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Found 9 results

  1. Another suggestion: Please make a keybinding for toggle headsets on or off, because like in real life I would like to shut headset off when it's raining and im outside because its deafening.
  2. MrColonel

    About weather system of the game

    Is it possible to add more complex weather such as heavy rain with thunder, fog, snowstorm, sandstorm into game further? If so, in that case, player can track footprints from another one in snow weather, player cannot make a aim and shot with the gun had sight to the enemy prefect in storm weather, player will fall in rain weather if they run too fast. I think it will be more fantastic and challenge to play shooting game in more complex environment for player. Regards
  3. Bratteb

    crazy weather and rain in general

    So... devs, Im asking you. whats up with the crazy monsoon season rain? its been slightly better lately, but a week ago there was constant freakin' tropical thunderstorm rain going on every single time i played for well over a week. now firstly, its extremely loud and damned annoying. some rain is nice and all, but you have seriously topped it off here both in intensity and duration. even when playing with friends the rain is so loud we can barely commuinicate with eachother on Discord. which i admidt is not totally unrealistic, but come on... Secondly, not that i have a monster computer, but I am noticing FPS drops by almost half when it rains (not even extensively, and this was today), and we've seen the videos explaining how important FPS "really" is in this game. Now ofcourse, this would then apply to everyone on the map, but wouldnt this also be an argument to tone down the rain some? Also, as its not a totally unimportant argument. I do believe that people in general (including EfT playerbase) prefer to play more than 30% of their ingame raids in, lets say... not crappy weather conditions. even 60-70% of sunny sunny raids wouldnt be bad, and also encourages people to go for longer range and use marksman rifles. in advance, thank you for your responce and adjustment on this matter
  4. Hi all, how do I change the weather condistions as I like when using the offline mode plz?
  5. Zadkiel


    I know It is not an easy feature to get snow into the weather system IG. But it would be : - Realistic (snow did happen in russia) - A Massive gameplay change (with footsteeps in snow, sounds etc) - Nice looking for those enjoying snow
  6. AODqw97

    The weather in Tarkov

    This is some fanboy type love, so if you don't like the look of it, don't look at it.. I would like to commend and congratulate the devs for the weather effects in game and what I believe may be more recent improvements to it as well. Our group were in a few raids last night and this was a big subject of discussion. The weather effects never cease to amaze us, from beautiful red sunrises with the mist burning off over the horizon through the woods. To the wind effects and the swaying of the fauna and trees (albeit slightly too much sway at distance at this time we feel). the raindrops on the guns and your screen are so immersive and well animated they look so beliveable. Last night iced the cake for us, torrential rain, thunder and lightning with water running down the screen, a real droning noise to accompany which works both for and against you. We were just blown away with this, absolutely the best weather effects of any game, ever! Weather systems and effects are something that so many other titles have never managed to recreate but BSG has really nailed it. Well done devs, I look forward to much more of the same going forward.
  7. njdaemon


    Hi everyone, I'm just curious about your game-play weather conditions as for the past 2 or 3 days I've had nothing but cloudy skies.. am I the only one or has weather been modified? Before this it was usually sunny.. sometimes a bit of a rain but it's all cloudy non-stop now.. please let me know what your weather conditions have been in the past two days. thanks!
  8. kripto202


    It would be interesting that there would be seasons in the game. It would add a whole new dynamic with being cold. For example, People would have to wear jackets instead of armor all the time if they want to survive the winter cold and I think winter can be pretty harsh there. Also character traits would come into play. For example, bear wouldn't get as cold since they are used to it. While USEC could be more camouflaged for the winter. Anything like this could make the game more dynamic. I can easily see a huge snow storm and it really hampers your visibility and you could walk right by each other.
  9. From all streams and video i have watch of recents escape from tarkov gameplay i have seen , none of them now have night time or dusk & dawn , what happen with this ? Will day and night and weather effect such as rain etc... are still part of the game plan ? Have they been remoove to polish them up further or are they have been remoove from the game compleatly ? Because to be it seams kinda dull to see the environement skybox to always remain the same ... Anyones have information about these features ?
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