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Hello everyone,

In last month i was playing EFT and here is my experience.


1. Sound in game - When I'm on metal stairs is it so noisy but there is other players with no sound WHY ?

-----------------------------  If I'm in the building on 2nd floor and someone is walking on 3rd or 1st why the noise is like someone is jumping on my head ? there is no difference.

----------------------------- Gunshots why is somebodu cuting the sound from gunshots ?

----------------------------- Sometimes when I'm in building (interchange, Customs) I can hear raining like I'm still outside.


2. Cheaters .... I think they will be there all the time. but you can take an example from Blizzard there is minimal of *******.


3. Object rendering

- that fps is still low, but now i can shot or i can get a shot from someone who can see but i can not bcs there is some object near me (boxes what i know) but the guy have no boxes just clear view on me.


4. Scavs   - I'm very happy how they are now is like medium diffuclty, but looks like they don't have objects aswell.

---------------- Player Scav 10 Minutes, I think this is to often if i spend a milion of rubles and i will take down scavs with mosin or mp153 there is no reason why i have to buy this expensive gear bcs servers (Frankfurt, Amstrdam and London) i will met in one game 2 players and 10 scav player usually i die bcs there is really a lot of fights with them. 


I'm writing this bcs you are sending me emails with Sales etc ... I really like to invite friends to Tarkov but now is not playable if you are not cheating or glitching or i don't know about the sounds for me this is the reason why i'm not playing now. If i can not hear the steps or which floor is enemy there is problem....


Please don't take this post like some kind of insult. Is just my experience with your game.





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