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Found 7 results

  1. Bobflob6

    "You got a PMC in me."

    Fellow Escapees! Looks like command is still yet to care about us left here in this district... Sad times indeed. On my raids I've noticed some green PMCs leaving their hideout to brave Tarkov. I understand your struggle as i was there at one point. I'm not an expert on this region, but i can help you scrounge for the essentials. Oh. Most importantly not get your melon popped. Please do not give up, and hide! Grab your weapon, and a bag! Try again, 'cause ol' lady therapist will take care of you. =] Radio for BEAR PMC SquidStar. My radio is equipped to receive most transmission! Reserve... gets static. Haven't figured that out yet. Good luck on your raids! [ TLDR: Dont give up! Radio for Bobflob6#1306 on "Discord" frequency]
  2. ISweepy

    Hatchling butchering

    Is it really necessary for everyone level 30+ to murder every hatchling you see? Like cmon guys you don't need to go hunting down the bambis like that, let them go quest. If they aren't running straight at you just let em bug off, not like they are gonna kill you in your Fort/FastMT
  3. postboote

    The wiggle

    Well it seems to me, the wiggle is just accepted on Interchange. On any other map i get shoot on sight, even if I make signals with the weapon light and scream while someone is looting or else. Summary: I get shoot on any map other than Interchange if i wiggle! Does this happen to you, too? Is the wiggle dead?
  4. Arzzet

    You shoot, then ask?

    So, I'm interested in see what kind of community we have, just curious, but maybe we can learn something from it. Please be honest! EDIT: I allowed multiple choice as I saw I'm still in between of 2 LOL. But to be accurate, try to mark only one, and at most 2 please. I always was trying to evaluate situation, but after manu bad experiences I shoot and after that I feel so guilty.. but still trying, to get killed again, then feel stupid.. LOL
  5. airelek


    I just had the most beutiful run ever I went in paca kiver with ak74N first dude i meet hides behind some barrels and wiggles helplessly at me because i shot out his legs. So i drop him some painkillers and an AI2 kit to heal up(edited) he follows me i kill 2 scavs he loots them up we proceed to go into 3rd floor aps and rain havoc upon everyone and everything.(edited) 5 min later hes all jacked up i find him a scav with a tbag that had painkillers and a 206 key in it we run to extraction i drop him the bag hes wiggling out of happiness for the poo i dropped. A tear started to form in my eye as we were about to extract not knowing eachothers names i drop him an extra ak74N i found and he wiggles in refusal not accepting my offer. Emotions of bromance flowing through the air we both extract wiggling at eachother and shooting around the room. I will now pimp out the extra AK i found in honor of my wiggly friend.... Forever missed, never forgotten.
  6. Ich habe ein kleines Experiment am Laufen und bisherige Resultate verleiten mich diesen Post zu verfassen. TIME TO WIGGLE! Q und E abwechselnd drücken um mit dem Oberkörper hin und her zu wigglen. Erstaunlicherweise hält es bis jetzt viele Leute davon ab einen Axtkampf zu starten... bis hin zur kleinen Teambildung,SCAVJAGD und gemeinsamen Exit. Bin gespannt auf eure Erfahrungen
  7. pnee


    This is the way of the #wiggle. The way i play this game. The way i love this game.
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