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  1. DeadlyPistol

    New Woods Map ( Progress )

    Came across this map on reddit let help the guy fill it in!! so we can all learn the new map! Creator OmegaTheRed
  2. ThePhonoi

    Woods Car Extract Bug

    Hey ah.. What's up with the vehicle extracts? My three man squad all pays for their extracts and nine times out of ten there is one person left behind when the car leaves and the timer is up, even though we are all in the extract zone?? My last game, that person was me, I lost a lot of great gear and couldn't complete the 'Jaegers Camp' quest because of this garbage extract bug. Fix the game before you expand it, no? Anyone else experiencing some similar black magic f#*kery??
  3. I was running woods at 3:58 on 5/9/21 could hear Scavs fire there guns but not PMCs not sure if its a bug or super silenced gun that we don't know about, had a teammate with me stating that he didn't hear anything from, I was sitting in the Wearhouse that Sherman spawns in or around and my team mate was on the ridge in front. not sure if anyone has ran into this issues just looking for some help thanks.
  4. Woods in its current state is basically the most worthless nuisance map in the game. Every map in the game brings some sort of value, whether it be the fast action and quick loot of Factory, the high value medium-high risk of Interchange, the rare spawn production facility that is Shoreline, the familiar, well spaced, varied action and general fun of Customs, the crazy angles and dynamic gameplay combined with military loot of Reserve, and finally when there're no hackers, the infinite raider plus streamer item ultra chad action of Labs. All of these maps also have a scav boss of some kind, spawning in a few different locations, and providing very nice loot or at the very least expensive loot for a moderate challenge (except Killa he's fucked this wipe with the health buff). Now what does Woods have? One spawn location for a scav boss, which is the entire reason half the players on woods come to woods, obnoxious fetch/plant/locate/sitandjerk quests that generally aren't set near that high interest point which are the reason for the other half of the players to be on woods. Now what happens when Shturman doesn't spawn? Noone ducking goes to lumberyard. Now when noone goes to lumber yard, that means there's at most 14 players, spread out across about 8 MAJOR interest points since the expansion(like 6-8 minor points), with about 4-5 extracts each... So 1-2 players per major interest point right, if you head over to one you'll see a player at the very least right? Well that is unless of course they've left the interest point and are submerged within the now ridiculously large intermediary forests, or if they died to a random scav who was hiding around a corner because they only brought a pistol or some poo, or if they don't know the new map yet and just hit a landmine and died, which happens at least once every raid since the expansion and makes my heart sink in pain while trying to do pvp quests. Now let's say you camp on sniper rock, or some other rock near lumberyard, or perhaps closer to an extract. We'll assume 6 players spawned on each side/half of the map now (although woods spawns operate more like a ring now which is better imo), you being one of them reduces the players moving to extract from your side by one, so that means 5 players from your side are moving to exfil on the opposite side, while the opposing 6 players are moving towards your side. Now statistically most players hover between 20-30% survival rate, if we assume 5-10% of deaths are from extract camping, then roughly 35-40% of the time a player will make it to an extract, regardless of whether they get extract camped or not. So 2 players will on average make it to your side of the map past your side's players, assuming they're not also extract camping, now it's the gamble of whether you chose the right one of the three possible extracts to camp. This is part of why I hate Tarkov Shooter Part 8, regardless of your strategy whether you extract camp, snipe from one of three (four if you're a mongrel) lumberyard sniping rocks, or play aggro and hunt players, statistically you're unlikely to see even 2 players in a raid, as you've either passed them in the woods without realizing, they've taken a totally out of the way route to extract, or they've already died. Seeing three players in a raid is even more unlikely, and if you do see three or more they're generally going to be in a squad, which makes shooter 8 even tougher depending on their gear and skill. Then even if you see these three players and shoot at them, if you don't one shot them or break their legs with a bullet (and they hadn't premed) they can just run off into the deep woods and go in some random direction, now you could hunt them down based off of blood trails, but in the time it takes for you to find them, other players will have likely slipped past you and you've missed your chance at three kills. Previously woods was one of the best sniping maps, with wide open stretches of up to 400m, and plenty of locations to sit and see players, while still having plenty of space to maneuver around people who were camping, I got shooter born in heaven done in 6-8 raids, and tarkov shooter 8 in 9-12 raids pre-woods expansion. I have played over 50 raids in the past four weeks on woods, at different times, different locations, different gear sets, and still only have 2 shooter kills, and tarkov shooter 8 remains incomplete. The only time I've seen more than three players in a raid was when I ran into a 5 man at lumberyard all wearing tier 6 and shooting through walls, and when the third kill for my quest ran off into the woods and died to a scav right before I killed him. The solution to this problem would probably be to increase the player count, but then spawns would get cramped again, maybe changing the map for Tarkov Shooter 8 would help, Shoreline would work very well for the map and would make some sense with Jaeger's theme, perhaps reducing the available extracts each raid, but then extract camping would be a nuisance again, maybe adding some more value to Lumberyard/Medical outpost/Village by the bridge. I'm not entirely sure which would be the best option, personally I'd prefer the quest be moved to Shoreline so that if you don't see three players, and if scav boss doesn't spawn you can atleast still get decent high value loot, but that could cause its own issues. I would like to see what everyone else here thinks, but personally I feel as though the map Woods is just way too large with very little of value spread out at a bunch of small and medium sized locations, with a shitload of obnoxious pvp quests and quests in general that feel so bad to attempt.
  5. I did some research and compiled all information regarding new woods map into a new map. feel free to build from here as this is not my map or location tags just added tags to map with true north.
  6. Nek0fficial

    Woods = Best Map

    Here me out. Woods is the best map. Woods has such a decorative wildlife with nothing but almost forest. It feels like I'm hunting and I think its awesome. Although most may hate it for its ease to die from snipers half way across the map, it has continued to make me feel this sense of hunting. Sticking to the shadows making as least noise as possible, ultimately to catch your prey and secure the kill. That feels great. All while looking beautiful at the same time.
  7. EustaZZ

    Low FPS since update

    Hey since the new update that released 5th Feb. decreased my fps. Woods is nearly unplayable 98% of the map is between 30 and 40 FPS which makes gunfights nearly impossible to win. Woods was one of the maps where i had the most and stable fps. i had 60+ fps everywhere but now its unplayable. the Update before gave me and my friends more fps on interchange for example but this update ruined my woods experience completly. Going for missions is impossible since i cant properly fight the scavs. PLS HAWLP My Specs: GTX 970 AMD Ryzen 7 2700x MSI B450 A-Pro Max 8 GB DDR4 RAM ( I ll upgrade it next month to 16 GB)
  8. TheSzeckler

    Sounds in forests

    Add more sounds on areas covered with forest, like the sound when you step on a small dried out stick of wood that makes a cracking wood noise. The noises where you touch bushes are too similar to eachother add more varieties, make them more realistic [i think at the moment they are way to loud when touched, not every bush is dried out and super loud....]. Game definitely needs more sounds when in forest.
  9. South V is my go-to evac on my go-to map but every time I try to evac there since the update well... this happens: doesn't matter how many times I wait out the timer. I've tried so many different ways it's silly at this point. there must be something I'm missing?
  10. Prysmarine

    Woods ZB-014 Extraction

    Does anyone know if the ZB-014 Extraction was changed for Woods? Had the key and opened the door and it was listed as one of my extraction points but wasn't letting me extract from it.
  11. Maxflorek

    Woods. Make this map great

    I am writing to enlarge the woods map. For me and my friends, key transitions are too narrow, we think the map should be enlarged. Greetings
  12. Behold, the dude who will snipe you from afar with his SVD, then gun you down with the AK-105 once you've hobbled closer to his ambush point! And for those of you with a keen eye for detail, you may recognise this badass from the initial loading screen still images 😎 Incredibly excited to take this guy on and see what he's all about! Also, can anyone identify the body armour he is wearing? Looks like Paca but with Molle loops, interesting nonetheless... See you in Tarkov!
  13. DTox_11th

    550 meter headshot

    Hey guys, Yesterday I played a Woods game as Scav and decided to pretty much camp the logging camp for PMC's since I loaded in with a Mosin. What followed was a kill at 550 meter! Made a simple edit, showing where I shot my victim from, and a confirmation through the dogtag. Original vid was like 15 minutes long but I dont want to bother you guys with that so I trimmed it down to roughly 5 minutes.
  14. Why are the Tarkov outdoors so boring? You que up onto woods ready to scramble through underbrush in a densely wooded area, trees and brush so thick you can't move quickly without becoming entangled in thorns, scavs and other PMCs could be hiding anywhere waiting for you to blunder through the bushes into their trap. Of course, instead you spawn on a map with a few lightly wooded patches and several places where you can almost guarantee that you will find other players based on the cluster of spawns everybody knows as well as where the loot and the scavs will be. I have several suggestions that amount to a rework of the woods map that I hope the community will add to and that the devs will take into consideration. Number one is definitely just some dramatic changes in the landscape. The whole map, despite being called woods, is ironically very lightly wooded. It's easy to go through the entire map without barely going into the woods with the use of the lumber roads and clearings. Even when going through the woods it's widely scattered trees that offer little cover. This sums up my first idea which is the introduction of a bramble, shrubs, and thorns that slows your pace and makes noise. This would provide cover that isn't rocks. I have never been to Russia, and have no clue if shrubbery is common, but this additional soft cover could be awesome. Deeper gullies and stream beds would offer better cover as opposed to the occasional rise and dips in the terrain you see now. Additionally, fallen trees, a frequent sight in any forest, should block your movement and provide limited cover. A fantastic landscape with stream beds, ditches, stumps, fallen trees, and brambles only adds to immersion. My second focus is the current layout that makes PVP interesting. As it currently stands, the survivors of the spawn areas make there way towards the other side of the map and towards the central scav and loot spawn known as Lumber Mill. There are multiple ways to get around two sectors of map surrounding this location, but the Lumber Mill itself is a central plain looked upon by a large rock. Aside from the cabin spawn, this location that all surviving players must travel through is undoubtedly the most dangerous place on the map. The sniper rock overlooking Lumber Mill is easily climbed with the map border behind it. Not only does this make it a great location to snipe from, but there is rarely resistance from behind. I suggest a map addition that adds a third side to this map and is conveniently located behind this tall rock overlooking Lumber Mill. Combined with further logging equipment, this location could include a stream and crawl-throughable drain pipes. A further addition to the map would reduce cramped spawns and open up areas for further looting. My third idea is a scav boss for woods. I understand there will be many of these to come, but positioning a scav boss either in the lumberyard or along one of the lumber roads would encourage players to head towards these locations, and most importantly camp them, which sounds bad in some light but I think further encouraging slow gameplay is something that would be great in Tarkov. Without proper AI, the boss would be immensely powerful as all scavs on woods are, able to shoot through the soft cover that completely blinds you, but the future addition of improved AI with more unique scavs and perhaps scav boss movement from one side of the mill to another would only improve the map. I would be very surprised if our current maps don't get reworks before release with the current quality of spawns and layout, there are so many ways they could make the maps go from okay to amazing. I hope that together we can achieve this goal. P.S. the Woodsman and his posse of angry lumberjacks would be great. P.P.S Thanks so much Emmettdogg (Okay honestly how do I change my username) for helping me edit and make this post and for all the fantastic input!
  15. Una guía de los puntos de extracción de Woods, espero que sea de utilidad para los que se van comenzando a jugar.
  16. Bonjour, bonsoir à tous, Je fait ce topic parce que j'ai un soucis au niveau du "déploiment" sur certaines cartes (nottement factory et woods) où je reste coincé dans le chargement, et plus précisément à l'étape "Maching" alors qu'il y avais du monde présent dans le lobby. Je précise également que cela me le fait aussi bien en pmc qu'en scavenger. En soit cela ne me dérange pas plus que cela puisque je suis surtout sur customs et shorline, mais dans le cas où j'aurais envie d'aller sur factory ... ce n'est pas possible. En attendant une réponse de votre part, je me cloitre dans shorline . Merci de lire ceci en vous souhaitant une bonne journée. Ps : ce screen temoigne de l'attentente interminable (ok 11 minute j'aurais pu mieux faire mais 3 fois de suite... c'est étrange je trouve, surtout en sachant qu'en générale sur customs et shorline, le temps d'attente moyen est de 2 minutes).
  17. HappyiestHippo

    Woods broken as f**k spawn

    There is one spawn on woods where you will spawn directly next to another person like literally right next to them its in front of a rock and it is ridiculous its a spawn somewhere near scav house
  18. Phoenixsui

    Maps changed? 20.03.18

    Hi guys Anyone else had the Effect, that 95% of all Bushes on Shoreline and Woods disapeared from Sunday to Thuesday? On Weekend i died 1 time in over 30 Raids and on Thuesday i died 8 of 9 times with Fullgear? What happend to the Game during that Time? Was there a Update? Woods and Shorelines was very very open without the Bushes. Its not even funny. No cover to move anymore. No bushes, less Trees? I could see over half the Map and so could the Enemys. We got shot by Fullauto on Shorelines from Radar Station when we were at Harbor. He wrecked my Fort and we luckily survived. On Factory guys wouldnt die even after emptying a 60 Round Magazine into his back while he runs away, then turns around End of the Office Floor and kills me with PP19 in a split second while i was Fullgear, after surviving somehow. Massive Desync or Cheats or what ever. He killed all 4 of my Team with almost instant Hits after getting hit by every singel one of our Team. Another Team of 3 Enemys would be killed but the last of them just didnt die after 2 People unloading their Mags on his Head while he reloads and then he kills us in 2 Shots both. What is wrong? Statistically that has nothing to do with Skill or Luck, i mean 1 of 30 Raids dead and 2 Days later 8 of 9 Raids dead? Anyone else noticed the thing with the Maps/Bushes/Trees? Or did they change somethign with LOD or View Distance? On Woods i didnt even see the Guy who shot us all the time. But the Wood was really open. There was just nothing to shoot at but we got shoot at all the Time. So many deaths, without even seeing the enemy ofthen. Or on Customs 1 single guy in Fullgear and Pilgrim was hunting us all over the Map and just wont die. From time to time we see him but he doesnt take any damage. After fighting him over 15 Minutes he somehow manages to kill all 3 of us from 2 completely different angles around the Tanks/Exits/Lifters. But he was never seen there. What the Hell. Yesterday got me really frustrated/angry and it was 0 Fun to play anymore. I hope this is some kind uf stupid Error on Server side and will be fixed. No Bushes on Maps is stupid and unplayable for my playstyle. People seem to be invisible or desyncing or what ever and therefore being unbeatable? Lost 8 Fullgear including Sniper Rifles that i wanted to lvl up for the Quest. Each 240k Rubels. Best regards
  19. tango90


    Hi! Sorry if I post this in wrong section. Ive been running hatchet runds on Woods 15 times now(!!!!!!!!!!!!) looking for that flashdrive.... Ive been in both night and daytime. And I spawn at the old house and run straight to the tent where the flashdrive spawns, but ITS NEVER THERE!!!! How is it possible that someone is there picking it up before me? Stamina is so good I run straight up there. But nothing!! Any clues???? Im so pissed off now Im about to punch my screen in half! EDIT: Its the Skier mission where I have to retrieve 2 flashdrives.
  20. The_Giant

    Woods spawns colliding?

    I just went and load into a Woods run as hatchling to do the 14 scav kills on woods for the prapor quest, and as soon as we all got deployed, i got dropped right next to 2 ENEMIES that i was NOT matchmade with at all. So that throws up the question, is this the only spawn colliding with other teams???????
  21. Hey guys, this is kind of my first post in this forum so please forgive if I'm making any mistakes. First of all, I'd like to say that i really like EFT. Nonetheless, there are problems occuring lately that are (in my opinion) severely related to the 2 maps Woods and Customs. Many people complained about the new spawn system, which of course is only being tested at the moment and therefore open to change, but I personally think the problems people are refering to have their origin in the state of the two maps. For example, I didn't see anybody complain about Shoreline and Factory even with the new spawn system (the spawns on Factory are still as they were and Shoreline has something that Woods and Customs do not have). The reason why the new spawn system correlates with those 2 maps is that both maps force every player to cross at least one spot where it's easy for other players to punish or to take advantage from. In woods you have to get past the lumberjack camp or cross a road with absolutely 0 cover. Of course this part of the map is quite wide, still it is kind of a coinflip if someone or even a group of players that have good gear are waiting at a certain spot in that area to take advantage of your need to cross there or not. Same with Customs. Everybody has to get past the Bus station and if you don't have a factory key also past the gas station, no matter in which direction you are headed. There are basically no alternatives for you. That's in my opinion the major problem. Shoreline for example does not suffer from that. On Shoreline there are enough places with decent to high loot (fisherman island, Villa, Bus station, weather station, Health resort with several wings just to call a few) and on Shoreline there are enough Opportunities to get to the other half of the map (Gas Station, Pumping Station, Bunker, Health Resort and 2 other possibilities). Making Woods and Customs bigger (just enough to have several possibilites to cross the map and spread out the Spawns a bit) would solve this problem. Camping certain spots wouldn't be as easy anymore because everybody has the choice of taking another path instead. That's how i see this. I for my part would not like the spawn system as it now is to vanish. Other suggestions and/or feedback to my suggestion is appreciated. WIsh you all a wonderful day. Cheers
  22. Hello, Am i the only one who thinks 5.0 Woods is a bit too much? Its more intense than factory now. Here are some experiences: 1)1 minute 20 seconds into the game. I already saw 5 people. Knowing the map i was still getting myself in crossfire every step. Shots everywhere. I am dead. 2)Knowing the situation first thing is to check and be aware of the spawns. Get 2 cheesy kills right off the bat. Not good because you feel like scum. And then comes the worst. You actually see a guy spawning into the game 10-20 meters away. I gave him couple seconds but i had to shoot him unprepared. Feels bad. Get sniped later. 3)Survive spawn massacre with 4 kills. Scouting and looting takes some time so you get 5 scavs paradropping on you right after spawn area. Get through it. meet players from other side in the middle. Avoid and run away like a little girl just to find a bunch of scavs AGAIN, this time the ones that were intended for me. TL;DR - woods are crazy intense. I may get used to it but think of the starting players. I estimate their chances of getting through to be 0% unless they watch guides, learn maps, learn spawns. But note that everything that is used outside the game breaks the immersion.
  23. so about 30 minutes ago i joined a raid on woods, just with my hatchet, was gonna stroll around see if i could pick up some spare stuff, was more or less just bored and wanted to waste time, i wandered into the canyon area where there is a green crate, and when i looked up i saw another hatchet boi watching me from above on the cliff. i did the wiggle dance at him, and he did it to me, he was a BEAR and i was a USEC, an unlikely friendship, now there was a AI scav up on the tip top of the cliff where you need to jump/parkour your way up there so we tried for a bit but eventually i fell and injured both my legs and my BEAR friend immediately gave me painkillers. i didnt think we would live for very long but i figured id stick with this guy, see how it goes, we eventually made it to the logging site and killed a player there, he gestured for me to loot the guy so i did, and we basically worked our way around the map helping eachother out by watching eachothers backs when we looted and whatnot and providing the other person with meds/gear we were actually able to extract successfully and it was such a nice change to come across someone who didn't kill me instantly, i would really like to find this person and add them so we can raid again!
  24. TheMojaveViper

    Adding Wind Sound effect

    Just a quick suggestion i would think it would be more realistic if the "windy days" on the woods map intended or not have a breeze sound effect cause the category 2 wind storms on the map sometimes seem off without any sound effects.
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