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Found 54 results

  1. Laut Klean ( soll in den kommenden 2 Wochen der nächste Wipe stattfinden. Jemand nähere Infos darüber? Peace
  2. When will the next wipe be.

    i basically died out cuz i finished too soon
  3. Hello forum. Eventually there will be another wipe some time in the future, and I was just wondering if all my trader levels and quests will be reset along with my inventory? By the way, keep up the good work, I'm really enjoying the game
  4. Hallo liebe Tarkovler, ich bin recht neu in Tarkov und habe mich zu Anfang mit der Standard Edition ausgestattet. Schnell ist spürbar geworden, dass der Platz in der Stash doch recht klein ist und das man platztechnisch schnell an sein Grenzen stoßen wird. Ich habe in dem Zuge auf die EoD Edition geupgradet, da einige Freunde ebenfalls die EoD Editon haben und natürlich wegen dem Platz. Nach einigen Tagen Spielzeit stellt sich mir die Frage, wann der nächste Wipe ist? Weiß einer was über die DLCs die in der Produktbeschreibung bei der EoD Edition erwähnt werden? An sich ist es schon ein super Spiel, jedoch fehlt es leider an der Langzeitmotivation. Es wäre Klasse, wenn man sich hier einmal bezüglich Wipe, DLCs und Patches austauschen könnte. LG Euer Bali
  5. Wipe coming soon?

    Hi, I play on on the Unofficial EFT Dischord, a lot. Everytime I play in a new squad I ask the same question " Is there going to be a wipe when the new map comes out "? Seems like everyone has a different answer for this. Some people say "YES IM SURE THERE WILL BE A WIPE, I READ IT ON THE FORUMS!" some people say " NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT, I READ IT ON THE FORUMS, NO WIPE!". SO I ask the Tarkov gods... Will there be a wipe when the new map drops? thank you - RedKap
  6. Next update

    In the upcoming February 8th update is there going to be a wipe?
  7. Im sorry... You didnt even black out a single limb and you were all facing me. around 20 meters away.
  8. are there wipes in the game?

    I keep seeing rumors about monthly or once every new update wipes, are they true? and if so, will BSG keep doing them after post-release? jw
  9. Auf twitter heist es es gibt 300k rubel rabat aufs IR Scope und man vermutet einen Wipe in nächster Zeit... weiss jmd was genaueres zum wipe ?
  10. Question about the wipe

    I heard that there is something called wipe like resetting the game I understand that because it is beta and there could be bug or exploitable function or just for balance But I don;t how much it resets the game does it literally makes game to beginning? including skill lev?
  11. WIPE countdown

    Hi comrades DEAR DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Can you clarify the wipe rumors? Just add WIPE countdown in launcher or profile page at website (places visible only for players actually have the game), let it shows 0w:0d:0h:0m if you don`t have plans for wiping all progress, but if you are sure that you will erase everything just inform us via the launcher. It would be fun to spend cash like crazy and buy stuff that you are afraid to take on raid. Many players feel disappointed after logging in and seeing "empty" container. DEAR PLAYERS: Bump this tread, reply if you agree with me! DZIKI MINUS!!!!
  12. Player Wipes

    I started playing this game as soon as it entered beta. I noticed there was a long stretch where the game hadn't wiped for a few months and updates came out regularly. Recently, the frequency of wipes has increased drastically and it's extremely difficult for the average player who has a job/family to get into this game without playing it 24/7 like some streamers. The skills alone are near impossible to level, yet gives a huge advantage for those players who play for extended amounts of time throughout the day. Now I don't mind a game with a hard buildup but it makes it entirely pointless and futile to even attempt to get anywhere in this game with the consistent wipes. Myself and the group I play with don't have enough hours throughout the day to dedicate to the game to achieve the highest affinity with the traders and obtain enough gear to do runs with the wipes always looming. My question is are these wipes a requirement for these updates? If not, why is there wipes and is this going to happen when the game is released?
  13. Hey BS Games, Can you (as best you can) give us as much notice as possible on when you are scheduling the next wipe, personally I work full time and would like to schedule some time off work to coincide with the wipe. I know from experience that you cannot give an exact date and any time you mention would be subject to change but an indication would be nice to have. Many thanks!
  14. What happens in a wipe?

    As the title says, what happens in a wipe? More so, do you lose EVERYTHING or are there some things that are kept? -Money -Containers (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) I've looked into other threads but most of them talked about the stash & stats only. If a wipe happens, do you get "reset" back to what you originally purchased? If no, do you get to keep your money? Sell everything before wipe to have a nice savings lined up. (THIS IS NOT OP IF YOU HAVE TO UNLOCK TRADER LEVELS AGAIN). Or is it just as it sounds? Regardless of which pre-order you got in the event of a wipe you lose EVERYTHING. Containers, money, stats, ect... You have NOTHING but your fists & Scav mode. Thanks!! Joe
  15. Next big update or wipe

    Is there any approx date yet? Ive keep loosing my stuff, need a wipe
  16. I don't know what the status of wipes post-Beta are going to be, but thinking about it, once a player reaches a certain level or unlocks everything, gameplay might become a bit dull in the future... So they might honestly be a good thing. With that said, losing everything post-beta would be awful, so maybe players could get to 'bookmark', say, a certain number of items, that might allow for a sustainable always-work-your-way-back-up aspect to the game? Or alternatively, whatever items you "Escape from Tarkov" with are the ones that will be kept (and this can be done multiple times or something). Maybe even have a purchasable container for very high prices to store things in that will never be removed from your inventory? As far as these bookmarks/containers go, the option could apply "permanently" to the item until it is "unticked", or lost in the field or something, so that if the player leaves the game for 6+ months, they can retrieve their gear the next time they sign-up or play. Thoughts?
  17. Next Update/ Next Wipe

    Is there a date known when the next Update/Wipe approximatly comes out
  18. Next Wipe

    Hello there! Some of my friends telling me that there is an upcoming wipe againg in about 2 weeks from now, because the new map is coming out. So my question is that is that true is ther egona be a wipe in a near future again? And where can I find offical announcements about wipes? Thanks for your answeres!
  19. Hi guys, sorry for my english. I tried to use "Search" but i didn't find any answer to my question: exactly, what i will lose when, after a big patch relase, there will be a wipe? I saw that wiping is a really common thing, and since this game have a great part of grinding and farming, start to farm thinking that i will lose everything "tomorrow" is not a great deal. So, what i would like to know, if there is an ETA of when developers will stop to wipe accounts (i read somewhere that when the game will go on open beta stage, there will be no more wipes, but i don't know if is true or not) and what i will lose with a wipe (only weapons, or weapons and market levels, or weapons market levels and skill etc.)? Thanks in advice
  20. My best raid this wipe.

    The red items are ones i went in with Also names are concealed.
  21. Missing Items after Wipe

    Hey Guys, after the Wipe my Profile has been partially restored. Everything from the Standard Edition is in, only the First Aid Kits are missing. Is that normal? I thought that when a Wipe happens all Items are restored back to the Edition you ordered. Don’t get me wrong, I know that a Wipe deletes everything but shouldn’t it also put back all your stuff corresponding to the edition ordered? thanks for your Help.
  22. Rumors of Wipes already--

    Rumors have been flying around in the unofficial-official EFT discord channel. People are saying that we are going to get another wipe again at the beginning of January. If this is true, it is very disappointing to many of us. Can we get an official comment?
  23. So, they added untill the wipe new traider prises, they were really decently (m4 12$). and now a few hours later, they changed prises to half from the standart, and unlocked every trader level for everyone. so far so good. My question now, will they change the prises back to these lit amounts (M4 12 $ ), that we had for a couple of hours? or will they leave it how it its atm? im not having any money problems or anything else, i was just freaking impressed and confused of prises with 95 percent decreased ( or more) would be cool if someone knows anything about it, and sorry for my bad gramma, hope you'll understand everything correctly^^
  24. Just wondering.... when is the wipe because everyone has given me a different answer
  25. Just posted on Redditt by Klean Some will love this, some will hate it, but Dev's don't forget the golden rule of dealing with any gaming community: 'You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time". Keep up the good work!