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  1. I like to make one of these after wipes for a visual representation of how long each wipe lasts. Thought I'd share them here going forward. Source is the Escape From Tarkov Wiki just counting days between the posted dates between patches containing a wipe.
  2. i understand wipes are to reset people to a certain point where all are equal(and in the beta state the game is in, is to fix issues and other problems), however when the game fully launches i would hope the wipes stay, albeit with some changes to allow for progress to not be completely lost. 1: give us a "wipe stash". now i dont mean let us store whatever or give us a massive inventory to stash stuff, just give us the ability to put some boxes with stuff in them in a hidey hole so we can keep our Ash12.7 amd the 40,000 rounds of pp ammo we got from Santa.(and also maybe like 40 tourniquets to help with heavy bleeding) 2: let us keep our hidey hole. it would help massively if we can keep the progress we made on the hideout, both with getting back into the game after wipes and also to make it so our hard work means something, i spent 5+ hours and lost ALOT of guns to get these damn nuts and bolts and by god i am keeping the workbench i made with them. 3: our character and things that we had. its fine if the characters lose there skills but i would like it to be made as if we didnt play the game for a few weeks/months, based on skill level just to set people back a bit, like someone who doesn't have many skills would lose a level or 2, but someone with level 30-40 would lose like 10 or 15 levels. 4:traders, reputation, and quests. with traders we should keep reputation gained but need to re-grind the level they where at, with the quests they give we wouldn't get certain rewards if we already finished the quest, like we wouldn't get rep with them if we finished it before or some quests wont be given, such as the quest to get jager we would have him there for not need to gain him or the quest for introduction gotten from Sidorovich i hope these ideas are useful to the devs, unless they weren't in witch case whatever
  3. Intro There has been some talk about the game dying in it's player base recently. This does happen quite a bit late in the wipes, but I suppose this is slightly different when the big predators such as Pestily takes a break/leave from the game. Pestily is stating that he's seen everything and that Tarkov for him kind of becomes uniform. Tarkov has recently added daily tasks which makes it slightly more unpredictable, but I get the feeling that the daily tasks were added more for the sake of the players nearing the end game so to speak. For me, I don't really enjoy playing much anymore, and that is mainly because you have to do the same tasks in the same order to unlock traders and further on from there. It is really predictable how to level up, sure raids are different because players are different, but it's the same objective each raid each wipe. I had some ideas that could maybe change it up a bit. These ideas are pretty much the same idea but with some differences. Idea 1 What if at next wipe you start Tarkov and you look at tasks and each trader has every task he has, unlocked for you that you can choose from? Sure this could be broken in many ways, some people could for example start with the end game tasks and just yeet on from there, but it could be limited a bit. What if, BSG could code task xp and rewards to dynamically fit to your level. So for example, the first task now from Prapor gives you 4k xp if i am not mistaken? What if you had that reward coded into the player's level, so for this idea I would then be able to choose that I wanted to start with the punisher task, but since I am at the same level I would still get that 4k xp for completing said punisher task. This is a good start of my idea towards balance but it could be limited further, say for example you had the ability to choose what tasks you wanted to do with everything unlocked, but you could only accept 4-5 tasks at a time? I think this idea would change the predictability of every run, because some might start standard by going for a certain pocket watch, while others might start hunting Rechala for example. With this method you could not really predict where players would roughly be at each wipe, which could alter the game heavily, and perhaps even make people more cautious per game? Idea 2 Sorta the same principle with you being able to progress how you want without being limited to a chain but far more "dumbed down" in a way. What if you could skip a task? Say for example I just accepted delivery from the past from Prapor. What if I could talk to Prapor and choose skip current task and jump to the next one? This idea could also be kind of broken so here is my "nerf suggestions" Say for example I skipped delivery from the past, Prapor could then get angry at me, I could loose 0.5 reputation with him. You could even take it further and half all rewards for the next task I do for him. To me these ideas make sense because we are supposed to be pmcs working in Tarkov as mercs for the traders, and considering the conditions of Tarkov, I doubt Prapor as a businessman would be incapable of thinking only on one thing task related at a time, and not see into his own future. Idea 3 This is technically not a new idea but more of an alternative way of looking at the two ideas above. Sure it would not make sense that a trader hires a merc with no reputation to go and kill the big bad wolf, you could for example limit one of the two ideas so people had to do the first 2-3 tasks before they were able to choose them selves? Anyways if it's not too much effort to change, I suppose you could try it for a wipe in the future to see how people progress and what sort of tasks they do, maybe BSG might get some ideas for balancing/changing the game for the final release? hell you could even up the flea level requirement higher because at least with the first idea people would be able to choose tasks they could do, so they weren't forced to hatchet run for a key spawn to get to the customs office for example? And now for something completely different Do you think it is possible for players to sort tasks based on location, so I could click on location and then it lists all tasks for shoreline that I have accepted for example and then all the ones for customs below? I know this is contradicting to the ideas I posted above but I still felt like it's a small quality of life improvement that I wanted to mention. Anyways cheers and hope my suggestions could be useful. It's my birthday and I'm off to the pub!
  4. Start of EFT wipe is always harder, My findings is that we get these speed running elitists that take the rules to the absolute limits (lowering graphics to increase contrast, bolting to LEDX spawns with only a hatchet kinda gamer) they stick around 3 weeks or so before hopping to another game, they create huge server traffic in servers, and they are pretty good shooters, With all the HEAP of tutorial money making videos from the tarkov Pros they know where the loot is, essentially low key hacks, I've even seen jacket speed run videos, I call these people "Hacks" you wont find them on these forums, fear not they will be gone will hop to another game soon they aren't really playing EFT, they just ruining the game, They are a bunch of Hacks stay strong it will get better further into wipe, if you know any good twitch guys that play EFT like actually play tarkov leave me a link please,
  5. lexafram

    Upxoming wipe problems

    For the coming up wipe i would really suggest removing the christmas/new years package or at least all the bp ammo. It's way too strong to have at day 1 in this amount (900 rounds) and even last wipe, it was very early and everybody was running BP making progression in armour useless. Please also consider locking labs and raiders for a certain time (1/2 weeks) after the wipe. They bring too much good loot and are easy to farm. Thanks for reading
  6. TheBasiLisk

    Anyone else bored?

    First, I would like to say, I really do enjoy Tarkov. I feel that it has ruined every other game, for me, as nothing else provides that "thrill" anymore. That being said, I've grown incredibly bored of the game, for a few reasons. 1) My friends have all stopped playing, due to the number of cheaters we encountered. Unfortunately, that is to be expected whilst playing on any asian servers. But, to be fair, I have noticed considerably less cheaters, recently. Not sure if it was because of the having to add your phone number, for verification, or because that there is nothing left for them to do in the game? 2) It feels as though the game became stale, due to the price of bitcoin selling for so much, at the beginning of the wipe, and now there are so many "millionaires" running about, it just sucked all the fun out of everything... No more gear fear. 3) Please bring on the wipe! I know that I'm not the only one wanting a wipe, and I'm sure many folk feel that a wipe needs to happen. 4) As mentioned before, my friends refuse to play the game anymore, due to hackers/cheaters. I've been doing solo raids, for about 6 months now, and as much as i would really love to reach Kappa, I do not have god-like skills, such as Pestily, or Landmark, as well as many others, which means that I'm unable to complete certain tasks, without their help.... also, I miss the banter, and the occasional salty rage, that follows after an accidental teamkill. In short, I'm bored. Please bring on the wipe.
  7. Bonjour à tous, Nous sommes 2 joueurs arrivé sur le jeu pendant le Wipe qui se déroule en ce moment (300h de jeu) . Nous sommes à la recherche de joueurs voulant préparer le prochain Wipe afin d’avoir une team solide au moment du lancement de celui-ci. Nous avons un gros appétit pour le Pvp, et sommes présent tous les soirs sur Tarkov. N’hesitez pas à me mp et à bientôt sur le champs de bataille !! Cosquerovski.
  8. jburke620

    What happens in a wipe?

    As the title says, what happens in a wipe? More so, do you lose EVERYTHING or are there some things that are kept? -Money -Containers (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) I've looked into other threads but most of them talked about the stash & stats only. If a wipe happens, do you get "reset" back to what you originally purchased? If no, do you get to keep your money? Sell everything before wipe to have a nice savings lined up. (THIS IS NOT OP IF YOU HAVE TO UNLOCK TRADER LEVELS AGAIN). Or is it just as it sounds? Regardless of which pre-order you got in the event of a wipe you lose EVERYTHING. Containers, money, stats, ect... You have NOTHING but your fists & Scav mode. Thanks!! Joe
  9. KobaTK

    Feedback 12.9

    Olá Operadores venho mais um vez trazer meu Feedback sobre o novo patch ! Atualmente level 41, muitas experiências boas e ruins. Como sempre aviso que leve em considerações meu ponto de vista e meu equipamento. Specs: i7 7700k 16gb drr4 SSD Gtx1060 6gb internet: fibra 120mb Internet: foi testada antes e durante e depois do jogo, tudo normal, até entrei em outros jogos e outros aplicativos, tudo normal sem problemas. Em resumo rápido, o que encontrei no jogo até agora: Muitas coisas boas... sempre falo da maioria porém como sempre falo nos meus feedbacks, os mapas/expansões, são muito bons, toda parte nova do adicionada no jogo sempre é visando a melhoria. Automatch do launcher totalmente desregulado, depois de ter alguns problemas testei deixar no automático, porém ele próprio me jogou em um server com 200 de ping, mesmo com a restrição de ping 140 max, isso deveria ser averiguado e se possível, correlacionado com o ping. Dsync ainda está ocorrendo, mesmo no server BR, porém em menor escala, fico com dó do pessoal que ainda não tem fibra ou infra piores dependendo da cidade. Eu sei que mesmo que o jogo esteja em beta, um problema grande de relacionado a jogabilidade de scav.... "caso venha ocorrer de você extrair, e o servidor tiver algum problema, você normalmente não volta na tela de transferência de loot, uma possível solução caso isso ocorra, o loot todo vá para o stash do jogador, se tiver espaço. Spawns ainda continuam um problema, ainda mais aquele do corredor da factory. Gostei de várias mudanças das missões, porém a maioria delas estão muito massivas na minha opinião, a pior missão no jogo atualmente para mim é a "shooter born in heaven" devido a vários fatores... mas o principal é que você tem que esta na hora certa no local certo e depender da "sorte" de ter um player passando por lá. muitos dos mapas um dos únicos meios possíveis de se fazer essa missão com um pouco de certeza é sentar a 100m da extração e ficar esperando. Fora outras missões, que dependem de uma sorte absurda.. por exemplo "regulated materiasl" as vezes você roda a reserva inteira sem achar uma tank shell sequer. RNG por RNG.... , conheço gente que so foi terminar essa missão no lvl 68 ...isso é extensão desnecessária da missão. eu mesmo achei 2 ledx antes de matar 1 pmc a 100m de distancia ou achar uma tank shell.., sei que existe algumas rotações e outras coisas pra ter mais coerência de tentar fazer essa missão , porém ainda sim depende muito da sorte. do mais a parte . Nos vemos em Tarkov ! 🤠
  10. Hallo Community, ich habe schon Google bemüht, habe aber nichts passendes gefunden. Weiß jemand zufällig ob es im Netz eine Liste der vergangenen Wipes gibt?
  11. ghettobhooty

    Updating EFT edition

    Do you have to wipe when you upgrade from standard edition? I don't want to lose my progress so far since this recent wipe.
  12. diamondwastaken

    Next wipe?

    I have heard some rumors that the game is going to be wiping soon but does anyone know actually when that is going to happen?
  13. -STATUS OF 12.6 CHEATING FROM MY PERSPECTIVE- I've seen a lot of low level AMERICAN buyers of in-game currency this patch and its still only week 2 (EX. lvl 9 players with Labs tier/ M61 MDR loadouts but they're trash at the game and die to me with a shr-1mp from point blank). As a Russian-American, I digress, in week one of 12.6, even, day 1 and 2, I was getting lag switched out of raids, aimbotted, and ESPed certain times when I picked up anything valuable or got a full bag in-raid. I say that 10000 bans a week is not enough bans because at the rate which I encounter these sketchy persons, it seems like one in seven can't play the game normally, and one in 15 are buying with currency from these cheaters. I've done close to 160 raids since wipe day, and those are my statistics as of right now. I can tell when someone is using information they shouldn't have because I know the maps like the back of my hand and I have over 5000 hours logged testing just about everything offered in the experience in multiple builds of the game. There are cheater situations, and not all of them are obviously breaking the physics of the game. Someone who is using radar and actually knows how to play competitive can be a larger threat than some pleb who is trash even with an aimbot. Its part of the reason why its not safe to just stand still and not make sound. On another note lag switchers are the worst and I don't see any deterrents for preventing that though. -CONCLUDING OBSERVATION- With three types of cheaters corrupting the experience (cheaters, lag switchers, and radar website abusers), only obvious cheaters are being addressed by anticheat, and incentive to cheat or buy money is still very high. Found-in-raid system as it stands benefits cheaters because they will be surviving and with more valuables. Fundamental changes to flea market, trader tasks, skills, or further discretion are necessary moving forward in order to generate interest in new and old players. -SUGGESTIONS- First of all, I love all of Eroktic's content, and shame on BSG for the DMCA scandal. Negative hype is literally everything the scavs say and it hurts just to understand them on loop. Just putting that out there. Change scav lines/ add more. I get that they're supposed to be offensive, but there is not enough variety in what they say. Much of the scav audio is not heard in game despite having the line diversity for each voice in the link below. Is this where I sign up to be a voice actor? I can speak russian without an accent and I think I would be ideal as a multilingual russian-english actor. I especially like Eroktic's new idea for faster or monthly wipes and a separate but simultaneous permanent character mode would mitigate this need for trash skilled players to buy loot from the cheaters because they can play the permanent endgame character to have fun and use loot. Essentially this would be like a non-hardcore mode. Making loot worthless and increasing accessibility to end game loot in the long haul would prevent cheaters from making money. One way to do this would be to make tasks more relevant to the gameplay loop instead of just random sequences of linear challenges with trackers. Having more people participating in the grind for a more achievable Kappa end game would be time friendly for people who can't play as much (those more likely to buy currency); this idea would be more relevant for a permanent character. As for the monthly tryhard wipe league that i would like to participate in 50+ hrs a week, changes to flea market to make it even more restricted (reducing it to found-in-raid in-game equipment with all current systems and removing barter items from flea market) would further prevent cheaters from generating currency by creating a barrier to their sales. Getting rid of expensive items on flea market makes it more difficult for them to liquidate their assets for a head start on normal players. Auction-only would be a more intuitive feature for the sale of in-raid barter items. Using my recommendations, developers can address both the supply and demand of this issue by reducing both demand and supply. Creating two character modes will split the playerbase into the casuals that want to pvp, and the sweaty nerds who want to climb the ranks. There will still be cheating, that's inevitable, and radar website abuse will still be unaddressed using just these three suggestions about wipe, flea market, and auctions. The overall experience would be more enjoyable with my fourth and final suggestion as a deterrent against the radar/esps (concealed cheating); a post-raid killcam/spectator mode after the timer has ended. It doesn't even have to work that well, but it should be like the one in playerunknown's battlegrounds. The more capabilities it has, the better. I know that a reporting system is planned, but proper spectating would make it more effective. The spectator mode project could generate excellent content on the internet, increasing the popularity of the game. I would like to hear other arguments against this type of killcam/spectator mode other than it would be hard to code or it doesn't fit the vision of the game. My vision of the game currently is that its full of these cheater POS and they're sometimes preventing me from being competitive in the wipe. I want more immersion and less cheesing of gameplay loops. More animations, better tasks. -CREATIVE SUGGESTIONS- Here is my creative idea: Imagine a bullet/grenade cam in slow motion like in the fallout games by bethesda; the game would be UNPARALLELED and even more unique in a very cool way while also benefiting the hardcore experience. This kind of feature would make this game ESPORTS relevant and much more popular. Why not add live dismemberment? I want to see my enemies' try and crawl away to staple their appendages back together after an RGD explodes from under them. Granted the servers would need yet more upgrades. Thanks for coming to my Tarkov TED talk, - Maladyetz
  14. TheFlyingPig

    Wipes just after patches

    Wipes may be a week after patches. So, we can try new content rapidly. A short time trial provides players to learns basics of them
  15. Hello, I've had the game for about 2 weeks now and just hit level 9. Been loving this game so far but since were close to a wipe I been dealing with a lot more players who have been going fully geared out and it's been tough to keep up with just a SKS or Mosin. It feels great to kill someone and take their gear but I am still at a disadvantage since my traders are level 1 and I don't have that much Roubles for the flea market to buy good ammo, armor, guns etc. I been feeling like their no point of playing since I'm new and trying to progress is a waste of time with a wipe just around the corner. Looting just doesn't feel as good since it doesn't matter in a couple of weeks and I can't go full Chad when I lack resources. It sucks getting an amazing gun from a player and i can't even buy ammo, mags and attachments for it. Do you guys believe I should just wait till wipe or should I still play just to learn? Any advice is helpful, Thanks!
  16. FlarmBlarg

    Please Wipe Tarkov Sooner

    Hi all, With the current global situation, there are bound to be a lot more people playing video games, I know some have already gone over to others such as Warzone. A lot of people have "completed" Tarkov and moved on, and with all the changes brought in recently it may be a good opportunity for yourselves to test some other things out while there are a lot of potential players? Just a thought....
  17. Elder-Drake

    Thoughts on Seasonal Wipes

    I have heard rumblings that Nakita is considering wipes after launch for "seasons" and have seen that echoed by at least one Sherpa on the boards and I have to say that the thought of wipes after launch is depressing as can be. I understand that people finish everything and get bored, but is the solution to have us repeat the same stuff over and over because I've been doing that for 2 years and it is not fun. I simply tell myself there is new content and mechanics so lets go and leave it be with a nice fresh start to check it all out while giving the team fresh metrics to develop the game, but after launch? No thank you. An idea I had, if this happens, to mitigate the impact while still keeping things fresh would be to implement say a Prestige system akin to Payday 2 where maybe special skills and/or clothing options unlock every Prestige level (hit level 40 or 50 and reset) to act as an incentive to reset. There are a lot of ideas to add to that system that go from special base unlocks, to special traders, and so much more. Or if we are reset let us keep our skills where they are at or worse case halve them. The thought of leveling these damn skills every "season" is demoralizing as I am a family man and do not have the time to work this game like a job. My .02 and happy hunting out there gents.
  18. Kinda lost, cause this has been a beautiful game (started playing .11 mid-wipe) and became twice as good with the .12 update. But with the last couple of updates it feels like the developers are caring a lot less about us regular players. Which is a shame, cause there's no other game like this right now. I spent like two months trying to get endurance up to elite level to see what it was like. Only to have it reset after reaching lvl 45, when they introduced the new weights system. Is there any point in spending another two months getting it back up? Like isn't there another wipe coming soon? Sometimes it feels like the game is catered more to streamers who make a living off of playing this game, cause for them the wipes mean new/more twitch content (hence why some streamers even start over multiple times before a wipe). But for us regular players it makes it kinda impossible to get the full experience. I know people will argue it's in "beta" (for how many years btw?), but if that's truly the case then shouldn't leveling up skills be easier? Like how does it make sense to have to grind for months just to get to beta test features? Has anyone even gotten elite on Mag Drills? Like, how do we even know the elite perk for it works and does not just crash your game as soon as you hit lvl 51? :') Sorry to sound negative, I honestly do love this game. But it's hard to stay motivated when Nikita keeps punishing us
  19. madabat

    Nächster Wipe

    hey wie oben steht wollte ich mal fragen wann der nächste wipe ist und in welchen abständen immer wips sind oder wo man vllt mehr informationen dazu bekommt ^^" Danke im vorraus LG Bene
  20. Ripoli

    Server Wipe Fragen

    Hey Freunde, habe mir vor kurzem EFT gegönnt, jetzt wäre es für mich sehr Hilfreich in Erfahrung zu bringen wie genau der Server Wipe abläuft. Daher hätte ich da mal ein paar Fragen: 1. Behält man irgendetwas nach einem Wipe? z. B sein Geld, seinen Fortschritt, seinen Bunkerfortschritt? Wenn man z.B sein Geld behält wäre es ja klug vorher alles zu verkaufen, daher frage ich. Gibt es irgendwelche Tricks wie einem der Wipe nicht so hart trifft oder ist prinzipiell alles weg? 2. Sind die kostenlosen Start Items auch alle weg?
  21. I have heard that wipes are not planned for the Live version of the game. I have also heard that some players only enjoy playing right after wipes. Wipes are also a great time for new players to enter the game due to an even playing field. I feel that allowing us to have 2 separate PMCs can allow us the opportunity to have both a built up character and a character who is regularly wiped. We already pick either Bear or USEC when we first join the game. Allowing us to have the other faction and allowing us to include it in wipes can give everyone more freedom to enjoy the game. Wiped characters would play on a certain instance and non-Wipe characters would play on separate instances. I noticed that we can choose a certain time of day to join a map. Either one of those options could be for wiped-applicable PMCs or a third time option could perhaps be implemented exclusively for wiped PMCs.
  22. Smokearebad

    will Wipes stop soon ?

    I would have a question when stop the wipes stop when the open beta starts or until the full release? and you can expect soon with a not complete wipe because I love the game but to unlock the things over and over again is getting on my nerves. I know that the wipes are necessary and are justified.
  23. Hallo liebe Tarkovler, Seit dem Wipe habe ich das Gefühl irgendwas stimmt nicht. Teilweise läuft das Spiel flüssig wie nie aber manchmal fühlt es sich an wie 25 fps obwohl die FPS nicht so tief fallen. Diese Hardruckler sind definitv nicht mehr da wie vor dem Wipe. Ich frage mich wieso es zu diesen Rucklern kommt.. Liegt das noch an den Servern? An meinen Einstellungen? Habe an den Einstellungen rumgeschraubt und getestet. Spiele auf 1440p. Hab an sich fast immer 120 FPS außer bei den Rucklern dann geht es was runter. Genaue Zahl muss ich nochmal nachschauen. Specs: CPU: I7-7900k @ 4,5 Ghz GPU: MSI 2080 TI 32 Gb RAM @ 3000 MHZ Spiel auf SSD installiert. Wäre schön wenn mir jemand weiter helfen kann. Denn wenn es flüssig läuft, ist es echt ein angenehmes Spielerlebnis ! Danke euch !
  24. altonverte

    Question about the Full-Wipe

    I've seen a lot comments that full-wipe such as upcoming 0.12 patch will be like starting a complete new account. So does that mean it will also reset weapon mastery? I wish I had some valid sources to check various curiousities but ended up here
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