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Found 8 results

  1. 中文 Wiki地址:https://escapefromtarkov-zh.gamepedia.com/Escape_from_Tarkov_Wiki 不知道哪里刷新物资?子弹种类分不清楚?跑刀总是捡到垃圾?😂 现在就来学习如何查阅官方中文 Wiki(是的!中文!) 一:使用主页图标按大类查询 点击首页上的大图标,即可进入每个类别的概览页面,也可进入具体物品的详情页。 二:通过侧边栏快速进入常用页面 我们已经将常用页面放入侧边栏,可以在这里快速进入相关页面查阅。 三:使用搜索栏 想要直接查看某个物品/任务的信息?直接使用搜索栏即可(输入游戏内的物品名称,可直接跳转至页面)。 目前 Wiki 已经按照查询频率,翻译了大部分的常用页面,但仍有许多页面未能完成翻译,我们将继续推进。如果您有能力与精力帮助 Wiki 发展,或是有任何建议,请加入我们的讨论群:713908040
  2. Did you know that Escape from Tarkov has a fully established wiki? The community-driven, produced and regularly edited Escape from Tarkov wiki has recently become official! It comes in multiple languages which you can find below: English Russian German French These wiki pages would not have been possible without the fantastic community support it has and the dedicated leaders that are managing it. That is precisely why the wiki page is actively looking for your help as editors and translators. The wiki page is a living document that needs to be frequently up
  3. NoisyCosmos

    Wiki Oficial de Escape from Tarkov

    ¿Sabéis que se ha integrado finalmente la wiki en Escape from Tarkov? La wikipedia, dirigida, editada y totalmente producida por la comunidad, finalmente ha sido integrada en el juego y ha conseguido su más que merecido estatus de wikipedia oficial. Por el momento se encuentra disponible en los siguientes idiomas, sin embargo, desde la comunidad española haremos todo lo posible por implementarla también en español en un futuro más o menos próximo. Inglés Ruso Alemán Francés Estas páginas de la wiki no habrían sido posibles sin el fantástico apoyo de la comunida
  4. _Silens_

    High CPU usage on ..... the Wiki?

    Hello fellow Escapers, Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere before, I did some checking and couldn't find any other threads on this topic here on the forums. I've been noticing lately that whenever I head over to the Tarkov wiki (https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Escape_from_Tarkov_Wiki) my system CPU usage spikes quite dramatically. I've managed to test this with and without the game running in the background (why did I think that would matter? I don't know...) and the behavior seems highly repeatable. My question is has anyone else here noticed this? I'll adm
  5. As per the title says, I would like to make a list of current item prices and update the wiki with better information, if anyone happens to have a nice set of images that are all the same size I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Salut pour les gens a qui cela interesse voici une page wiki a propos de la ville de tarkov vous en apprendrez plus sur sa population, sa situation géographique, son climat, son drapeau et son armement, son industrie, ses transports et ses bureaux! Les informations seront mises à jour régulièrement. par le staff voici le lien -. http://wiki.escapefromtarkov.com/Tarkov bonne lecture !! @Natalino can you move my topic into francaise thanks
  7. Just found this, nicely done: Tarkov, guns what : we know so far!
  8. Hi there I'm Dak47922! Everyone getting hyped for the alpha and beta? I'm a community councilor for Wikia and have been behind some quite popular gaming wikis in the past but honestly, that's not important. I've been busy making an unofficial Escape from Tarkov wiki that I'm hoping will be the goto source for information relating to the game. I've been busy stylizing it to fit "canon" and working on tons of behind the scenes code to make it look awesome. All it needs now is content and feedback! I'd be grateful if you would stop by and let me know what you think or maybe even cont
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