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Great Anti-Cheat solution idea for Tarkov.

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So, for long days, and in almost all EFT social media posts, there are always people begging for an effective cheating countermeasure.

However, we know there are development and cost limitations as well as pros and cons of each different anti-cheat measure.

Should it be independent? It costs a lot and has known bypasses, as well as groups dedicated to updating these bypasses.

Should it be develeoped in-house? BSG's own anti-cheat? Also costs a lot of money, time and manpower (devs).

My idea is a combination of both. BSG's parameter checking for things like looting distance, player speeds and everything, combined with a community-driven raid replay review. Here is how it would work, divided in topics for ease of explanation. Please, please read it to the end!!



Well-known feature in some games, the ability to, after the raid has ended, watch the raid replay from different points of view (Players/Freelook) would, for the playerbase, help develop strategies for certain maps, as well as opportunity for content creation, with funny clip compilations, player submissions to YouTube or other platform content creators which helps BSG advertise the game and sell more!

How would that help fight the cheaters? A simple "Report" button. Select the report type (Bug/Player), time of raid, describe and submit!

Now, I know, I know, there'd be a lot of false reports by angry plebs who just got rekt and want some form of payback. Or people who genuinely believe a certain legit play was actually cheated. Which brings us to topic number 2:


2) Community Volunteer Report Review

Damn, we all wish we could **** those cheaters with our hands and bathe in their gu--- Sorry. As I was saying, There would be false reports. And if that information got sent straight to BSG for analysis, they would be so overwhelmed this would never work, they'd need a ton of manpower.

But what if I told you there's a gigantic workforce happily willing to review these reports for FREE for you, BSG? I, myself, and all my friends, would gadly review 20 or 30 replay reports a day if this meant helping keep Tarkov clean of cheaters.

Here's how it would work: Players that fit a certain criteria (account age, no prior confirmed reports, etc) would be able to sign up to be a <insert cool name for a report reviewer here>. These players would be selected by BSG and go through a little (video)tutorial on how the system works:

Basically, you'd have access to a review tab in your replay section, in which you could select to receive a replay report to review. After analyzing it, you'd confirm if it is indeed a Bug or Player Behaviour report and, if it's a cheating player, what type of cheat is in action (ESP/Aimbot/etc). And move on to the next replay, doing as many as you feel like.

As a symbollic reward for your work, you could have a special icon like EOD owners, or forum badge or any creative idea here.

** How would this work, BSG-side, to move forward to maybe banning a player? **

So, first of all, a replay report wouldn't be forwarded to BSG with just one review. The amount of reviews required to forward it would depend on the reputation of its reviewers.

Reviewers would gain reputation by submitting reports that lead to a confirmed result (Either player ban or real bug) and/or any other criteria BSG finds valid. A high-rated reviewer's opinion would have much more value than a beginner's one, requiring less concurrent opinions to have their report reviews forwarded.

If most of the reviews confirm and have the same described bug/cheat type, only then would it be forwarded to BSG for analysis and maybe a ban. (And even a ban list with the reviewer's name for extra prestige).



I honestly believe this is the most cost-effective option for a game like Tarkov, and this type of community-driven reports isn't new stuff. Valve actually has been doing that successfully with CS:GO, it's named CS:GO Overwatch, where replays are reviewed by high-ranking players, similarly as described here.

And it would create a ton of possibilities for content creation, Streamers could even go as far as reviewing some reports live for the giggles and to bring in more people to the fight.

I understand it is quite a lot of work to get it done properly, but once it's done, it's done! And can be ported to any other one of your games. 

So I truly believe in this idea.


If you guys have any thoughts or extra ideas, feel free to comment below! :)

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About the community volunteer report :

The problem with a fully community driven reviewing system like the one you suggested has a BIG flaw.

False positives.

BSG has a strict no revert policy and if there was a salty reviewer or a dude just had a bad day, he would have the potential to basically ruin people's accounts for little to no reason. Great power comes with great responsibilities. People will abuse it. It's human nature to find ways to do things which they wish to do and some of those things might not be pleasant.

Many professional CS:GO players are simply accused because they're good. Now, the system you're proposing will turn community accusations into community bans.

Now moving on to the replay feature :

Replay features work by recording data sets (which require significantly less storage space and bandwidth) and are therefore presented to you or replayed to you at the time of your choosing.

For games like CS:GO, it server sided recording makes sense because their servers are extremely stable whereas BSG's rented servers are simply not upto par with what you're suggesting. For content creators? Sure it's a plus but there will be times where the desync's will be recorded nonetheless. Also the people aren't directly banned. The footage gets forward to the developers who then work on their anticheat in order to make it more adaptable to the said cheats. The VAC system issues the bans.

Now, server sided replay recording will use more resources and BSG will need to invest in it more. So the only economically viable option for something like this is client side replays. Now client side replays are completely useless if you want analyse it for cheaters. If you drop packets, the client side recorder will simply record it. For some people, everyone will appear as cheaters simply for having a bad connection or having some connection stability issues for whatever reason.

The current anticheat solution which BSG has temporarily implemented : 

Manual reviews for banning players.

They know their anticheat currently does not work properly so they manually issue bans after looking at player footage. Yes there might be some false positives, but atleast it's BSG standing in the line of fire and not the community itself. They have more knowledge about the data gathered which most of the community simply does not and therefore they can understand the footage in ways which players cannot, not to mention the ability of pulling the data from the player's profile and monitor all their ingame activities from that point onwards.

Bottom line :

There is a saying : "Trust, but verify".

With the system you've proposed, you're entrusting too much in the hands of the community and the community simply has no means to further verify their claims like BSG has. Hackusations will turn into "lawless" convictions based on the reviewer's opinion about the footage or gameplay. Not to mention it's based on the assumption that their servers are state of the art, which they're clearly not.

It simply won't work and something along the lines of what you've proposed is already implemented. You can record the footage and submit it on the cheater report megathreads on both Reddit and this forum.

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14 minutes ago, Shaktimaan said:

The problem with a fully community driven reviewing system like the one you suggested has a BIG flaw.

False positives.

Well, he did say that such report would be finally sent to BSG staff, which would decide if such person had cheats or not. So at the end, all decisions would be made by BSG, they could check all stats of such player, check his history, how fast he was running etc etc.
Player would only share with their opinion that if such thing was fishy, or not (Because someone was killed by 1 tap from long distance and thought it was a cheater).
I understood what he meant, there was similar thing in early stages of LoL. Where users could vote in "tribunal" if other summoners should be banned from chat, because they were breaking LoL rules. At the end, LoL staff had to decide if he should get ban or not. If user was correct with his judgment, then he received some IP. Not sure if back then there were some kinda of stats for such users, like % of correct judgments etc.

21 minutes ago, Shaktimaan said:

but atleast it's BSG standing in the line of fire and not the community itself.

Again you misunderstood him :P. Users would only share with their opinion if such person is or is not a hacker. Then such BSG staff can decide a bit easier or already know on what he should pay his atention/focus on. Like you get replay with 5 min action (as in CSGO) you know nothing. If you get same replay but with 20 comments (where i.e. 10 people had 90% accuracy about cheaters) who say "speed hack in x min" then you know that you most likely should pay atention to speedhack at that min. 

@Shaktimaan At the end i agree with your point about replays and servers issues, i saw some clips (and also experienced it on my own) where from 1 perspective someone had speed hack, cause he literally teleported, but then after checking second (Like, my teammate) perspective everything was normal.  Such idea could work but ofc after some servers upgrade, after some changes etc. :)

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Well, a similar system is already implemented and I missed that part for some reason xD (maybe my brain skipped it 😛   )

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This is an excellent idea.

It works very well in CS GO and some others games.

Yes of course there would be server issues, but that can be eventually fixed.

Yes, there would be false reports, but when 10-20 people report the same player for using wall hack, then there's a pretty good chance that he's cheating.

A lot of my friends stopped playing simply because they got tired of cheaters, investing in a such a system could and would bring playes back, not to mention that new players wouldn't be put off simply because they heard, that this game is full of cheaters.

...And imagine all the lovely videos which could be created with free look camera after the raid ends.

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