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Found 18 results

  1. Seriously I've lost count of how many runs i've seen where a player scav had grenades Not grenades he looted, but grenades he spawned in with Stop this This is a big dumb decision to be giving player scavs grenades
  2. Hello, Has anyone else had this issue with BSG? I contacted them about 2 weeks ago wanting help with updating my account email address, as without access to my previous email address, I was unable to change it. They asked me for additional details such as the transaction details and such, I provided that information, and since then, total silence. Perhaps they hope I will repurchase the game again, as I can't play the game without verifying my account using the old email with the launcher. Well, I won't repurchase the game.
  3. So I've reported they player already, but I'm extremely aggravated due to this patch being a lot more difficult than previous patches and then losing a decent kit to someone who hit me once with a melee weapon, to the thorax through my TV rig and one shotting me. I managed to put 6 shots out, 4 of which hit, 1 of which was fatal into him in the time it took him to get through the door, get to me, and one tap me in the chest SOMEHOW. Dude was GangNeangE level 51-70. The only major angst is that I'm not going to see that come back from insurance, I was in a high traffic area, and there's no way I should have died.
  4. So I was playing Customs Duo with a bud, We fight 4 other players i survive with 3 blackend limbs. I hide our stuff and start to make the trip to extract. I have a Fast, Fort damaged and looted from players, RSASS + M4 in my gun slots, 3 trizips from the dead players a Vepr and AKN in the back pack. I run to bridge cross the street and run to the walls by appartments. While running my screen fades to black and I get the "Server Disconnected" message It kicks be back to the main menu. Close my game, reload from launcher rejoin game. The Video shows what happens next. I come back to find the fort armor I was wearing is gone. I assume it's was a glitched armor and maybe the game did not register i picked it up. Fine i can live with that. Then at gas station the my player swaps to melee weapon for no reason. the M4 disappears from my hands. Then the gun in my trizip. Then my trizips, then my fast helmet. Sure I made it out with an RSASS but some how the loot was pulled right off my character while i was alive. Nothing more demotivating then literally having your loot ripped out of your hands. Please investigate this. ~ PantySams Aka. ASwarmOfKittens EDIT: Mute the video if you have sensitive ears. Swearing is rightfully contained. You can hear the loot sound while things are being stolen from me at 1:58-1:59
  5. LeavingtheWolf

    Well duck me

    So when did they turn get rid of the unhighlight for bags and tac rig for turn in task. since it didn't do that I just lost my keybar and all my keys to it too, also unknown item that i left in a tac rig for a task. I'm upset more at me for doing it. come on battlestate put it back to where it was like that, and if it wasn't which i'm sure it was but maybe I'm wrong how about doing that. I get it, it's on us to make sure but some time you're just doing stuff fast for tasks and boom stuff inside is gone.
  6. I clicked on doing a offline raid and i am 100% no way what so ever. So i wanted to test something. then i instantly get into a raid ofc with no matching and the 10 second timer and then i disconnect and lose everything.....
  7. ikaika-sparten

    Fix important poo

    I know this game is in beta and it aint gonna be perfect. But damn the problems with shooting in this game ruin the whole damn thing for me, especially the "Realism" First and foremost , Wtf is up with scavs? I can put up to 3 mag's of an ak in to them sometimes only for them to scream something i cant understand and insta head-shot me while not even looking at me. I have seen them stick shotguns through doors or walls and kill someone while playing as a scav or i have been killed by one walking through the ceiling (Mainly in factory). so not only are they buggy as poo, They're straight up bullet sponges that can shoot you while not even looking right at you! Second of all Pvp/Pve is full of frame drops (i have a decent PC) and i have also been able to shoot someone more then ten times without them dying on multiple occasions. I did not miss either i saw the blood. Hitscan also seems to be fucked as i can shoot someone 10+ times and the death screen shows 1 hit, And im pretty sure this game doesn't have bloom at all I ducking love this game don't get me wrong, but some of the most important aspects seem broken as duck. By the way i ducking love how they censor swear words.
  8. DaLexi


    Eins vorweg, meine Kommentare sind prinzipiell bissiger gehalten. Ein kleiner Tip für gewisse Leute. Hatte gerade wieder die lustige Situation das wie so gut wie immer alles was in Customs versperrt ist schon offen war bevor ich ankam, bewegte mich normal aber zügig über die Map. Natürlich liegt wieder mal irgendwo im Wald ein Hatchling herum, beim Zelt (Duffle) lag ein Stick und jetzt kommt's, 114 war offen, alles ausgeräumt aber der Vollhonk hat es versäumt auch nur eine Sekunde auf den PC zu glotzen. Jaja, da steckte wieder mal ein Stick drinnen (sehe ich öfter). Das sind wahrscheinlich die selben Personen die stundenlang auf Woods "rumhatchen" nur um die Sticks zu bekommen. Seit dem Patch habe ich 7 (SIEBEN) Sticks einfach nur so beim "normalen" Spielen bekommen. BTW: Marked Key, Keybar, Docscase fehlt mir noch immer, ich könnte heulen.
  9. NigerianHostle

    Far Cry 5 and EFT (the wipe)

    I am noticing a lot of people who are (on my discord list) tired of waiting for the wipe meandering over to Far Cry 5. In today's (shorten) attention spam it would be in a developers best interest to update faster than two weeks+ to try to keep the interest of said (shorten) attention spammed individuals. I think 1 out 6 would come back but you just lost 5 players for a unknown period of time. if there is an information leak, find out where the hole is and plug it (fire that someone {the leak}), We all knew at least two weeks in advance that a wipe was coming. I (personally) would rather it just happen and not know in advance. OR maybe 1-3 day notice at the longest. I love the game, love to see it more popular than gaijin or wargaming's pile of crap. (war thunder and world of whatever for those that dont know those other devolpers)
  10. GMR

    SKS needs a nurf

    The sks is the most over powered gun in this game. Its cheap and half the time one shots through a fast helmet. For the price of the gun it should have more recoil or less power cause the gun at its current form is just stupid.
  11. В декабре обратил внимание, что все происходящее в игре удивительным образом находит свое отражение в контекстной рекламе, а именно в Яндекс.Директе. Сначала не придал значения, ведь гуглю некоторые квесты, да на форуме сижу. Сомнения появились когда в игре появились часы "Роллер" и как раз совпало с тем, что взял квест на аккумуляторы. Часы я не ношу в принципе, тем более золотые. Аккумулятор на машине менял года два назад и не гуглил с тех пор. Однако на утро на Яндекс.Музыке контекстна реклама порадовала джек-потом. В ряд шли три предложения: костюм Горка-3, часы Ролекс (причем именно правильно Ролекс, а не как в игре), и какое-то аккумуляторы желтого цвета. Посмеялся и забыл, но стал обращать внимание. Дня три назад, провел примерно час мониторя скупщика (пока уровня не хватает покупать нормально) и выхватил несколько оружейных ящиков, чтобы навести порядок. Яндекс.Директ на утро: А позавчера тюнил АКМН и долго возился с цветом ручек, на утро результат: Естественно, я уверен, что никогда не гуглил ни ящики, ни ручки. Оружия у меня дома нет, и не интересовался. И вот мне как программисту стало интересно, откуда данные из моего игрового схрона в EFT утекают в Яндекс.Директ? (И почему именно в Яндекс, гугл-адс таким не радует почему-то) Они стримят с моей видеокарты на игровом десктопе? (тогда в списке подозреваемых все, кто имеет к нему доступ, типа NVidia Experiense, Steam, Origin, Logitech, etc). Или же данные утекают прямо из базы аккаунтов разработчиков игры? (я как бы понимаю, что вряд ли в базе данных лежат айтемы прямо с текстом описания, даже если предположить гипотетическую доступность ботам яндекса вашей БД). Но это прямо какая-то странная фигня, с другими играми я такого не замечал
  12. I have over 600 gigabytes worth of games and i tried to install escape from tarkov. It lets me on to the launcher it says to restart for critical update and when i do that it wipes my whole drive and the launcher breaks to were i cant download it. im pissed off and do not know what to do. What do i do?
  13. Tak więc nie ma tu nic do komentowania. Screen i Tytuł tłumaczą wszystko. Pozdrawiam.
  14. didwkqk2

    핵쟁이 만났습니다.

  15. this game has literally gone to trash with this update. 1. player scavs seem to spawn in a minute after players do, giving players absolute zero chance to secure the map or even explore it. I cant even run to construction fast enough before some player scav is already there. 2. medkits are trash now too. i barely get through two fights and my grizzly is already gone because i have to bandage twice and it takes a ludicrous amount of condition from the medkit. 3. scavs seemingly run across all of factory to hunt you down and nearly half of customs if you shoot anything unsilenced. i just upgraded to EoD for the space and i enjoyed the poo out of this game before the patch but this patch literally frustrates me so bad it's unreal. It is a game...leave some aspects of the game to resemble a game please.
  16. RoyIsik


    So im trying to lvl up my trader: Skier i was at lvl 2 on him. trying to get to 3 and finally had the requirements but nothing happend?
  17. Waldherz

    SpielerTag [Hitler]

    Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher, aber sollten solche Leute nicht einfach gebannt werden? Ich habe einen Spieler mit dem Tag Hitler gefunden. Momentan ist der Level 20... Hier ein Bild https://gyazo.com/7ea5e497efaab2508441921c84409a2e
  18. Waldherz

    Scav on Scav

    Is it just me or does scav on scav take overhand? I barely even spawn and get spawncamped each scavround. There is always a playerscav right at the spawn trying to shoot me and it often works while I still load. And yes I do preload maps. Im slowly getting extremely annoyed by people who are not willing to play in their factions.
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