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  1. Bonjour à tous, Nous sommes 2 joueurs arrivé sur le jeu pendant le Wipe qui se déroule en ce moment (300h de jeu) . Nous sommes à la recherche de joueurs voulant préparer le prochain Wipe afin d’avoir une team solide au moment du lancement de celui-ci. Nous avons un gros appétit pour le Pvp, et sommes présent tous les soirs sur Tarkov. N’hesitez pas à me mp et à bientôt sur le champs de bataille !! Cosquerovski.
  2. jburke620

    What happens in a wipe?

    As the title says, what happens in a wipe? More so, do you lose EVERYTHING or are there some things that are kept? -Money -Containers (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) I've looked into other threads but most of them talked about the stash & stats only. If a wipe happens, do you get "reset" back to what you originally purchased? If no, do you get to keep your money? Sell everything before wipe to have a nice savings lined up. (THIS IS NOT OP IF YOU HAVE TO UNLOCK TRADER LEVELS AGAIN). Or is it just as it sounds? Regardless of which pre-order you got in the event of a wipe you lose EV
  3. KobaTK

    Feedback 12.9

    Olá Operadores venho mais um vez trazer meu Feedback sobre o novo patch ! Atualmente level 41, muitas experiências boas e ruins. Como sempre aviso que leve em considerações meu ponto de vista e meu equipamento. Specs: i7 7700k 16gb drr4 SSD Gtx1060 6gb internet: fibra 120mb Internet: foi testada antes e durante e depois do jogo, tudo normal, até entrei em outros jogos e outros aplicativos, tudo normal sem problemas. Em resumo rápido, o que encontrei no jogo até agora: Muitas coisas boas... sempre falo da maioria porém como sempre falo nos meus fee
  4. Hallo Community, ich habe schon Google bemüht, habe aber nichts passendes gefunden. Weiß jemand zufällig ob es im Netz eine Liste der vergangenen Wipes gibt?
  5. ghettobhooty

    Updating EFT edition

    Do you have to wipe when you upgrade from standard edition? I don't want to lose my progress so far since this recent wipe.
  6. diamondwastaken

    Next wipe?

    I have heard some rumors that the game is going to be wiping soon but does anyone know actually when that is going to happen?
  7. -STATUS OF 12.6 CHEATING FROM MY PERSPECTIVE- I've seen a lot of low level AMERICAN buyers of in-game currency this patch and its still only week 2 (EX. lvl 9 players with Labs tier/ M61 MDR loadouts but they're trash at the game and die to me with a shr-1mp from point blank). As a Russian-American, I digress, in week one of 12.6, even, day 1 and 2, I was getting lag switched out of raids, aimbotted, and ESPed certain times when I picked up anything valuable or got a full bag in-raid. I say that 10000 bans a week is not enough bans because at the rate which I encounter these sketchy
  8. TheFlyingPig

    Wipes just after patches

    Wipes may be a week after patches. So, we can try new content rapidly. A short time trial provides players to learns basics of them
  9. Hello, I've had the game for about 2 weeks now and just hit level 9. Been loving this game so far but since were close to a wipe I been dealing with a lot more players who have been going fully geared out and it's been tough to keep up with just a SKS or Mosin. It feels great to kill someone and take their gear but I am still at a disadvantage since my traders are level 1 and I don't have that much Roubles for the flea market to buy good ammo, armor, guns etc. I been feeling like their no point of playing since I'm new and trying to progress is a waste of time with a wipe just around t
  10. FlarmBlarg

    Please Wipe Tarkov Sooner

    Hi all, With the current global situation, there are bound to be a lot more people playing video games, I know some have already gone over to others such as Warzone. A lot of people have "completed" Tarkov and moved on, and with all the changes brought in recently it may be a good opportunity for yourselves to test some other things out while there are a lot of potential players? Just a thought....
  11. Elder-Drake

    Thoughts on Seasonal Wipes

    I have heard rumblings that Nakita is considering wipes after launch for "seasons" and have seen that echoed by at least one Sherpa on the boards and I have to say that the thought of wipes after launch is depressing as can be. I understand that people finish everything and get bored, but is the solution to have us repeat the same stuff over and over because I've been doing that for 2 years and it is not fun. I simply tell myself there is new content and mechanics so lets go and leave it be with a nice fresh start to check it all out while giving the team fresh metrics to develop the game, but
  12. Kinda lost, cause this has been a beautiful game (started playing .11 mid-wipe) and became twice as good with the .12 update. But with the last couple of updates it feels like the developers are caring a lot less about us regular players. Which is a shame, cause there's no other game like this right now. I spent like two months trying to get endurance up to elite level to see what it was like. Only to have it reset after reaching lvl 45, when they introduced the new weights system. Is there any point in spending another two months getting it back up? Like isn't there another wipe coming soo
  13. madabat

    Nächster Wipe

    hey wie oben steht wollte ich mal fragen wann der nächste wipe ist und in welchen abständen immer wips sind oder wo man vllt mehr informationen dazu bekommt ^^" Danke im vorraus LG Bene
  14. Ripoli

    Server Wipe Fragen

    Hey Freunde, habe mir vor kurzem EFT gegönnt, jetzt wäre es für mich sehr Hilfreich in Erfahrung zu bringen wie genau der Server Wipe abläuft. Daher hätte ich da mal ein paar Fragen: 1. Behält man irgendetwas nach einem Wipe? z. B sein Geld, seinen Fortschritt, seinen Bunkerfortschritt? Wenn man z.B sein Geld behält wäre es ja klug vorher alles zu verkaufen, daher frage ich. Gibt es irgendwelche Tricks wie einem der Wipe nicht so hart trifft oder ist prinzipiell alles weg? 2. Sind die kostenlosen Start Items auch alle weg?
  15. I have heard that wipes are not planned for the Live version of the game. I have also heard that some players only enjoy playing right after wipes. Wipes are also a great time for new players to enter the game due to an even playing field. I feel that allowing us to have 2 separate PMCs can allow us the opportunity to have both a built up character and a character who is regularly wiped. We already pick either Bear or USEC when we first join the game. Allowing us to have the other faction and allowing us to include it in wipes can give everyone more freedom to enjoy the game. Wiped charac
  16. Smokearebad

    will Wipes stop soon ?

    I would have a question when stop the wipes stop when the open beta starts or until the full release? and you can expect soon with a not complete wipe because I love the game but to unlock the things over and over again is getting on my nerves. I know that the wipes are necessary and are justified.
  17. Hallo liebe Tarkovler, Seit dem Wipe habe ich das Gefühl irgendwas stimmt nicht. Teilweise läuft das Spiel flüssig wie nie aber manchmal fühlt es sich an wie 25 fps obwohl die FPS nicht so tief fallen. Diese Hardruckler sind definitv nicht mehr da wie vor dem Wipe. Ich frage mich wieso es zu diesen Rucklern kommt.. Liegt das noch an den Servern? An meinen Einstellungen? Habe an den Einstellungen rumgeschraubt und getestet. Spiele auf 1440p. Hab an sich fast immer 120 FPS außer bei den Rucklern dann geht es was runter. Genaue Zahl muss ich nochmal nachschauen. Spec
  18. altonverte

    Question about the Full-Wipe

    I've seen a lot comments that full-wipe such as upcoming 0.12 patch will be like starting a complete new account. So does that mean it will also reset weapon mastery? I wish I had some valid sources to check various curiousities but ended up here
  19. The upcoming update, and wipe that will certainly come with it, are massively anticipated by the community - Both those that are currently playing now, and certainly by those that stopped playing weeks ago out of frustration or boredom. .12 is going to be the largest update that the game has seen to date, with the inclusion of the Military Base map and the hideout, and we are all really excited to finally get our hands on it them. That being said, however, there are always people that hate to see wipes happen for whichever reason. There are a lot of unknowns with the hideout as of yet. Th
  20. Hey Community, nach dem Wipe habe ich mit einem Kollegen wieder angefangen zu spielen. Beide von uns haben die Standard Edition. Mein Kollege seit irgendwann 2017 und ich im laufe des Jahres 18. Wieso bekommt er auf der HP nach dem Wipe Items und ich nicht ? Hat da eventuell jemand eine Antwort zu? Danke im voraus!! LG
  21. I like the wipe. When the game is finished we should have some ' wipe servers' and 'non wipe servers' existing parallel, with characters for each. The leveling speed on the 'wipe servers' should be faster an match the time till next wipe. The leveling speed on the 'non wipe servers' should be much slower. After a wipe players are equal again the economy is fresh and all that. No max level boredom, no need to develop something for endgame. I like the race for fast leveling, gear, money and survival. It is like after a fallout or some similar event the fastest to react
  22. Madiakz

    This wipe I will...

    I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone else in the community has any personal goals for the wipe? For me I certainly want to expand on the weapons I use, I fell in love with the AKM and pretty much stuck with it as it was relatively cheap and effective. One thing I would love to improve on is sniping, I hardly did any and didn't complete A Shooter Born in Heaven, which I would really like to in 11.7. So in 11.7 what would you like to improve on or do differently?
  23. Question above. I was curious if the 2017, 2018, and book gifts are able to be received again after the wipe.
  24. "Thus, each user who bought the game within 10 days after the start of the event, is guaranteed to receive additional in-game equipment with the opportunity to get it again after each wipe, including those that would be made by himself within six months." Could this mean that any gear/weapons/things that I acquire in the next six months I get to keep even after a wipe or am I reading this all wrong. Could someone be kind enough to please clarify. Cheers.
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