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Found 5 results

  1. I clicked on doing a offline raid and i am 100% no way what so ever. So i wanted to test something. then i instantly get into a raid ofc with no matching and the 10 second timer and then i disconnect and lose everything.....

    Funny/Strange Scav run stories

    So far I've noticed while doing scav runs I run into either the weirdest things or the funniest things happen to me so I think it's high time we all start sharing our cheeki breeki tales with one another and what gear we walked away(if you survived). I'll start with what I can best say is......THUNDERDOME on Customs. Going about the usual in a scav run made a wiggle pact with another player scav. Mosey my way over to 3 story dorms after hearing a ton of gunfire hid in a room for a while til I think it's safe enough to loot what's left. Hear some footsteps from outside continue to hide pop out once I hear the sound of people rummaging through pockets and vests i peek out not expecting to won the fight but to maybe just get one guy....I see two and neither has noticed my presence so from everything I assume they're hatch-lings that had a similar idea as me. I line up a shot on the first guy as he had an ak in hand and armor so i figured take him out quickly. Then I realize they're player scavs but knowing how EFT works in scav runs for players when it comes to how much loot was there wiggle pacts go out the window. I one tap the first guy in the head and unload my pistol into the second. I go looting thinking that those two had killed at least 2-3 of the guys from the firefight that ensued before and as i read the CoD on the tags I found out the pmcs had all killed each other...........long story short 8 men went into the dorms that run.....only one man come out. Loot: 2 Scav BP 1 Modded AK 105 1 TAC COM SKS 1 Commando rig 5 pmc dog tags GEN 4 Assault armor 1 Kiver 1 COMTACS(peltors are poopy though ;P) ammo and mags for the guns assorted meds and a sense of holy crap
  3. My raid pal, TMA1Capwn, saw the Proper quest and took this picture the weird part is, is that their both family heirlooms. Battlestate have you been stalking my boy?
  4. So, my factory key is missing and my decked out AKS74 is missing, I clearly remember I didn't bring it on Any raids, just placed it nicely on my character, went on a scav raid(it might even happened before I got on the raid idk man shits weird) and i checked back its gone, the vest backpack, the gun everything, like, just gone. the next time I logged in, some items in my gamma case is missing, especially the key. The damn fuggin key I grinded for hours looking for. Just recently i entered a raid at 11PM(game time) with my AK74N, and some vest I looted on a factory raid long ago, I was at the gas station, shooting at a scav, thought that I died, and when the death screen came out(the screen where it shows you your character, who you were killed by and exp earned) and it says no one. No gaps, spaces, dots, underline etc. Wtf? Ever since the MP5 update, hackers been coming out like nani kore wa? I'm mainly concerned about the disspearance of my gear and the key that's missing from the gamma case. Anyone else getting this kind of issue? or is it just me being lucky to get hacked on?
  5. lcxrp

    Offline weird bots.

    Hey buddies, Lucas here, from Brazil. Before something else, my english is rusty and I don't like to use google translat. I'm here to ask something that happens in offline raids: Sometimes, the bots looks like so strange, I mean, they shooting on roof, move from side to side quickly without leave the spot. When the bots run, the sound crash to. I don't believe it's my PC settings: i5 7400 3.0 GHz, RAM 16gb, GTX 1070, the game is installed on my SSD drive. I rec a video, if u want to see, teel me how to send to u. What is this? Can u help me? Thanks.
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