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Found 8 results

  1. The NDA lifted back in early 2017, how many wipes have there been since that time in Alpha? I'm curious to know how many wipes I've played, knowing I have only missed 1. I'd have to say almost a dozen, but not quite.
  2. So as my time with eft I've noticed the later the wipe the less and less fun the game becomes and want to know if its just me
  3. PandaKIng656


    I am just trying to find out when the next wipe will be?
  4. I basicly just want to know when Wipes will occour and will there be Frequent Wipes after the full release? For me i dont want to keep grinding for stuff when i know in 2 Months it will all be gone. For me it defeats the purpouse. Im not a try harder or play the game for 5 Hours a Day so getting the good stuff is taking me some time. Im in no means a horder of Items but i dont want to waste Hours and Hours trying to grind for a Goshan key when its all for nothing. I know Wipes are important in the current Development Stage but having a rought time estimate would be nice. Also of course the Question is will we still experience Wipes once the Game is in a full Release? Id hope not...
  5. With wipes a constant thing, those that paid for the cheaper version of the game and grind their way to Epsilon to obtain almost the same convenience as the EoD lads, I'd think it's fair that for once you obtain one, it links to your profile and you keep it despite the wipes from then on. You did the grind and got to almost same level through grinding, let 'em keep it. One thing that for sure would be very fair to those that didn't pay so much money for something really quite advantageous.
  6. Ich habe vom System irgendwie: Zwei Waffen: AKM+M1A1+Keybar+Itemcase geschenkt bekommen. Ich wollte fragen ob ich die nach dem Wipe auch wieder Aktivieren kann oder nicht??
  7. KingK13

    Server wipes?

    So I am a few days new to EFT and wanted to know if loot gets wiped or any progress gets wiped because I somewhat heard that people get things taken away or it gets reset; im not 100% sure so I wanted to know if there was any or was it only for alpha going into beta?
  8. PhineasWhipsnde

    General question regarding stash wipes

    I'm not criticizing or complaining in asking this, but am just curious as to in what way(s) stash wipes help with the development process? I'm sure they are; just interested if there are any answers on it the devs feel they can give without disclosing info they want to keep under wraps at this stage of the game? I'm thankful yesterday's hot fix didn't initiate the next wipe, since I selfishly want to enjoy my pilfered "looty" (shameless nod to ShoSho) as long as I can.
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