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Found 7 results

  1. xMrocha


    Hallo, Do we have any information about the OPEN WOLRD from TARKOV, it will actualy be in-game, it will be soon or later in time and how it will be ? Thank you
  2. ok hear me out on this one. I understand that adding the reserve bush lag from the last wipe to every single piece of flora in the game was in a effort to quell the bush campers and such but I have died so many effing times this wipe due to the game literally bringing me to a complete halt mid sprint through the most bare or thin foliage that the game has to offer. If I'm trying to run for cover or simply retreat and my speed drops to that of a crouched slow walking rat its a little unbalanced. I also don't know what you guys did to the movement response time/input lag variables since last wipe but when my character is standing and I press shift to sprint there is a noticeable delay to action especially if I had just came out of ADS. Lastly I understand this is supposed to be a "hardcore" shooter and all but lets not bring janky controls and shitty response bugs from darksouls into this franchise.
  3. I've heard rumors of the game eventually going open world and I personally think that the game should take a different approach for a number of reasons. Firstly we only have one game mode and that is raids, instead of going open world we should get more game modes possibly some team based game modes especially because we are getting a karma system that penalizes you for killing your own faction members. Some game modes like ones similar to maybe search and destroy, a domination mode or maybe something like rush from Battlefield where you have to move through the map completing objectives you know, more mission types to make the world FEEL more open than it actually being open this will be good because it feels like choosing a faction is rather pointless and being penalized for killing someone that shoots at you or you feel like is going to is kinda dumb. Secondly is that unless it's optimized correctly it'll be laggy and broken as all hell and instead of getting new content we'll be getting patches for the open world until it works correctly and fill in the empty spaces if the map is incomplete I think it's better to flesh the game out with more stuff to do first before going open world if the devs do decide to go down that road. Lastly, I will just say that this game is great and has a lot of great things that set it apart from other games and one of them is that it isn't open world. I was getting to the point that I was sick of seeing too many open world shooters and I feel like Tarkov doesn't really fit the open world scene because of the way it plays and unless the game has more game modes to 'blend' into the open world it will be boring, empty and will take a lot of resources.
  4. sginga

    Open world spawning

    So after buying and playing this game for a week or so, I was wondering how you guys think you are going to handle open world spawning. Would there be a collection of open world spawns that people choose from, or would it be a larger version of now, where like 20 people spawn into the map at random spots. Just curious and is my first forum post so please excuse me if I broke any rules TY,
  5. Should this game get an open world feature where all of the sections are connected, where players will have to actually pack equipment for a long haul, possibly adding roaming Scav gangs, possibly a third A.I. PMC faction, and other features? Comment what you think!
  6. Ok, starting this off loving tarkove, cant wait for the wipe coming for the new gear. So i have been around in many different fps, and different games in general and one of the big issues when i see it comes down to camo is it never works, arma, all you need to do is dumb down your settings and be out far ranged and the grass de-resses so you can see the guy like he is a sore thumb. even more so when your dealing with games that allow the ability to toggle between 'fpp' first person perspective to 'tpp' third person perspective, now i dont think this will ever have an effect in Tarkov because i do not see it ever allowing TPP but, scum another game in development has been working on a skill system with allows you to better hide yourself with a better camo skill making it so the person has to have a better perspective skill to notice the person say crawling in the grass, so would be intresting to see something similar, im not going to like their stuff here but go take a look its rather cool. secondly i will say this, i am a huge stalker fan ever since i played, i never played contract wars by battle state games but when i saw escape from tarkov i felt like i was right at home with a new stalker esk game. I know radiation and other natural hazards will be placed in to the game at a later date but i can for one say there might be others out there who would like to see a another game more/map setting with allows for a more stalker esk feeling, be it with anomalies or even mutates wild life to add to the dangers of Tarkov. On the topic of wild life i wouldn't mind seeing something of the kin of stay dogs or even attack dogs around some maps, such as customs or forest, maby even some wolves, i say this becouse with how the Ai right now is, they are more or less stuck to their programed areas and stay there, perhaps haveing some animals added in later in development it would add just another element of danger to watch out for rather then just the scav or the pmc's with could also add an element to the game with could also help pmc's and scav's locate players trying to sneak around and who were unfortunate enough to stumble in to the three or four stray dogs who are now attacking love the idea of the open world i really am, again going back to stalker i loved the idea of its open map, but the thing i have to worrie about when it comes to the concept of the safehouse later on is this... in GTA if someone knows were your safe house is all they have to do is sit out side of it and just rocket you right as you leave it, and the same can be vary true to this game if an open world dose come to birth, So what i would suggest is perhaps the ability to choose a building to create an instance of a safe house once you enter it your safe and can do your dealings and when your done leave, allowing something like this for any building you can get to, but perhaps to limit abuse make it so that you have to have an item and mark the house with it and a defend it untill its finished. while limiting it only one safe house, and if you want to move safe houses your going to need to move your gear with a little help from your buddies so it would make choosing a location for a safe house a worth while and thoughtful one to choose its location. Im sure someone has broached this idea already down the forum but i would like to see what other people think of this ideas leave some feed back
  7. Chapladeen

    Fences and damage

    Been having a couple of problems lately and not sure whether it was a bug or desync on my part. I was in a raid, I had already killed one scav and had a bit of gear. I came up behind another scav at gas station and fired a round at his head through a chain link fence. I saw the blood spray but he didn't die. I then proceeded to keep shooting him until I had no more bullets, putting round after round into his face. He eventually died, but it wasn't me that killed him. No one was teleporting around, as they might if I had desync, so I am wondering if this is something I should report or just put down to my internet? Not sure if it was the same issue, but I fired 100s of rounds at a player with a 74U, who was up on the train tracks while I was in the gas station. Might be because of the inaccuracy of the 74, but he never died, but it might also be linked into the thing with the scav before, seeing as i've never had an issue with this kind of thing before.
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