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  1. Deixem aqui os vossos canais de youtube para subscrição, mas atenção só para quem vai postar vídeos ou streaming do Escape from Tarkov. Começo por deixar o meu. https://www.youtube.com/c/p5ychoPT
  2. A game that takes advantage of this is PUBG during it's eSport events, although ETF can easily add in this integration with YouTube to allow in-game drops just like what's found on Twitch. From PUBG ( https://accounts.krafton.com : Allowing the users to gain drops through YouTube livestreams would increase by a ten-fold.
  3. Добрый времени суток камрады! Данные видео предназначены сугубо для новичков и тех кто только хочет купить игрульку! Я пытаюсь максимально полно разжёвывать всё что есть. Я сам еще конечно не ветеран, если есть какие-то поправки - прошу писать, буду пилить видосянские! Если Ваш "кент" только начал играть и задаёт уйму вопросов - кидайте эти видео
  4. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
  5. I'm not going to name and shame here. But there is currently a youtuber with 50k subs that's advertising a site where you can buy a million roubles for just a dollar. I am very familiar with the TOS that BSG had me agree to. And in the section about uses and what players are and aren't allowed to do, this youtuber has violated two of them. These sites and sites like them, ones that sell actual items in game, are one of the main reasons hackers exist in Tarkov to this day. You see, a hacker will buy the game, buy a subscription to cheats, and then cheat. They will accumulate an amount of weapons, items, money, and rare things, then they will sell them to sites like this or sell on the site itself. All they have to do is make back the money they spent on the account, anything after that is used to pay for the cheat, once those are taken care of, the rest is profit. It's disgusting to promote such a category of site while claiming you are making content about a game you care about. You're actively contributing to new players falling for buying in game items for real money, not only wasting their money but risking the new player's account too. As BSG's TOS states players are not allowed to : including, among other things: (i) use of the Game in commercial establishments; (ii) collection of game money, items, materials, resources, etc. for sale outside the Game; (iii) provision of game services, such as raising the level, in exchange for payment outside the Game; or (iv) transfer or facilitation of distribution (by text or audio means or any other method) of commercial advertising or offers through or within the scope of the Game; The first part means you can't have Escape from Tarkov in an arcade, or public gaming establishment where it's pay to play. The second part deals with selling in game items for real world currency. The third part deals with account boosting for real world money or items. The fourth one is advertising sites who do such things listed above. When is the ban hammer going to drop? I love this game and sites like this ruin games.
  6. Checkout out my video and leave in the comments below what do you want to see in the next one. I ❤️ the game and happy to make content for the community in my free time. (not a monymaker)
  7. Хочу представить свою работу. Буду рад советам и комментариям!
  8. Buenas, pongo este hilo para listar todos los canales de Twitch o YouTube de jugadores del Escape From Tarkov. Id respondiendo y voy añadiendo al principal para tenerlos todos listados Twitch: @CrisRoLan - https://www.twitch.tv/cris_rolan @ISVRaDa - https://www.twitch.tv/isvrada @Unkas - https://www.twitch.tv/unkas_elmohicano @toasterOC - https://www.twitch.tv/toasteroc @OsKuRo - https://www.twitch.tv/oskurogg Youtube: @ivantuvieja - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTGsoxjWJnTIc5wVn9oPC_A @Callejero - https://www.youtube.com/alegatus @SKeLaftv - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNADT_bAVVMV8yGRDegyltA @OsKuRo - https://www.youtube.com/c/oskuro Lo dicho: id respondiendo y se añaden
  9. Blurryface

    Leave The City - EFT Gameplay BR

    Fala PMC’s sou novo no game e estou com um canal novo de EFT com estilo diferente de vídeo, da aquela fortalecida!
  10. https://youtu.be/1l3CqCTVtq8 Before I started my hardcore challenge I did some quick factory runs to try and find some basic gear but ended up having fun instead. First 6 minutes are me just giving my last bits of loot with the rest being highlights of what happens next. (how to embed?)
  11. Yetibl00d

    Best game

    Hello fellow PMC's! Please enjoy my latest installment on youtube! Happy hunting!
  12. What's up guys I'm proud to present Escape From Tarkov's South African YouTube channel. The link is below and all videos submitted will be from and by South Africans. We do experience a bit more lag and desync than most players but it sometimes makes for some funny content. Enjoy your day TW1NKE_24_ZA
  13. JamesSwagger101

    EFT | Knife Win & Fail | Compilation #1

    I'm not sure if im allowed to post here. I looked a bit and seen others post here so i didn't think it would be a problem. But yeah i decided to start recording because of stuff like you see in the video happens a lot for me. A starting from nothing "Knife" win and fail. If you can come up with a better title that would be helpful.
  14. godislo

    Cinematic Tarkov edit

    Got bored before the wipe so I decided to make this: Enjoy
  15. Всем привет! Представляем вашему вниманию наши видеоролики посвященные различным тестам игровой механики! Надеемся, вам понравится! 1. [EFT] Пробитие материалов в игре Escape from Tarkov #1 2. [EFT] Разбор рикошетов в игре 3. [EFT] Тест "Игольника". Неожиданный результат!
  16. Krashed

    Jump Spots Series Guide

    Hi all, I recently started a YT channel in which I will upload video guides for the game. I'm making an effort to be as much to-the-point as possible and only show the good stuff. Full english commentary with a little joke here and there. The series I'm working on right now is called Jump Spots. In this series we'll go over all the best spots you can reach to give yourself the tactical edge, a big line of sight and be unpredictable for the enemy. So far I have covered the entirety of the Customs map, and recently uploaded the first part of the Interchange map, which will cover the outdoor area. I'm working on part 2 right now, which will take us indoors. More different future content on the way. Hope you find this interesting/helpful! Thank you!
  17. So I don't make videos in hoping I will ever grow because I know its not going to happen. But I make them for my friends and because I just enjoy editing. Is there anything yous like to see in videos or dislike? Example: Likes: Pvp moments? Funny kills/moments? A certain editing style dislike: Background music easy kills too much talking/not enough Not professional looking
  18. ItsJas

    Twitch and YouTube channels

  19. مرحباً بكم مجدداً أيها المحاربون الشجعان نود إعلامكم عن قيامنا بتدشين القناة الرسمية للعبتنا المفضلة على اليوتيوب حيث بإمكانكم متابعة كل ما هو جديد عن أخبار اللعبة وتقدم مراحل تطويرها حتى هذه اللحظة مباشرة من مطوري اللعبة من مذكرات المطورين إلى إعلانات التحديثات الجديدة،، يوجد هناك الكثير من المحتويات في الطريق إليكم نتمنى أن تستمتعوا دائماً باللعبة وكل ما يتعلق بها ونشكركم على وجودكم معنا رابط القناة
  20. Soronelite

    Lancement chaîne : Soronelite

    Hello les escapers ! Je profites de cette partie du forum FR pour vous présenter un peu ma chaîne et son contenu. J'ai commencé à stream sur Twitch en début d'année, sans grande prétention ne pouvant stream que le soir et les weekends. Généralement je ne suis pas seul, mais accompagné des collègues ce qui permet d'avoir régulièrement des parties à 3-4 voir 5 joueurs ! Je ne stream pas que sur Tarkov, mais également sur d'autre jeu milsim comme Arma 3, Squad ou encore prochainement Post Scriptum. Principalement ce sont des parties sans prises de tête, quelques moments épiques ou des enchainement de mort (les notres ahah), mais toujours dans la bonne humeur Toutefois notre équipe est très attachée au milsim et réalisme, d'ou notre intérêt pour Tarkov ! Voici mes deux dernières VOD : (Idem sans grande prétention, je ne passe pas beaucoup de temps sur les montages pour le moment.) Je ne vais pas faire de la pub pour notre clan, nous somme principalement une équipe Arma 3 (trentaines de joueurs) mais n'hésitez pas à me contacter en MP. Au plaisir de vous retrouver sur le stream ou en jeu !
  21. The Global Gaming Hub is a place for all kind of gamers to come together. A place to talk about topics of mutual interest, where you can join one of the 7 sub-communities or meet beginning YouTubers & Streamers, whilst having the option to support your favorite Content Creator(s) and even become one yourself! For the individual that wishes to solely enjoy the gaming environment, they are entirely free to do so! The ability to become a ‘supporter’ is one of the key features of our community. Help each other grow by providing constructive feedback, ‘liking’, commenting or even sharing their content. Follow and watch first hand how he/she evolves! Take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge already freely available in our Gaming Hub. You will find all the knowledge you required to start your own personal channel within our community. Together the content creators have thousands of subscribers & followers already on their own channel! We are a free and open community to all. The Escape From Tarkov sub-community has a 18+ join requirement. Guides on how to improve your gameplay are present Join us on Discord or message me privately: MichaeljMr#2432 https://discord.gg/tsV3ut4
  22. Mastertiti73

    Tarkov Quick Guide - Youtube

    Salut à tous, Juste un petit Topic pour vous informer que je lance une série de vidéo de "tutos", truc et astuces pour Tarkov... Le tout en Français ! J’espère que ces vidéos pourront être utiles à certains. N'hésitez pas à partager, à laisser des commentaires et bien sûr à vous abonnez si vous aimez le contenu... Deux vidéos pour l'instant, quelques autres déjà prévue (tournées) et sûrement pleins d'autres à venir... J'en profite également pour vous dire que je suis admin d'une "petite team", qui à son Discord, existante depuis quelques années maintenant (2012), et que nous sommes à le recherche de joueurs, principalement sur Tarkov, car nous ne sommes pas très nombreux à y jouer ! Et que comme toujours, plus on est de fou, plus on rit !!!! Donc n'hésitez pas à me contacter ou à laisser vos informations en commentaire, si vous êtes intéressé ! Bon jeu à tous et à bientôt je l’espère.
  23. Dobrý deň operátori Radi by sme informovali celu komunitu Escape from Tarkov o novom článku, ktorí napísali İlker KARAS spolu s Haberturkom, obaja hráči patria medzi uznávaných esportových hráčov. Tento článok vznikol na základe spolupráce s našim tureckým emisárom Dimitri 468 a jeho účasti na turnaji v Istanbule 2018. Nech sa páči prikladáme link: http://www.haberturk.com/fazla-detay-sabir-ve-realistk-kurgu-1879047-ekonomi Krátká preložená parafráza: Escape from Tarkov ukázal svoju širokú škálu modifikácií zbraní od pištolí až po útočne zbrane. Modifikácia zbraní je naozaj veľmi detailne spracovaná. Ak budete ležať niekde v blatena zemi , budete si musieť strážiť všetky štyri strany, pretože smrť môže prísť kedykoľvek. Hra ponúka kombináciu viacerých herných zážitkov a preto ak chcete "ochutnať" hardcore FSP nenechajte si Escape from Tarkov ujsť! Počas GIST 2018 priebehal rozhovor s esportovým hráčom známym pod prezývkou Oyungezer. Video nájdete v tomto linku: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IrZj8H9LKA&feature=youtu.be Video samozrejme obsahuje anglické titulky. Uvidíme sa v Tarkove!
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