazine is removed in the stashe and loaded, plus a 6th round in the chamber. IRL, the mosin holds 4 rounds in the magazine plus a 5th in the chamber. (The magazine can hold 5 rounds but the bolt would not close). BSG please fix
  19. As a lvl 2 PMC (my first wipe) I need advice. I don't have access to the flea market yet and here are my weapon options: 1. Mosin(infantry, 34000₽) 2. SKS(23000₽) 3. PP-91 Kedr(20700₽) Which one is currently the strongest option? Mosin fits my play style the most. I like shooting hard hitting, slow ROF weapons at distance and I have shitty armour so I play carefully and avoid CQB. I read posts from 2019 in which people were complaining that Mosin can one shot 4 tier armour by hitting in the chest with LPS GHZ round so devs nerfed it. Is weapon(ammo) still good after ne
  20. TheMostOG

    We need this in game

    I'm a firm believer that this game will only be improved upon by adding the Hi point c9 Yeet cannon into the game, let's pull together as a community and bring this to the attention of the developers. with enough support we can get a truly re-memorable weapon into one of my favorite games, so i'm starting the campaign "Bring the Yeet to tarkov" now go gamers and spread the good word!!
  21. R0shanata99

    Makeshift Weapons

    So, When I was playing this last weak, I finally noticed that weapons had durability and I began thinking about how the mechanics for that could be used and came up with an idea for improvised weapons that can be made in the hideout. Russia and eastern-European countries have had a long history of producing weapons from a disadvantage and turning them into staples of war, from Molotovs to magnet-mines. Some examples would be slam-fired shotguns, Molotovs, etc. The main thought I had was an article of a Russian sniper who built and used a rifle made entirely of pipe material. It was a Single-
  22. When scavs are not in combat they just stand around pointing their guns at echother. It makes the feel robotic because holding a rilfe upp for extanded periods of time is tiring. So what im suggesting is to make scavs and player the ability to lower their gun. Benefits for the player. It could make so stamina regens a bit faster. Potential key bind Ctrl x2 The pictures are exaples from Arma 3 of bots with their guns lowered.
  23. Jolds75

    Rank the weapons.

    How would you guys rank the weapons from best to worst? Take into account: price, attachments available, and ammunition availability/cost/damage.
  24. Sorry I’m on a mobile device so difficult to search the forums with my fat fingers! Has anyone else noticed a lack of weapons being returned from insurance the last few weeks? I am throwing my mates weapons into really obscure places so no one finds them and the insurance brings them back, and yet they never seem to return. Everything else does. Only time they do seem to return is if I throw them into water where the player can’t go. Just curious. Ta V
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