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Found 4 results

  1. Привет всем, вот хочу предложить создать мобильное приложение для игры, откуда можно будет переписываться с сокланами/друзьями, вести торговлю, координировать рейд не заходя в него и тп. Интересно узнать, что вы думаете по этому поводу. ** Я этого не требую Я понимаю, что если это и будет, то появится только в релизе
  2. TheColdVein

    Teamwork Film CONTEST!

    Hello, Escapers! With BLACK FRIDAY being over, we would like to give you another opportunity to get a pre-order for you or a friend. Escape From Tarkov is designed for team play, so having friends to play (and test) with makes it fun, so we want to see this mechanic at work. We would like to hold a contest, where the focus is on teamwork and the best communication. This would be callouts, leadership, and the best precision of movement. You can choose any map you want, any gear you want.* You can edit 1-2 raids (same map) together, but keep the time to no more than 10 mins. You can use discord, TeamSpeak, etc. to communicate and even add effects to them to sound like walkie-talkies if you want. Requirements: Must be Night Map Must be 4-5 man group (No Solo or 2-3 man groups) * Must be some kind of guns, no hatchets Prize: GRAND PRIZE! - A Left Behind Edition of Escape From Tarkov SILVER PRIZE! - 1 - 14 Day Trial Key BRONZE PRIZE - 2 - 7 Day Trial Keys * NEW * Deadline: December 20th, 2017 11:59pm CST Have fun!
  3. This is why i love and hate EFT at the same time! Went in to the woods with just a shitty ak, Got out with this! Sorry guys
  4. Tired of playing solo? Getting slaughtered by groups? It doesn't have to be that way... Binary Combat is an international gaming community, our aim is simple, to provide an active and fun environment for players FREE from cheaters, we regularly play together on multiple games but mainly Escape from Tarkov and DayZ Standalone. We don't have any special recruitment or trial process or long ass registration form, all that we ask is that; You play an honest game, no cheats or exploits of glitches You don't have a VAC/Game ban on your Steam You respect other members So what can we offer you? Well here are some of the main points; Active players - Yes we actually play together, unlike some communities Twitch/YouTube channel promotions from our site, you can even watch Twitch straight from it! Competitions/Giveaways - So far this year we have given away Fallout 4, PayDay 2, How To Survive and more Regular events - We hold fun events most weeks Trade System - Lost all your gear? Trade with other members Unique Points System - Earn points from community involvement and use them in many different ways Chat box - Have a laugh with some members on the site Ranks - Optional perks for ranking up, such as accessing our Twitch application Awards - Show off your badges, medals and ribbons earned through dedication Operations - Earn points by completing in-game activities And much more! What truly makes BC special is that it's the members that made it what it is today, no one person makes the rules or changes how things work, the community decide. With us being international too there is always someone around to play with, join the fight today! Sign in through Steam now to get started at BinaryCombat.com
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