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Found 82 results

  1. Hello I am currently curious once this game fully releases will the wipes stop? I understand why there needed to reset the cheaters in hopes they aren’t allowed to cheat right back to the top with a patch or wtevr but some of us don’t get a lot of time to play we have busy lives. Not your fault I know but just curious if they’ll ever stop? Thanks for your time
  2. There is something interesting about EFT post wipe. Everyone is on a level playing field, the new feeling of freshness, etc. Do you want their to be wipes after the actual release of the game?
  3. SklerosGR

    When !

    When its the new wipe ? Do you know guys ?
  4. Just a suggestion, but I feel as though more people would keep coming back if you only wiped our inventory and maybe the skill set. People like to have a constant sense of progression, myself included. Wiping levels takes away from that. As a workaround for unlocking traders, simply add another leveling system aside from the main leveling system, maybe one specifically for traders or just make it harder to get more good standing points. I know a bunch of longtime players, particularly in the clan I roll with, who won't be playing if their levels get wiped. Sometimes feels as though it's all for nothing. Thanks for reading
  5. ich hätt mal ne frage und zwar ob noch welche kommen werden die den fortschritt bei den händlern etc zurücksetzt. vielen dank schonmal ^^
  6. gdubmx

    When is the Next wipe?

    Hey, when can we expect the next wipe? Just upgraded to the Eod edition.. I'm in no rush, just wondering if there will be update in which we get a wipe anytime soon. Cheers guys.
  7. Hallo zusammen, wie Ihr alle bereits mitbekommen habt ist ja das Spiel gewiped worden und es wurde ein neuer Händer eingeführt. Kann man schon was genaueres zur Open Beta sagen? Also wann das Spiel in die Open Beta gehen wird etc? Wäre sehr für Infos dankbar. Viele Güße Bali
  8. Mike9x

    after wipe question

    Is it against any rules to give my container(I have EOD and he has standard edition) after patch to a friend and then reset my account to get it back? I dont want to break any rules or anything thats why im asking.
  9. Let me know if you are interest in playing next wipe.
  10. Hello So Van bought the game a good few weeks after the last wipe, with an already established player base at fairly high levels. I am after some advise as to what you guys think is the best and first thing I should do to give my self a heads start at the beginning of a wipes 'season'. Do I go straight for the loot and get a good amount of money in my backpack, or should I focus on trader missions. Or both or something else. If it helps at all i'm upgrading to the EOD edition come this wipe. Any help would be graetly appriciate and I look fiorward to taking your guns from you in the future Van Hellspit
  11. Laut Klean (https://www.twitch.tv/klean) soll in den kommenden 2 Wochen der nächste Wipe stattfinden. Jemand nähere Infos darüber? https://clips.twitch.tv/WiseConfidentTigerVoteNay Peace
  12. Sick of seeing all the annoying posts people put up complaining about how boring the game is, when the wipe will be, etc? Well ur in luck cause' I decided to make this list of cheap games and/or activities to do to satisfy the aching in your hearts for something at least decently fun to do. Here we go: For $5, you can get EA access, which gives you a month's worth trial of games like Titanfall 2, and Battlefield One and 4 (and many others, these are just some of my favorite) If any of you are fans of RPG's, and you've never played this before, I HIGHLY recommend buying Dark Souls 3 off of steam (or somewhere else if you can get it cheaper) (<---GREAT GAME) I just bought this game called "Deep Rock Galactic" literally like 2 hours before I made this post, and I have to say, it seems to be one of the most fun casual, first person, survival/mining game (not like Minecraft) that I have ever played. Very fun game, especially with up to 3 friends. You could buy the EFT "Predator" e-book and read that. If you've never played "Cuphead" you could play that. It's extra fun if you invite a friend over and play co-op Assuming you have Skyrim on your PC, you could start another playthrough of that. Maybe try something new this time, you know, like some new mods, spec-ing into another skill set of skill trees, etc. FarCry 5 just came out. If you've never heard of "Warframe", well, you have now. Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play third person online action game with a sci-fi style to it. On the surface, it looks P2W, but it really isn't, since its not pvp and the grind for what you want to get isn't to bad. Also, there's apparently some kind of open-world update that came out. I haven't played since the update but it looks pretty cool. If you have any other time killing games to suggest, put em' in the comments. now that i think of it, not all these games are very cheap thats all i got its 4 AM im tired seeya
  13. After reading through alot of the comments on the PVP Event, I am pretty agreeing with most of them concerning wipe/update Information. (However some of them are nonconstructive) I'm pretty tired of sheep defending the lack of communication with "You have no right to complain because you are just a customer not an investor ITS A BETA!!!?!"!?!?!? etc. etc. etc." I'm in a large private community with 20+ members. We all use to regularly play Tarkov and now not a single one of us plays, I use to play this game 6+ hours every day when I get off work, Now I can barely do 1 Raid without getting bored of the low risk chaotic gameplay. The main issue is if so many people turn away from this game how many will come back? I think the communication issues and overly long events could damage this game in the long-term. I mean do the devs not see ITS DEAD? Woods for me has -10 players most of the time and I have seen Customs and Factory with -20 players AT PEAK TIMES. and don't get me started on shoreline... However!.... We have a live-stream coming tomorrow so we can only hope the update date will be given then, I'll be watching the stream and if we are not given atleast a rough estimate of the Update, I'll be making a post talking about this issue. Mainly because a TON of the comments on the Stream Question thread are about update dates, So if no such question is answered then we can be sure the devs are pushing it back. Simple because they must know if it's days or weeks away. I would rather them tell us "about 2 weeks" instead of not telling us anything at all! They know if the event is 1 week away or 1 month, So i'm not entirely sure why we would not be told a rough estimate unless they are worried about setback issues that pop up that need polishing. But I would rather them push the update date back 3 days instead of not telling us ANYTHING about the date of an update. Mainly because this worries alot of us loyal players that dedicate a ton of time testing this game. Overall I have really high hopes the Devs and Community Overlords will pull through with this Q&A Stream, I hope this stream will become a semi-regular thing that informs players about whats to come! To be honest if the update is not in the next week then I cannot imagine the damage that will be done. So let's be hopeful!
  14. SklerosGR

    Whats wipe all about ?

    Hello community , I have read some topics for wipe .. whats wipe all about ? That means that we are gonna lose everything, forever ? Then why people grinding money so much ?
  15. NiggerianHostel

    Far Cry 5 and EFT (the wipe)

    I am noticing a lot of people who are (on my discord list) tired of waiting for the wipe meandering over to Far Cry 5. In today's (shorten) attention spam it would be in a developers best interest to update faster than two weeks+ to try to keep the interest of said (shorten) attention spammed individuals. I think 1 out 6 would come back but you just lost 5 players for a unknown period of time. if there is an information leak, find out where the hole is and plug it (fire that someone {the leak}), We all knew at least two weeks in advance that a wipe was coming. I (personally) would rather it just happen and not know in advance. OR maybe 1-3 day notice at the longest. I love the game, love to see it more popular than gaijin or wargaming's pile of crap. (war thunder and world of whatever for those that dont know those other devolpers)
  16. Hi! I wanted to share you what I found in the forum about the new patch (at the moment there is only publication in Russian, German and Polish so I have done a quick translation for those who can not wait since I also speak Polish and little Russian ) Is a translation from the post of the polish emissary so I guess is official, but don't want to confirm anything as I am not emissary. Since there's not a translation to english yet, I hope this candy serves to calm those players who need the news right now and hype the players who were getting bored of waiting. Dear Escapers! We are pleased to present you with a planned list of changes in the next update! Thank you all for your patience, we hope you like the changes! There will be Wipe! Added: Basic tutorial Loading and unloading ammunition now takes time The character does not know how much ammunition he has in the magazine. The status of the ammunition in the magazine must be verified manually. The accuracy depends on the ability of Mag Drills. Full description (in English) of the anticipated behavior: click the link for more info here New Mag Drills skill: Accelerates the ammunition load Accelerates the discharge of ammunition Accelerates checking the amount of ammunition in the magazine in the inventory The Elite level allows you to automatically check the amount of ammunition in the magazine after transferring it to inventory and further accelerate the load A black version of the Ops Core Fast helmet the mechanics of lowering the viewer with sound and visual effect A new type of reward for completing tasks: unlocking items to buy from merchants A new type of barter: for identification plates A new type of tactical vests, with ballistic plates Antialiasing option (2x, 4x) in the graphic configuration New location Interchange New team A wide range of new modifications, equipment and armors. We will publish an exact list soon. Improvement of the AI: Fixed an issue where bots were trying to kill a player who had left the raid Optimizations: Shoreline location optimization Client server and optimizations related to physics Decreased network latency Adjustments: Errors with equipment synchronization An error that allowed him to click quickly on the Sprint button, which caused the character to move faster without using stamina Error related to injuring yourself when falling with damaged legs Many errors related to skills A set of outputs has been created for Scavs to Factory that are always closed / require a key. At least one exit now does not require a key Fixed the display of the state of the armor through the network (? I do not know how to translate it better) Twisted hands of dead characters Various errors associated with sound over a longer distance If you examine an article with a merchant or with a fallen body, the counterpart of the item in the inventory will also be automatically examined. The examination of elements are now carried out simultaneously on the server and the client (previously required a response from the server) An error that blocked the interaction with the weapon when moving the (projectile?) from the chamber to the magazine An error that blocked the interaction with the weapon after moving the projectile from the chamber to the pile of the same ammunition in the inventory The list of killings at the end of the raid now also works offline The armor modification screen now shows statistics based on installed modifications Changes: All the spaces for modifications in the inspection window now appear on a screen, no more displacement is needed New exceptions when installing modifications The requirements for unlocking operators have been rebalanced Ammunition has been rebalanced (statistics, prices, loyalty levels) The values of the objects, their characteristics and the number of occupied grids have been rebalanced The chances of objects appearing in locations have been adjusted Partially adjusted rewards for tasks Forgiveness of skills eliminated Missing numerical values have been added to weapons statistics The rendering of weapons in the modification screen has been improved Bitcoins can now be stored in Money Case The radius of the flashlight has been changed to a more suitable one Reappearance points in the factory have been repaired Skier's first "Supplier" task has been changed Moving the arms and hands while turning is now more realistic and depends on the weight and ergonomics of the weapon Helmet damage mechanics: different areas of damage (including the face) The sounds of walking over thin metal have changed The base recoil has been increased by 20% Various sound settings for active headphones (object) Improvement of the interface to increase the readability of the text The possibility of breaking the bone after an impact has increased by 10% The probability of a bone break after a fall has increased by 20% The aimpunch has been significantly reduced Modifications now have different micro-icons I hope this serves to calm the anxiety of the masses so hyped
  17. WildcatDan2001

    Any Information On Wipe

    Has anyone found any information on what day the wipe will be? I haven't really been playing much, now that the game really has no grind. I don't want to miss when is comes out, so if anyone has any information that would help me know, I would appreciate a reply. Just so I can look out for it.
  18. Weiss jmd, ob BST einen Reset des Acc's zum Wipe automatisch durchführt, wenn ich auf die EOD aktualisiert habe? Oder muss man trotz des Wipe's sein Profil zurücksetzen um auf die EOD zu aktualisieren? Peace
  19. NetMole

    Wipe Date?

    I would Like to ask if anyone know wipe date staff or players?
  20. VegeTal

    New upgrade

    If I buy the prepare to escape edition after this wipe will and I still be able to get everything that comes with the new upgrade and the gift I get from the wipe?
  21. Hi guys I was just wondering if the INTERCHANGE map will be released when the profile wipe happens??....What's going to change and be different AFTER the wipe?
  22. NetMole

    Wipe Date?

    I would Like to ask if anyone know wipe date staff or players?
  23. Cardboard231

    Wipe coming?

    I'm very confused. I left for 3 day came back and all the traders are max level even though I'm level 27 and dirt cheap. I suspect everything is cheaper now to buy and sell and they are just adjusting the prices. Though because of someone like me that has millions of roubles it breaks the economy. Everything is cheaper equity as it is harder to get though I already have million of roubles so I can use them. The reason I'm suggesting a possible wipe is because why would they completely destroy the economy any other time except just before a wipe? They have made everything cheaper in the past just before wipes. Anyway I may have misinterpreted this as like I mentioned I've been away but what do you guys think?
  24. slumshady13

    Wipe? Time? Date?

    Is the wipe within 24 hours of the event or how long until there will be time confirmation just curious as im looking at the fourms every 2 mins like wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe
  25. So all the event stuff and moderators keep saying its gonna be days until update/wipe kinda crappy....