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Give us a choice! (Optional/Side Quests)

Give us a choice!  

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  1. 1. Should the players have an option to skip quests that are not connected to the Tarkov lore.

    • YES!
    • NO!

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Let us choose do we want to do quests that dont have anything to do with Tarkov lore, like punisher task series, its basically killing people for Prapor and his friends fun or the gunsmith quests. So i think if you dont want to waste time on that series you can just skip those tasks but you will never get any experience or rewards that players who finished the quests got.

You can make task skipping by players have negative effects on players popularity at certain players traders, also this way you give player option to choose does he want to grind quests for the reward or he will get to the reward on some other way, and the player that skip the task might get the reward on more or less difficult way, but he will never get the EXP points and trader popularity points that he could get if he did all those quests. 


If this gets enough attention i hope it will be reviewed and considered by the dev team as this could be a night little option.


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