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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, seit heute ändert sich beim starten des Spiel die Bildschirmauflösung. Wenn ich auf das Vorschaubild in der Taskleiste gucke, sieht das so aus, als würde man nur 1/4 des Spiels angezeigt bekommen. Es wird sozusagen nur reingezoomt angezeigt. Ich weiß leider gar nicht wie ich das beheben soll. Danke schon mal für eure Hilfe. :)
  2. encat

    Scopes & FOV zoom

    Been having great fun with this great game so far! One of the things I'm feeling is a bit wonky though is the amount your FOV zooms in when using a scope. Things get ridiculous when you're aiming down scopes in tarkov. While iron sights also increase your character's FOV - it's much more subtle. If the goal was to cover the screen with the scope - one suggestion is to bring the scope closer to the eyes instead of zooming in on it! I really love how Tarkov does differentiate the magnification that's visible when looking through the scope vs outside of it! Lots of games just have the entire view zoomed in (rest blacked out). What do you other guys think? Is only bothering me? x)
  3. I have searched the forums, but couldn't find anything on this, so my apologies if there is a forum somewhere which i have missed. I am here to figure out what will happen with the black ring in scopes with zoom for players who use a FOV of 50. Note: I do not own any of the images below, i am only using them to demonstrate my point. How i my view through scopes looks as i cant increase my FOV: How i would like mine to hopefully look at some stage: Is this a 'feature' or is it an 'issue?' Is there any way around this without changing my FOV to 75? Would it be something the devs could change? (suppose only devs would really know this but its worth a shot) If anyone has any information, could you please share. Even if its linking me to a forum which i may have missed containing all the information i seek Thanks in advance, and have a nice day <3 - Jigglez
  4. JoshTwar

    Scope Zoom Toggle Issue

    Hi guys , When I play the game i hold shift to aim not toggle , but this gives me issues zooming or changing reticle. Does anyone know a fix to this ?
  5. canoztrk24

    HAMR/ELCAN Zoom Weirdness

    Okay, so I see all of the YouTubers and whatnot using both ELCAN's and HAMR's they look about the same size and their screens zoom the same amount. But, when I try, the HAMR is massive compared to the ELCAN. Here are some comparison pictures. Please help and explain, and if possible tell me how to reduce that zoom on the HAMR (not 4x magnification.)
  6. Hey, I think it would be nice to have individual sliders for 1x 2x 4x 8x and more zoom, right now when you have a pistol it will not be the same sens as a rifle whit iron sights. however it will be the same if you take the iron sights of the rifle, it should just be the same wite iron sights on. or have a sens slider for pistol aswell. if that happened then the sens could be the same for pistol and any 1x optics on rifles, if the player chose to do so. I also noticed that when you put the white scope PSO 1M2-1 on a rifle and have MPR45 backup mount on the front, the sens will be that of the 4x scope and it does not switch to the 1x sens when you switch to look thru the optic on the backup mount. the scopes Bravo4 4X30 scope, Leupold Mark 4 HAMR 4X24mm delta point hybrid assault scope, and ELCAN SpectorDR 1x/4x , all have 4x zoom but it's not the same slower sens as the PSO 1M2-1 they have the same sens as the 1X optics / iron sights, the ELCAN SpectorDR 1x/4x has a 1x zoom and its nice that its the same as the iron sights when you are on the 1x zoom. but when you switch you would think it would switch to the sens of the PSO 1M2-1 4x but it does not it stays on the 1x sens. it would be nice if I could make the 4x slower or faster if I preferred that, it could all stay how it is as default but just add sliders for each x amount of zoom , and also a pistol slider so that I can have it the same sense as the rifles whit iron sights, or a sens that's higher or even lower than my rifle sens
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