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Found 5 results

  1. FranTo

    No veo en interiores

    Me sucede que al estar en interiores se ve todo extremadamente oscuro y no puedo ver nada, y la configuración no me permite regular la iluminación, ya probé cambiando la iluminación de mi pc y tampoco nada, alguno sabe que podría hacer?
  2. DARK3063

    Post apocalyptic camping ahead.

    This feature is going to make players ignore quests, and prioritize hunting each other. Camping will increase by 200%. The mag box is now 100% useless. Hatchling runs will increase by 200% because any area worth something is now going to be camped 24/7. Absolutely no one is going to go after the keys anymore with a single piece of loot on them. The player population will drop by 36% within the first month, because the players that can't "get good" are just going to rage quit because it's going to feel like their getting bullied by the players that already completed the quests. I predict the companies total revenue will drop by about 56% after this bad image will stain the game forever just like how in rust people don't like playing it anymore, because they know they're going to get gang-raped by a clan of 30. This change is going to be very ducking bad for the longevity of the game. And when I mean camping I don't mean fully gear buff dudes camping the zone. I mean a bunch of ducking assholes that might as well be considered lesser beings than bunch of scavs, laying in bushes with scoped mosins, and sks's. I predict post-apocalyptic levels of game ruining camping, that will turn your streaming tarkov experience into a Mosin run hell hole. I suggest this change to secure containers be held back until a solution that doesn't involve crippling the game is found. Welcome to Space Mexico.
  3. JamB04

    Amigo Baneado

    banearon a mi amigo y lo banearon sin razon, llevaba 2 meses sin jugar al entrar y decia baneado, algun moderador que pueda solucionar o dar informacion la razon del baneo, nunca ocupo hacks ni nada de eso. saludos
  4. LennyPlays

    Spawns and Team Killing

    The spawns should be fixed, so they are random or something else. It is stupid to wait 30 minutes for your Scav to complete and then you spawn in and someone is facing you with a shotgun. This is unfair and a complete waste of time. As a Scav you shouldn't be able to team kill, again they will wait for you at the designated spawns to kill you for crappy loot. This is a huge problem for my friend and I. I think other people would get my point and that this is going to make them want to refund.
  5. A LOT OF ISSUES THAT I AM HAVING 1. Guns Disappear 2. Loot Disappears 3. Desync 4. Random Crashes 5. Edges your feet get caught on even though its 0.000094 inches high 6.Upgraded my package, lost all my gear, levels, Cash, 7. Audio is broken, I shouldnt be able to hear or be heard if im 6 meters below concrete 8. Hit Reg, plenty of times I have shot people and they have not died, (Headshots) 9. Exit doesnt exit sometimes 10. Splint doesnt do anything 11. im assuming the servers are peer to peer or have a VERY low tick rate 12. A lot more problems I have yet to experience Yes I am rage posting cause I lose so much gear/fun/playtime etc Just because of these bugs 99% of games I get in are desynced to all hell, 95% of the time loot/guns disappear when I kill someone
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