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Found 44 results

  1. So I been trying to upload a Tarkov video on Youtube but it always comes out crap. It looks good before I upload it but sucks when It gets uploaded. It becomes blurry and ruins the video. If you have any suggestions LMK.
  2. Serious Tarkov

    Hello, my name is Jackob and i just started making some videos on escape from tarkov. If you want to take a look here is the link to my channel and the most recent video. channel: video: i also stream on twitch daily @ hope you enjoy!!
  3. I got a little confused _ clip

  4. Cześć

    Witam wszystkich zebranych, mam na imie Jakub i ostatnio duzo pogrywam w EFT. Jezeli ktos z was chcialby sledzic moje przygody lub obejrzec jakis kill montage to zapraszam na moj i youtube: Gdyby ktos chcial pograc razem to zapraszam wszyscy mile widziani!
  5. Please check out my latest youtube video on this game
  6. Hey all small time YouTuber looking for some guys to play with ideally with other youtubers so we can grow the EFT community in Aus and create content together
  7. I'm wondering what kind of content you guys would like to see from a escape from tarkov youtube channel? Come by and check out my channel! Drop some tips! I would appreciate it <3 YOUTUBE DMALs <<<link>>>
  8. Factory pvp Little bit of some factory pvp for you guys, let me know if I should do more videos on tarkov, love this game and love giving it a spotlight!
  9. Видео
  10. Factorka na głośno z M4A1

    Taki krótki frag movie, z muzyczką z soundtracku Tarkova
  11. Videos aus Tarkov

    Hey, Ich streame Escape from Tarkov häufiger live auf Twitch und habe mir gedacht, hier vielleicht den ein oder anderen dafür interessieren zu können. Vielleicht finden sich so sogar Mitspieler? Wer weiss... Mein Twitch - Kanal: Und hier habt ihr noch 2 kleine Anregungen:
  12. Deszcz, Mgła i Cienie Pośród Niej

    Idą po Ciebie... Co TY zrobisz by ich zatrzymać?


  15. Hi Guys First off I just wanted to thank you for making such a good game, been playing it for weeks non-stop! I made a few videos which I hope you enjoy, but YouTube seems to not like Unity's grass and makes it all pixelated. Don't suppose anyone knows a way around this? Anyway, you can take a look here: Thanks guys, keep up the awesome dev work!
  16. Squad Down! - My first Tarkov video

    My first tarkov video so give me some feedback on stuff I can improve!
  17. I struggle .. but im in love

    I struggle with this game but at the same time I'm so in love with it!
  18. Hello comrades. This a short video I created parodying the inventory system. Enjoy.
  19. The Tarkov Streamers and Youtubers Initiative

    G'day Fellow Tarkovians, The tarkov community on youtube and twitch is pretty small at present, and I am sure that we all would love to see it grow. So i have created the Tarkov Streamers and Youtubers Initiative. If you want to see this community grow, than we need to support each other in building a solid community. Below there is an invite to the discord server I have set up. Simply join and pm me your region, and we can all play/stream/grow the community together. There will be dedicated chat servers for different sizes of stream/recording groups, and A general chat to discuss stuff or whatever. Hope we can all grow this community together!
  20. In diesem Video seht ihr wie ihr einfach und schnell Geld und EXP bekommen könnt . ^^
  21. LF Few More!

    So me and my Buddy are LF 2 to 4 extra players to survive with in Tarkov Prefer those who play the game alot (not every hour of everyday ofc) but enough so can lvl up and loot alot togther And ofc that you dont mind being on a stream and in a Youtube video onces in a while Here are some of our req we are LF in a player Req : 18+/from EU/understand and speak english good enough so we can understand each another/Mic and Discord/ no massive background noises (because i stream and make Youtube video's / And ofc have a sense of humor Comment here or PM me if you Meet the Req