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21,000 Strong and Growing!

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Escapers, as you might know, our Official Escape from Tarkov Discord server have launched over four months ago and have been steadily growing ever since. Recently, we have reached 21,000 players mark, and we love seeing all the team coordination, Tarkov passion, and casual banter.

The interaction is purely superb with over 6,000 text messages and 40,000 minutes worth of voice chat per day. We want to thank players like Kirylow_Grzmot and SoupyD who are incredibly active on the Discord server, the community moderation team who have contributed countless hours and the rest of the players who have been enjoying the server to gain all the Tarkov community experience. As we continue to strive in creating a fun, welcoming, and engaging environment, we will be hosting several events on our Discord server along with giveaways. The first of many will be a weapon modding contest where the winner of this event—who will be selected by the community—will have the opportunity to give out ten codes that will grant you the exact weapon they put together along with Escape from Tarkov access codes.

This event will remain exclusive to our Discord server, and it will be hosted through the particular channel that was created for this event.

Do not miss out on these events and the unforgettable Tarkov community experiences! If you have not joined already, be sure to join the official Discord server at https://discord.gg/escapefromtarkovofficial and join the 21,000!



  • Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Czech Emissary @Snork_Svk
  • German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our German Emissary and Moderator @Drombal
  • French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our French Emissary @titi4600

Screenshot credit: Jack-bauer


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