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Found 2 results

  1. PuddleMurda

    Very inconvenient lag

    A bit pissed off now. Almost rage quit and was about to let this ruin my evening, but I thought; -Let's go flaming in the forum instead! Just started a raid at customs... yadda yadda yadda... about 10 minutes of raiding, scav headshots and general ****ing about, and I had not experienced a single stutter or lag. Then... another player and me run into each other. I am in a slightly elevated position on a warehouse loading dock. He is down on the grass below me, about 5-6 meters away. I see him first, so I aim down my reflex sight and start unloading... at least that's what I think. After the first shot from my PS loaded SKS goes off, a giant cluster **** of a lag. The player rubberbands backwards a little bit, while I try to follow him with my laggy as **** aim, and simultaneously spamming the RMB. Maybe one more shot goes off, some 5-6 clicks later, not on target as my PMC is suffering severe lag-spasms. The dude hoses me down, while rubberbanding, and I am dead. A little too many of these broken moments in this game. As survival is the main goal here, not being able to survive every other raid due to this kind of poo is not favorable. In a game where every encounter with another player means a lot more than a point on a sheet, or a quick re-spawn, these performance issues has got to go. Note; I don't care that I lost whatever gear I had. I am not salty I got killed. However, it pisses me the **** off when I invest time and effort in to a raid, only to have it end due to a technical malfunction. Rant over.
  2. So, now the BETA is out there (Awesome work guys) I was wondering what is the next big thing to be hyped about? Of course, I know there are things that need tweaking, fixing, but I find it exhausting that everytime Battlestate comes out with some news or whatsoever people instantly whine and nag about stuff that needs fixing. We don't have to remind them EVERYTIME that they are developing a game that is in progress. Come on . So, that said, we had the Shoreline location to be very hyped about. And it was worth waiting! Things to look out to: - Hideout - Shoreline full map - Streets of Tarkov map - Karmasystem (I know I know) - Stuff from the dev reports? <-- where are we on this right now? Like the new animations, lock picking, voip, chat etc - New weapons - Removal of the amount of bullets left in your inventory - (..?) Let's make this a POSITIVE TOPIC
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