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JAG's PUG Event!

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Disclaimer: I don't know where events go so let me know if I posted this in the wrong place!

JAG is back at it again!

A second Pug event is being planned. The official start date of this will be July 1st (Canada day for all you non-Canadians). We would like to cordially invite you all to participate in our brutal 4v4 ladder team deathmatch. We will be pitting teams of players against each other in a different section of specific maps, guarded by enforcers. If you and your team are successful in wiping out the enemy, you will progress to the next round.

Requirements - First you need to go on a prowl for your best friends, then arm them to the teeth, Join the JAG discord to register your team. Registration will open up July 1st (we will make another post with our link to the discord), so you have less than a week to prepare your team. Once the Registration opens up, all you need to do is link your 3 comrades, and give yourselves an inspiring team name like Hobos with Guns. There is a cap of teams we can support, so it is currently limited to 16 teams.

Restrictions - NO IR scopes and no wearing the same gear as the enforcers. (Enforcer gear will not be anything too common more will be revealed once the event goes live)

Prizes - The Winners will be graciously rewarded with in-game loot and some steam keys. Plus those sweet sweet bragging rights.

See you all there!


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You guys should make a vid edit after. Would be nice to see. Maybe the participants should record their point of view and send it to someone who place it together. Nuts

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1 hour ago, Kimuri said:

How do you plan on making the 9 players total join the same raid?

Most likely both group hosts (enforcers) will choose an almost empty server and then we all join at the same time. Worked alright last event

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What he said, Hence its a 4v4, as the 5th man is one of mine, both 'Enforcers' will queue at the same time. worked 90% of the time. if we fail to be in the same raid, we bug out and try again. There is one hour slotted per match, and we generally tend to hit that mark. 

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